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When we visited Macedonia, we wanted to splurge on a nice hotel since it is a very affordable country. In Skopje, the capital, we found the perfect property with an amazing view of the city. Here is a review of the View Inn Boutique Hotel.

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Since we love visiting the less touristy places and discovering new countries and off-the-beaten destinations, we were thrilled to go to Macedonia for the first time (along with a couple of other countries in the region).

So here’s what it’s like to stay at the View Inn Boutique Hotel in Skopje.

View Inn Boutique Hotel Skopje
The View Inn Boutique Hotel exterior (seen here in summer in this particular photo exceptionnally taken from the hotel website).)


The Hotel

The View Inn is a boutique hotel with a very urban feel… and also a luxurious and exclusive feel, with only 15 rooms. It has a 9.5 / 10 rating on, which is exceptional and gives you an idea of the kind of hotel we are talking about today.

As the name suggests, one of the highlights is that it sits on a hill and overlooks the entire city of Skopje, so you get an amazing view.

View Inn Boutique Hotel Skopje
The night view of the city.



The View Inn Boutique Hotel is located a few minutes from the central district of Skopje in a very quiet residential district. 

It actually neighbors the British and French embassies, as you can see from the signs on the main road leading to the hotel.

View Inn Boutique Hotel Skopje
The sign on the main road.


We ended up walking all the way there from the main city square because we wanted to explore the city as much as we could, but most will prefer taking the bus or a taxi.

The city itself was unique. The center has been redeveloped to be more aesthetically pleasing and they really went overboard with the number of statues, we had never seen so many statues. But the buildings around the main plaza are really beautiful.

View Inn Boutique Hotel Skopje
A map of the View Inn’s location.


Arrival and Check-in

We arrived at night and were greeted by a very friendly employee who welcomed us warmly.

We loved the style of the hotel as soon as we walked in, as it looked very recent and modern.

View Inn Boutique Hotel Skopje
Reception area welcoming us to the View Inn hotel.


Lobby and Common Areas

The hotel didn’t have a very large lobby but that is understandable given the fact that it is a quaint boutique hotel with very few rooms.

View Inn Boutique Hotel Skopje
Common area, with Macedonian TV program playing.


But there was an amazing common area that more than made up for it: the restaurant.

Not only was it very beautiful inside, the view you have when enjoying a meal is second to none, with a large floor-to-ceiling windows that ensure most tables overlook the city below.

View Inn Boutique Hotel Skopje
We enjoyed the view at this restaurant (but at night, so we took this particular picture on the hotel website).



The room was absolutely beautiful. The size was good and in terms of looks, with the faux wood touches and clean design, we loved it.

We had two single beds…

View Inn Boutique Hotel Skopje
Our beds.


…but since most of you will probably be enjoying the romantic aspect of this hotel, here is what the room with a full-size bed looks like.

View Inn Boutique Hotel Skopje
Room with bed and desk.
The bed was very comfortable, and so was the chair (to get a bit of work done).

The room also had a TV, a refrigerator, A/C and a coffee station.

View Inn Boutique Hotel Skopje
Close-up of the desk.


It was just as good as we expected.

Our room also had a balcony where we could take in the nice view.

View Inn Boutique Hotel Skopje
We could see the buildings in the main square from our balcony.


The bathroom was really nice, clean and equipped with a shower with a glass-door… and a towel-warmer.

View Inn Boutique Hotel Skopje
Bathroom with towel warmer.


The amenities felt very upscale for those who care about the little details.

View Inn Boutique Hotel Skopje



There were understandably no fitness center or pool, as it is a boutique hotel.

But as mentioned, one of the nice perks of this hotel was the beautiful restaurant on-site, which isn’t always something you’ll find in this type of accommodation.

View Inn Boutique Hotel Skopje
The restaurant.


A breakfast buffet was available.

View Inn Boutique Hotel Skopje
Breakfast at the restaurant.


You can take a look at the full made-to-order food menu, it is quite varied.

View Inn Boutique Hotel Skopje
Menu part 1.
View Inn Boutique Hotel Skopje
Menu part 2.


The owner Theodore was very friendly and also helped arrange the taxi to the airport when we left, so overall we can confidently say that the services offered (and the whole stay) was more than satisfactory!

View Inn Boutique Hotel Skopje
Hotel entrance.


Bottom Line

Overall, our experience at the View Inn Boutique Hotel was amazing and it made our stay in Skopje so much better. If you like cozy modern boutique hotels (and stunning city views), you’ll love it! We definitely recommend it if you are heading to Skopje and want a unique experience! You can use our link to book the View Inn Boutique Hotel or go to the View Inn Boutique Hotel website.

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