American Express Cobalt™ Card

The very best card for those who spend a lot, with a 5X/6X earn rate

≈ $1157*

in travel rewards after $500/month for 12 months AND $3,000 total in 3 months

The Cobalt Card is often considered the best credit card in Canada.

It now has its best-ever offer, and it’s the highest-ever welcome bonus in Canada on a non-premium card.

This offer and this card is completely different than the others. To get the entire welcome bonus, instead of having to spend an amount during the first 3 months, you have to ALSO spend $500 a month for 12 months. Those are 2 completely separate bonuses, even 13 actually (each month is considered individually).

So those who spend a lot each month can maximize it. That said, with the 5X earn rate on many purchases, this is by far the most lucrative card for everyday purchases, as the points can now even be transferred to Aeroplan for an effective earn rate of ≈ 7.5%, which is phenomenal.

The welcome bonus is worth a very good ≈ $1157 based on our Flytrippers Valuation.

That is if you use it for specific hotels or flights for maximum value (outsized value and unlimited value), but you also have the option of using the points as the easiest type of rewards there is: a travel credit that simply erases literally any travel expense (Flytrippers Valuation of the welcome bonus becomes a still great $719).

Increased offer subject to change at any time

*Conditions apply

Welcome bonus (monthly) of 30,000 Amex points
≈ $450 (estimated value of 1.5¢/pt)

Earning of 30,000 points on the $500/month minimum spend
≈ $450 (at multiplier earn rate of 5X)

Welcome bonus (3 months) of 20,000 Amex points
≈ $300 (estimated value of 1.5¢/pt)

Earning of 7,500 points on the extra $1,500 minimum spend in first 3 months
≈ $113 (at multiplier earn rate of 5X)

Card fee
= $155.88 billed as $12.99 per month (deducted from the total mouont of free travel earned)

Flytrippers Valuation of Welcome Bonus
$1157 in free travel
(or $719 minimum as fixed-value travel credit)

+ all the points earned with your regular purchases in excess of the amount included*

Here is the points earn rate:

  • 1 pt (≈ 1.5%) per $ everywhere
  • 2 pts (≈ 3%) per $ for travel and transportation*
  • 3 pts (≈ 4.5%) per $ on streaming subscriptions*
  • 5 pts (≈ 7.5%) per $ at restaurants, convenience stores that code as food stores and grocery stores (and all stores that sell gift cards at in these locations)*

*Multiplier rate capped at $30,000 in spending annually

Amex points are hybrid points: they can be used as variable-value points or as fixed-value points.

Variable-value uses offer more potential value, while fixed-value uses are a lot simpler.

As fixed-value travel credit, your 60,000 points give you a simple $600 credit applicable to any travel expense. It “erases” the expense. It’s the simplest type of point that exists.

As variable-value points, you have 2 options:

  • the Amex fixed-point flight chart
  • transfer to Aeroplan, Avios, Marriott, Hilton, or others

Amex points can also be used via American Express’ fixed-price award chart directly. Especially valuable for flights that are expensive in cash.

More details about Amex points coming soon in the new travel rewards section.

Medical travel insurance 15 days (64 years old and under)
Flight delay insurance ($500, 4h minimum)
Car rental insurance
Baggage & personal effects insurance
Hotel burglary insurance

Mobile device insurance
Purchase protection (90 days)
Extended warranty on purchases


American Express Cobalt™ Card

Offer Summary
  • ≈ $1157 in free travel
  • Only card with monthly signup bonus
  • For those who spend a lot each month
  • Hybrid Points (Fixed-Value or Variable-Value)
  • Excellent earn rate (5X on food, 2X on travel & transit)
  • Excellent insurance coverage and AMEX benefits
  • Access to Cobalt cardmember perks, bonus rewards & events
  • No minimum income required
  • Minimum spend of $500 per month the first year & $3k total in 3 mos.
  • Certain conditions apply*


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