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Whether it’s one of our deals or any other flight, you have many options when it comes to booking. As our mission is to give you plenty of advice on this blog in addition to our deals, here is another tip today for those who want customer service.

We can never repeat it often enough, the best way to find a cheap plane ticket is to find a deal on our flight deals page. We often see flights up to 50% off the “regular” price, so this is by far the best way to save.

But if you have read our explanation on how our deals work, you know very well that only certain destinations and certain dates are discounted and even if deals change every day, sometimes you have to buy a ticket without being able to find a deal.

We have a great guide coming soon to give you all the tips to save on flights, but today we want to introduce you to our new booking partner FlightHub, which is the best for those who want customer service… and we want to explain which booking site to use according to your own needs, because there are many options!

The Best Sites To Book Your Flights

Flytrippers has four partners to book your flights and we will explain why. We’ll try to keep this simple to understand, you’ll see it’s not too complicated.

Our 4 partners are Momondo, Skyscanner, Kiwi and the new one, FlightHub.

Momondo and Skyscanner are aggregators, i.e. you don’t make your booking with them and they send you to a multitude of booking sites… while Kiwi and FlightHub really are booking sites.

By the way, a quick sidenote: if you book flights (any flights), we really appreciate if you go through our flight search page, because it doesn’t cost you a penny more than booking without going through our links. And through our links, Flytrippers gets a commission and it allows us to continue to spot flight deals and share tips for free! Thank you so much for supporting us, we really appreciate it!

So why 4 different booking partners? Because as with everything related to travel, there is no absolute truth or answer that applies to everything. We certainly could tell you that Momondo is always the one to book with, it would be easier, but it might not always be the best option for you. And our priority is to help you travel cheaply, even if it’s more complicated or if we earn less commission.

So there are basically 3 different situations:

– If you want the best price
– If you want customer service
– If you want to do more advanced searches

Here is which reservation tool to use according to your situation.

If You Want The Best Price

If you’re like us, you just want the best price. That’s my only criterion. Customer service costs money. And I never use it. I don’t want to pay for this. Do you have complicated requests or special needs? It’s up to you to pay for that, not me. I took 65 flights in 2017, I never needed customer service. Not once. I would estimate that at least 99% of trips take place without a particular event that requires any form of assistance.

So, if you are not difficult and do not want to pay more for no reason, we strongly encourage you to do like we do and book your tickets via smaller less-known booking sites, those our partner Momondo will refer you to.

These are smaller sites that almost always have the same tickets at a lower cost, as they are able to keep their own costs low. You’ll get the same ticket. Same airline. But cheaper. There are dozens of these sites that have been certified by Momondo and are as reliable as the bigger ones. But they’re cheaper, because they have less customer service (that you won’t need in 99% of cases anyway). So it’s not that they don’t don’t offer customer service, it’s just that it will be much harder to get help (which, again, you shouldn’t need anyway if you’re buying a straightforward ticket).

Since Momondo is an aggregator (not a booking site), Momondo compares the price of your flight on dozens of different booking sites to make sure you always find the lowest possible price for the specific date and destination you entered. Skyscanner is the same, but we personally prefer the Momondo search interface so we recommend you use them.

So, if you want exactly the same ticket at a lower price, go through the booking sites that Momondo refers you to.

If You Want Customer Service

From time to time, people ask us if there is an option for those who want customer service. We now have a partner for you.

By popular demand, we now have a partnership with FlightHub, a Canadian travel agency and booking site based in Ontario, for those who want to book online but want to be able to call easily and free for any customer service need.

Their customer service is bilingual and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are therefore an excellent option if you want to book a flight with an accredited travel agency that offers good customer service.

That said, it means that they don’t always have the best price, although most of the time, the prices are very similar (we recently booked one on FlightHub to test everything and the price was exactly the same as on Momondo). So you should always compare with Momondo to start, and then determine if the price difference is worth it to have a more efficient customer service.

For us, as soon as the price difference is $1 more, the answer is no (because we never use customer service). For you, the answer may be different so we want to inform you of all your options, and FlightHub is an excellent one!

If You Want To Do More Advanced Searches

The last reservation site is Kiwi. Honestly, we recommend it more for searches than for booking. It is the best search tool, it is much more powerful than Momondo, so it is suggested if you want to do more advanced searches for your flights.

It is especially useful when you have a specific destination and want to find the cheapest dates. Or when you have fixed dates and want to find available destinations at low prices.

We wrote a detailed article on how to use Kiwi for advanced searches.

What we do recommend is that you then take the dates/destinations found on Kiwi, and book via Momondo, as you will often find even lower prices (or FlightHub for customer service).

That was our overview of the booking site options that you should use depending on your situation. What do you think? Tell us in the comments below!

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