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Here is an extremely useful tool for those who are willing to put in some effort in order to save money on plane tickets, especially when you have to book destinations or dates that are not featured in our deals.

It can’t be repeated often enough, the best way to save money on flights is to buy one during a limited time price drop. Those are the deals that we post every day on our cheap flight deals page and they often include prices 50% cheaper than the regular price.

Since it’s not always possible to find your destination or dates in our deals (read our article Why Only Certain Cities Are Featured on Our Deals Page), we have launched a new series of blog posts with great tips for the situations where you have to book flights that are not on our deal pages.

We also have a really simple tool to perform simple searches and find the best price available by comparing a lot of booking sites. But that if or when you already know your dates and your destination precisely.

Today, let’s talk about an extremely powerful tool for more advanced searches. This one will help you save a lot of money and find cheap flights for very specific situations, so it’s a good one to know about.

Let’s be very clear: this tool will not find deals at very low prices or discounts, that’s what we do for you on our deal pages. This tool is useful for situations where your dates or destinations are not on our deals page. And don’t forget, our deals are updated daily and change every day.

The tool has many uses, and each of them is detailed step by step in a dedicated article.

Here are the top three ways to save money by performing advanced searches with this tool:

  1. Find the dates at the best price for your destination
    2. Find the destination at the best price for your dates
    3. Find a multi-ticket itinerary

Let’s give you a few pointers before we detail all three of these ways you can save.

A Tool for Your Advanced Searches

We always recommended you book your tickets with our main flight search tool, because it’s the easiest to use and above all, it compares dozens of booking sites, which allows you to always find the lowest price available now for your flight when you have specific dates.

However, its features are limited and it won’t help you actually find dates that are even cheaper than the ones you input, it won’t help you find the cheapest destinations for your specific dates and it won’t help you save money on multi-ticket itineraries (especially for European countries).

That’s why this new tool is an interesting addition when you are willing to do a bit more research and put in some time and effort to find a cheap flight. It could save you hundreds of dollars.

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Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter. Here are the three ways to use this advanced flight search tool.

1. Find The Cheapest Dates For Your Destination

If your destination isn’t often featured on our deals page (again, don’t forget that our deals are updated daily, they change every day), there’s a way to at least find the best dates for that destination, if you are flexible on when you want to go. Remember that from one day to the next, the price of a flight can be twice as high.

Click here to read detailed instructions on how to find the cheapest dates

2. Find The Cheapest Destinations For Your Dates

The question often comes up: “Where can I go at this specific date?” The simple answer is to monitor our daily deals, where you will find prices amazing prices, eventually for the right dates. But if you can not find deals for your dates, and are not flexible on your vacation dates, there’s a way to see all available destinations – and their prices – in one place.

Click here to read detailed instructions on how to find the cheapest destinations

3. Find Multi-Ticket Itineraries

For most destinations in Europe (and sometimes in Asia when your itinerary is especially expensive), it is cheaper to split your itinerary into two tickets. It can literally save you hundreds of dollars for the exact same destination and dates, and you get a free 2-in-1 trip to visit an extra city as a bonus! This tool will help you build those itineraries.

Click here to read detailed instructions on how to use multi-ticket itineraries

Here is the best tool for advanced flight searches. Along with our main flight tool, we also have one more great tool to share with you in the coming weeks. Any questions, let us know in the comments below!

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