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Available in Canada. Coming to the USA soon. We search the web and curate the best limited-time flight deals, often at 50% off the regular fare. Select your city to learn more about our deals.

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Deals are limited-time and change every day

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Our mission is to help you travel more for less, first and foremost with our flight deals. But we also offer a lot more to inspire you and help you save money, so browse our site to discover more!


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Our mission is to help you travel more, for less. We do this by curating the best flight deals, by sharing travel tips and by inspiring you to travel. We are an informative website specialized in low-cost travel and we refer you to booking specialists for your purchases.


Canadian Cities

  1. Cheapflights from Halifax
  2. Cheapflights from Quebec City
  3. Cheapflights from Montreal
  4. Cheapflights from Ottawa
  5. Cheapflights from Toronto
  1. Cheapflights from Winnipeg
  2. Cheapflights from Calgary
  3. Cheapflights from Edmonton
  4. Cheapflights from Vancouver

American Cities

  1. Cheapflights from Boston
  2. Cheapflights from New York City
  3. Cheapflights from Philadelphia
  4. Cheapflights from Washington
  5. Cheapflights from Miami
  1. Cheapflights from Chicago
  2. Cheapflights from Dallas
  3. Cheapflights from Houston
  4. Cheapflights from San Francisco
  5. Cheapflights from Los Angeles