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Flytrippers is not just another travel media company. We are a digital nomad's dream come true, a fully remote company that understands the heart of every wanderer.

Contractual Opportunities

SEO Specialist

You love SEO? You have some experience working to accelerate a brand’s growth online using SEO? You know everything about the latest algorithm update?

Email Marketer

You have experience working to accelerate a brand’s growth online? You’re an expert with Active Campaign?

Bilingual Administrative Assistant

You are a travel lover, with a great attention to detail, and a love for varied tasks? Et tu peux faire ça en français comme en anglais?

Bilingual travel rewards community moderator & assistant

You’re eager to be at the forefront of all that’s happening in the world of travel rewards?

Travel Rewards writer

You’re an avid travel rewards enthusiast eager to inspire and help other travelers travel thanks to points and miles with your writing?

Social Media
Virtual Assistant



You have experience working with blogs and you love travel? You want to inspire and help other travelers with your writing?


Tu écris en français sans fautes & you understand English perfectly? Tu peux traduire de l’anglais vers le français?

Bilingual Editor & SEO Specialist

The perfect person for this role is someone who is attentive to details, who loves traveling, who loves to optimize content, and who has experience in both editing and SEO, et qui peut faire tout ça en français comme en anglais.

French Editor / SEO

[French only] Nécessite un français impeccable!

Campus Ambassadors

Love traveling? Love saving money on flights so you can travel more often? Love talking to people?


You have some experience working with php & WordPress? You can also get by in python?


You love making things look beautifully simple? You can work well with digital tools to express that?

Volunteer Opportunities

Guest Blogger

You want to share you travel with over 200,000 readers each month?


You want to be able to travel the world during your internship and not be stuck in a cubicle?