How to Travel More in 2020 Without Breaking the Bank

This decade is coming to an end in a very short time so it’s the perfect time to take a look back at the past 10 years and see if we’ve accomplished the goals we set ourselves, and if not, if we’re on your way to reach them!

For our part, at the beginning of this decade, we made a promise to ourselves. We pledged to do whatever we could to be able to explore the world as much as possible; and we did just that.

We didn’t win the lottery, or get big inheritance, we just committed ourselves to it and applied a couple of rules and travel hacks that made it all possible!

If you are reading this article, one of your goals for 2020 is probably to travel more. We get you, we were once there too, wondering how we could discover more cultures and see more landscapes while staying financially healthy.

We’ve learned through the years that the goal setting part is far easier than the actual “doing it” part. It requires a great deal of planification, motivation and sometimes it even involves developing new skills.

Well, we’ve developed those skills and acquired that knowledge, and now we want to share all of that with you so that you too, can reach your goal of traveling more.

In the last year, we both visited about 20 countries each on a travel budget of only $XXX,XX so whatever your travel goal might be, our tips probably can help you achieve it! 

That’s what Flytrippers is all about; helping you travel more, for less.

For that reason, we’ve put together a series of high quality content that will guide you through the process of realizing that dream without breaking the bank and you know what’s the best part? 

We made it 100% free.

Here’s a list of some of the cool things that you’ll to learn if you sign up for this content series

  • The most important decision you can make to travel cheaper and more often.
  • The easiest way to earn 10 times more free travel
  • How to transform 10 days of vacation a year into 25 for free
  • 15 ways to save on flight tickets (if you can’t wait for a deal)
  • Learn how traveling more authentically can save you hundreds of dollars
There’s more, but we’ll keep a couple surprises for later!

Are you ready to make the first step towards traveling more in 2020?

Hey! I'm Andrew, and I'm a professional globetrotter and travel rewards master. I personally earn way over $1,000 worth of free travel every year without spending a penny more than I would otherwise.

I will be sharing my tips with you so that you too can travel more, for less!