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Last modified: September 21st, 2020

By using Flytrippers.com (“Flytrippers”, “the website”, “the service”, “us”, “we”, or “our””) and all related pages, including but not limited to Flytrippers social media accounts, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions that follow.

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Information Accuracy

All information and deals posted to Flytrippers is accurate, to the best of our knowledge, at the time of its posting.

We invest considerable efforts into keeping the information contained on the website up to date however we are in no way responsible for the accuracy, error or omissions, exhaustiveness, or validity of any information contained on the website at any moment, as all information is taken from third parties.

As we do not offer any flights or services ourselves, the price setting mechanisms and discounting processes are entirely out of our control, therefore we cannot guarantee accuracy in any way.

We do take measures to ensure inaccurate information is modified as quickly as possible and have implemented formal processes to do so, however, users are solely responsible for making sure the prices or details of a third-party offer are still valid.

External Links

Our website contains links to external pages and services that have strictly no relation to Flytrippers. Flytrippers is in no way responsible for the content, privacy policies, terms and conditions, or practices of any third parties, whether or not they are featured on our website.

Affiliate Disclosure

Some offers that appear are from companies from which Flytrippers receives financial compensation. The methods, services, and links we provide to book our featured offers are recommended for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to, the financial compensation Flytrippers receives for every referral.

No deal will be published on our website in exchange for direct compensation by a third party for a featured placement or promotion. The attractiveness of the deals to our users is Flytrippers’ only criteria for posting an offer.

Our partners and affiliates do not provide any editorial content and all opinions, assessments, reviews or stances expressed on the website are those of Flytrippers alone and partners do not endorse any content on the website.

Services Sold

Flytrippers does not sell or provide any flights, hotels, car rentals, parking or other travel products and services. Flytrippers is merely a referral website that redirects users on third party suppliers that may or may not sell these services themselves.

Any deal featured on Flytrippers is therefore not an offer to buy or purchase any product and is for information purposes only. Flytrippers denies any responsibility for any issue that could arise from the purchase and usage of any product from a third party. All potential issues must be resolved with the provider with whom the purchase was completed. We cannot be liable for any of the services purchased by Flytrippers users. We do not have any control over the terms and conditions of third party websites and service providers. Even though Flytrippers chooses reputable third parties to feature on the website, we strongly encourage users to be aware of third party policies as they may differ greatly from these.

Travel Rewards & Credit Cards

Flytrippers’ travel rewards content is not sponsored unless expressly indicated.

In all cases, the views and opinions expressed on all pages are purely our own.

All offers described on the Flytrippers website are subject to the financial institutions’ latest terms and conditions that can be found on their website.

Offers from financial institutions change quickly; it is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of these offers on their website when applying for a card. Flytrippers will not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the offers or the result of your actions.

Financial institutions are not responsible for updating or ensuring the accuracy of the information on Flytrippers’ website. All the information was independently collected by Flytrippers and not provided by financial institutions.

Some links on this page are affiliate links that may allow Flytrippers to earn a commission. Thank you for using our links and encouraging us at no additional cost to you.

Flytrippers’ website does not contain all available credit card offers or all available credit card companies on the market. Flytrippers never shares an offer if it is not considered advantageous for certain travelers, at its sole discretion.

No author on Flytrippers’ website is a financial advisor, a financial planner, a legal professional, or a tax professional and no author on Flytrippers’ website can in any way be considered as such.

All articles and pages on Flytrippers’ website are merely personal opinions of a general nature and are for informational purposes only and should not be considered as advice for specific situations. It is your responsibility to perform your own personal research to make sure that travel rewards are appropriate for your own situation.

The opinions expressed on Flytrippers’ website are those of the authors only and have not been provided, approved, endorsed or ratified by any third party mentioned on the site.

$1K Free Travel Club

Membership in the $1,000 Free Travel Club is subject to a specific set of terms and conditions, as specified during all subscription processes. You can access the Club’s terms and conditions here.

Privacy Policy & Data Usage

You can access Flytrippers’ complete privacy policy & data usage here.


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Additional information

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