Pro Tip: How To Get A Full Row Of Seats When Traveling With Another Person

Did you know that there is a trick that will work pretty often and will give you an entire row on your flight? Whether you’re traveling with a loved one or a friend, more room means a slightly more pleasant flight… for free!

You probably know by now that the amazing half-priced flights on our flight deals page make it much cheaper to go on a trip with a friend or loved one!

Wouldn’t you like to have more space for free? We’ll have a detailed post very soon on how to fly more comfortably, but in the meantime having an empty seat next to you is pretty hard to beat in terms of extra comfort!

When I travel with another person, at least one time out of three I am able to get an entire row of seats, which is a pretty great success rate. Especially that it doesn’t cost a thing. And you could too.

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Now that I’ve surpassed my 200th flight flown, I do know a few useful tricks. So here is another one, so you can try and get a full row of seats on your next trip with a travel buddy!

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How To Get A Full Row Of Seats

Most airplane types have three seats in a row, and nobody wants to be in the middle. But when traveling as a duo, one of you has to be in the middle right? To be seated together right? Seems logical.

But in fact, no, you don’t have too. There’s a trick to avoid it.

And by the way, many airlines now charge you a fee to select a specific seat before your flight. Do not pay for that. Simply set an alarm for precisely 24 hours before your departure and check-in online to choose the best seats for free. You can read the detailed article about that here. If you’re flying an Ultra Low-Cost Carrier that doesn’t allow seat selections (worth it to fly to Europe for $247 roundtrip like we did), this trick won’t work but the previous link will make sure you’re sitting with your travel companion.

So, whether you are choosing a seat during the booking or the online check-in (this trick does not work at the counter obviously, and anyway, why would you want to check-in in person and have to wait in line and talk to an employee, that makes absolutely no sense), you will get a screen that looks something like this:

If you don’t know this pro tip, you’ll probably do just like everyone else does and select two adjacent seats. Either the window seat and the middle seat or the aisle and the middle. That depends on your preference in the oldest debate of the aviation world, window or aisle. But what if you could have both?

You can, and that’s how you get a full row of seats.

Choose the aisle seat AND the window seat. In the same row, obviously.

Why? Well unless the plane is absolutely full, who will choose a middle seat? Literally nobody. So, as long as the plane is flying at anything other than full capacity, your odds of getting a full row are pretty good, because no one will have selected that middle seat.

But, there’s another variable: choose a row as far back as you can. The farther back you are, the better your odds of having a full row of seats for your flight.

Why? Some passengers are in a hurry. People that are in a hurry are much less rational. They’ll pay hundreds of dollars more to save a stopover of a few hours, so they might take a dreaded middle seat in the front of the plane to get off the plane something like three and a half minutes before the passengers at the back of the plane. But nobody will voluntarily choose a middle seat in the back, unless the plane is 100% full.

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Like I said previously, I was able to secure a full row of seats that way many times, and of course it is more pleasant when you have three seats instead of two, and no stranger in the seat next to me. Especially when it’s 100% free… all you need is to know the pro tips.

But you may be wondering, what happens if the plane is full and you’re separated from your travel companion and stuck with a stranger in the middle seat? It will happen for sure on some occasions, as planes are flying fuller than ever.

Well, it’s quite simple. Just offer the aisle or window seat to that stranger in the middle. Nobody in their right mind will choose to stay in a middle seat instead of an aisle or a window seat, it’s simply unthinkable.

So even if the trick doesn’t work, you have nothing to lose by trying, in the worst case you’ll just end up sitting together as if you had chosen seats like everyone else does, with a middle seat. As you already do now.

And in the best case, you’ll get an entire row of seats just for you and your travel companion, for free!

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If you want to get an entire row of seats on your next flight, try this trick, you’ve got nothing to lose! Did you know about this? Tell us in the comments below!

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