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The best way to travel more for less is with our flight deals

The tools we use for fixed dates/destinations

The best search tool

You should always compare all airlines and all booking websites with an aggregator like Skyscanner.

Read more details about Skyscanner (coming soon)

Another good search tool

Find the absolute lowest price available today by comparing dozens of booking sites… if you’re looking for a specific destination and dates.

Read more details about Momondo here

A More Advanced Tool

Want to find the cheapest date for a specific destination? The cheapest destinations for specific dates? This tool is powerful for those searches.

Read more details about Kiwi here

For Customer Service

This tool won’t always be the cheapest, but it’s great if you want a Canadian booking website with customer support you can call 7 days a week.

Read more details about FlightHub here

Get Free Travel

Travel rewards are a great way to get free travel. You could easily earn free flights, even with one credit card welcome bonus in fact.

See the best travel rewards deals here

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