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OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED: The United States vaccination requirement is ending on May 11th at the end of the day! Details to come!

Since 2021, the United States has required COVID-19 vaccination for foreigners seeking entry, both by air and by land (although this is not always enforced, especially at the land border). But finally, even I was surprised to learn that this is not entirely true… it is not be required at all borders.

It’s really an exception that is inconvenient (many prefer to try it at the land border where customs officials almost never check for proof of vaccination, as thousands of unvaccinated Canadians have done).

But it just goes to show how absurd the rule is (in case you didn’t know it yet).

Here are all the details.


Overview of the USA rules

The current USA vaccination requirement has been extended until May 11.

But last time, the extension was announced on the 4th of the month before expiring on the 10th. So it’s not guaranteed to end. There’s an excellent chance it will end on May 11 this time, along with the remaining USA state of emergency (the other state of emergency will end sooner). We’re watching this for you; sign up for our free newsletter for travelers to get all the updates.

Anyway, since the beginning, the USA has had 2 separate vaccination requirements:

  • For entry by air (TSA is in charge)
  • For entry by land/sea (U.S. CBP is in charge)


The actual land/sea rule

One of our Flytrippers readers pointed out something absolutely absurd about the land/sea rule.

Surprisingly, it actually applies only:

  • At the USA-Canada border
  • At the USA-Mexico border

The official website of the Department of Homeland Security specifically mentions these 2 borders only.

The rule does not apply to all borders (image credit: DHS)


The official website of the U.S. CBP (their customs agency) also explicitly specifies just these 2 borders.

The rule does not apply to all borders (image credit: U.S. CBP)


You may think that this covers all the borders of the United States anyway… but no!

There are ferries that allow you to easily enter the United States by sea, for example:

  • Ferry between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico
  • Ferry between the Bahamas and Florida
  • Ferry between Samoa and American Samoa

And “The Science™” strikes again: at those borders there, you don’t need to be vaccinated to enter the USA!

At least apparently not, according to all the information available and testimonials received: the U.S. CBP media relations department did not respond to our request to confirm (either they’ve been too busy every day for the past several weeks, or they’re too embarrassed to confirm this since it’s so stupid)!

For example, in the USA’s official national archives, the Federal Register, these 2 borders are the only ones for which rules have been published on the day of renewal.

The rules are for Canada and Mexico (image credit: Federal Register)


Vaccination requirement based on the country

Just to be clear: if you enter the USA by air, the requirement applies regardless of which country you are coming from.

(But it’s just the airlines that are in charge of enforcing it and we have seen ourselves recently that the airlines don’t always check anymore — but it’s still quite a bit more risky to try it there than at the Canada—USA border!)

But for entry by land or by sea, it really depends on the country.

Quite unbelievable. If you fly from Canada to Puerto Rico (an American territory) or from Canada to Florida, you are dangerous. If you fly from Canada to the Dominican Republic or to the Bahamas and you then take the ferry to enter the United States, you are no longer dangerous! It’s magical!

And it’s not even the marine transportation mode that kills the virus, because the vaccination requirement applies to those arriving by boat from Canada and Mexico… just not to those arriving by boat from the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas.


The “logic” of this rule

The worst part is not the absurdity of this rule, or the fact that politicians make stupid rules. They’re politicians, they just do things they think will help them get re-elected; it’s what they do, what they’ve always done, and what they’ll always do.

The worst part is really that there are still people who think that governments follow science!

A mandatory vaccination (with an outdated definition of “vaccinated” that was never updated and is scientifically useless according to all epidemiologists, because you can have received your last dose 2 years ago and you’re still considered vaccinated), but moreover, one that does not apply if you arrive by boat from certain countries…

And it’s those who criticize that who are wrong, according to some “experts” who suffer from covidanxiety and won’t get over this before 2025, if ever.

Seriously, if this absurdity doesn’t get people to realize that this rule is just nonsense (as most rules have been for quite a while by the way), there’s really nothing to be done.

Imagine being someone who blindly believes everything governments say. Imagine thinking that automatically, since the rule exists, you have to defend it. Imagine the mental arithmetic required to try to justify that it’s really science that dictates these government rules…

“Yes yes, science says that if you come from the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas, then it’s okay! Of course governments follow science! Trust the experts and shut up!”


Why we are still talking about this rule

We have always had the philosophy that you should have all the factual information and make up your own mind based on all that information.

It’s a basic rule of thumb if you want to be a good traveler: don’t blindly rely on governments (or anyone else) and decide for yourself. And this goes back to way before the pandemic, for example with the alarmist travel advisories that the government publishes for each country.

We insist on pointing out how ridiculous this rule is, because it’s part of our mission: if you’re a traveler, exploring the world to open your mind and see for yourself how things really are, it’s unthinkable to just blindly follow what the governments say without any critical thinking! As unfortunately too many people did during the whole pandemic, sadly.

It’s also very important to realize that when you were wrong, as so many people were wrong during the pandemic; learning from our mistakes is the only way to become better humans. And travel is precisely about becoming better humans too. 


Why we didn’t realize this rule before

Speaking of mistakes, I’m very disappointed that I didn’t notice this detail in the rules all this time.

Especially since it’s a bit like the loophole we mentioned months ago for flying from Canada when vaccination was required by Canada to take almost any flight.

(Taking the ferry from Newfoundland to Saint-Pierre-and-Miquelon and then flying from Saint-Pierre to Montreal and Montreal to international, destiantions… that was fine. But not Montreal to international directly. Because “The Science™!”) 

It’s another exception related to a border country that not many people think about, accessible by boat.

I’ve been to Miami 30 times, I should have thought about that ferry. But honestly, I never would have thought that the vaccination requirement (which the government says is SO vital to protect Americans) might not apply everywhere… it’s so ridiculous it never even crossed my mind.

So as a learning experience from all this, I’m also going to remember that I should never underestimate how stupid and illogical government rules can be. I’ve known for a long time that they can be, as an amateur and a connoisseur of history, but now… I have to remember that if I think politicians have hit rock bottom in terms of illogical rules, they can always go lower.


Confirmations from ferry operators

The Flytrippers reader who pointed out this detail of the vaccination requirement tested it himself and got in without a problem via the Bahamas. Others have told us they tested it via the Dominican Republic.

But Flytrippers contacted 2 of the operators of the magical ferries that purify your body of COVID-19 (we haven’t reached out to the one in Samoa).

First there is Ferries del Caribe, which offers a ferry between Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) and San Juan (Puerto Rico). They have confirmed that no vaccination requirements apply.

Ferries del Caribe email (image credit: Andrew D’Amours/Flytrippers)


Finally, there is Balearia Caribbean, which offers 2 ferries from the Bahamas to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, departing from Grand Bahama and from Bimini. They did not respond as directly, only saying that no vaccinations were required for their ferry, but to check the USA rules (and they shared a link that does not mention any vaccination requirement by sea).

Balearia Caribbean email (image credit: Andrew D’Amours/Flytrippers)


I think it’s just that they don’t want to get involved, just as so many airlines didn’t want to give a clear answer about country rules throughout the pandemic.

By comparison, I was at Toronto’s Union Station this week. And Amtrak, the train operator that offers trains to the USA, has a sign that makes it clear that you have to be vaccinated to board and enter the USA (although it’s an old sign because it says you need to be vaccinated to enter Canada, which isn’t true).

Border crossing requirements for trains to the USA (image credit: Andrew D’Amours/Flytrippers)


Anyway, if the ferry ended up with a lot of people turned away upon arrival in the USA (which they would then be forced to take back to the port of origin), I can only assume that they would make it clear that you need to be vaccinated to board a ship to the USA.

As mentioned, U.S. CBP media relations simply did not respond.


The logistics of traveling to the United States without being vaccinated

If you ever want to take advantage of this to enter the United States without being vaccinated (while respecting their rules), you should know that the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic have both eliminated all their entry requirements, as so many countries have done for so long.

(The WHO — the World Health Organization — recommended doing this in January 2022, further proof that governments, including Canada’s, were not following the science and the experts!)

Of course, once in the United States, you can then take a domestic flight to anywhere in the United States without any requirements (as has been the case all along; they would never tolerate restrictions on domestic travel like Canadians did).

And then you can fly directly to Canada (or any other country without restrictions) without any requirements either, without having to go through the boat trip again.

In other words, you’d be buying:

  • One-way ticket between Canada and 1 of the 2 countries (the Dominican Republic or the Bahamas)
  • One-way ferry ticket to the United States
  • One-way ticket between your point of entry and your desired destination in the United States
  • One-way ticket between your destination and Canada

(By the way, for many flights, especially short-distance flights, buying 2 one-way flights can be cheaper than buying a roundtrip, but many pay more because they are so used to always just buying roundtrips: this is one of the tips in our free ebook with 100+ travel tips that you should definitely download and read!)


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The USA vaccination requirement, which logically should end soon, was already not very logical. But knowing now that it just applies to certain maritime borders, there’s really no way to pretend it’s not completely absurd.

What would you like to know about the vaccination requirement to enter the USA? Tell us in the comments below.


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Featured image: San Juan (photo credit: Wei Zeng)

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Andrew D'Amours

Andrew is the co-founder of Flytrippers. He is passionate about traveling the world but also, as a former management consultant, about the travel industry itself. He shares his experiences to help you save money on travel. As a very cost-conscious traveler, he loves finding deals and getting free travel thanks to travel rewards points... to help him visit every country in the world (current count: 64/193 Countries, 47/50 US States & 9/10 Canadian Provinces).

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  1. Kevin

    I’m a US expat living in NZ with my NZ wife who is unvaccinated. I’m wondering if you’ve discovered anything further about the Apia to Pago Pago ferry as an option for non-illegal entry to the US? I found the following website, but nothing mentioned about proof of vaccination. I really appreciate all your research and the comments of others. Thank you!

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      If entering by sea, the vaccination requirement only applies to the USA-Canada and USA-Mexico border. So in theory there really shouldn’t be any reason why that ferry operator would require it, but we haven’t gotten testimonials about that one since it’s a lot less convenient for most of our readers, but could be better for you in NZ for sure.

      1. Viktor

        Hi Andrew!

        Thank you so much for your research & sharing the insights, much appreciated! You mentioned that the ferry operator from Bahamas to Fort Lauderdale doesn‘t require a proof of vaccination. But, relevant are the imigration officers at land. Do you know or have testimonials whether the border control asks about the vaxx status? Thank you for your guidance. Greetings from Switzerland

      2. Andrew D'Amours

        The testimonials we got said it worked and they weren’t asked, but most importantly the published rules explicitly say that the requirement only applies at the USA-Canada and USA-Mexico borders, so seems almost certain to work. Just can’t say 100% certain because the government won’t respond to our request for confirmation as mentioned.

    2. Alexa

      Hi Kevin we’re also from New Zealand and are looking for a way in. I didn’t know about this alternative.

    3. Alexa

      I’m wondering though whether American Samoa is different to say Puerto Rico in that it is not considered a domestic flight into mainland US?

      1. Andrew D'Amours

        I would assume flights from Pago Pago to Honolulu are just as domestic as any other domestic flight, but haven’t checked.

    4. Paul Lancaster

      NOT A REPLY, sorry. But, how do I ask a question on this forum please? Thank you.

      1. Paul Lancaster

        Does it still look likely that the rules will be in the trash bin on the night of May 11th 2023? I do hope so and then perhaps millions of non-USA citizens can come to the States and spend their money! 🙂

      2. Andrew D'Amours

        Still more likely than not. We’ll know soon enough now 🙂

      3. Ann-Louise Skoldmark

        DHS Statement on the Lifting of Title 19 Requirements
        Release Date: May 1, 2023
        Beginning May 12, 2023, DHS will no longer require non-U.S. travelers entering the United States via land ports of entry and ferry terminals to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and provide related proof of vaccination upon request. DHS intends to rescind these Title 19 travel restrictions in alignment with the end of the Public Health Emergency and the termination of the Presidential Proclamation on air travel.

      4. Andrew D'Amours

        Yep, the post was updated last night (refresh or Ctrl+F5 to clear cache).

        It was truly my pleasure to help Ann-Louise! I’d love to keep helping you travel in the future as well! 🙂

        You can thank us AND help yourself by using our links for you next travel credit card applications (for Canadians and for Americans). You’ll get a huge welcome bonus worth hundreds of dollars in free travel!

        Also, you can support us by signing up for our free newsletter (you’ll get great content), subscribing to our YouTube channel, and following us on your favorite social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok) and telling your friends about our website!

  2. Alexander

    I just had a wonderful four day journey from Mexico Cancun to the USA. I took the route from Santa Domingo – Dominican Republic to San Juan – Puerto Rico with the ferry of Ferries del Caribe. Indeed no check at all. A smooth ride overall. I recommend to sleep , if you need to sleep, close to the ferry in the colonial part of the city.

  3. Swiss

    Hey Andrew, Thanks for all informations, been reading all the time thru your posts recently. So you think there will be really no issue booking a flight to the domenican republic and then take the ferry to Puerto Rico and board a flight there to the mainland and hawaii? Thank you

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, thank you for reading.
      The rules seem clear and don’t seem to apply by ferry from the Dominican Republic, and that’s what their ferry operator confirmed. But can’t be 100% sure because the government won’t confirm. Seems very sure though.
      And it is 100% sure that you can then fly wherever you want because like almost every country in the world, the USA has never had any requirement for domestic flights 🙂

      1. Swiss

        Thank you Andrew,
        So I would only need to fill out the ESTA Form right, nothing else? Thanks

      2. Andrew D'Amours

        I don’t know what the USA normally requires for citizens of countries other than Canada, but you’d need all of what is required normally. Just not the vaccination. And make sure that the Dominican Republic has no rules for your nationality as well 🙂

    2. Liste

      Only thing I would say is that your flights TO the Dominican Republic must NOT have a lay-over in the USA.

      1. Andrew D'Amours

        Yes indeed, the vaccination requirement applies to all flights to the USA, even for transits.

  4. Benoit Paquin

    Wife and I did cross the land border at Lacolle QC a few times whithout being vaccinated… until last month. A new CBP officer ask us the question, we say the truth (non vaxx) and she took our passport, then direct us to the CBP office. The agent inside were truly sorry for us. He said he got covid twice despite his 3 shots, and all of this is only political… but our names are now on a Red list and he said that any agent will see the red flag if we try again to return in USA. So we will have to wait, cause using Bahamas is too complicated at our age. Regards and keep up the good work.

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, thanks for the testimonial. Yes, they don’t always ask, but some agents definitely do. Those who say they are vaccinated are rarely asked for proof. But those who say they aren’t will obviously always be denied entry unfortunately. I’m not sure if that red list really exists because many have told us they tried again and didn’t have any issues, but it is possible that it exists for sure. Should all be over soon at least!

      1. Benoit Paquin

        Well, I did ask this very question to the officer. ” Let’s suppose I come back like tomorrow, and get a more experience agent, will he stop me ?” He said to me that one of the first signal the agent will see is a red flag on his screen and I won’t be abble to cross the border until they change the law. Is it true ? We won’t take a chance ! BTW Andrew, sometimes, they ask if we have ever get refuse entrance to the country, we will have to say Yes, and I don’t know what will happen ?!? Not sure we will be eligible to get our Nexus card back for instance !?!

      2. Andrew D'Amours

        There’s no way of knowing, they never say publicly how the internal process works, unfortunately.
        Being denied entry is not an issue at all, especially since you didn’t lie. I was denied entry for trying to enter for an essential trip before they reopened the land border and it’s not an issue.

  5. Annie

    Hi all, I wanted to update and leave my experience here. I crossed the border in Niagara Falls today. There were two of us and we weren’t asked.

  6. Annie

    @Rusty, I was wondering when you attempted to cross and which border, if you don’t mind. Thank you

  7. Melissa

    Hi Andrew! THank you for this post.
    I just saw your other post where you say that the vaccination for international flights is extended until May 11.
    I am giving birth in May and I need my husband to get here asap. He lives in Italy and has a valid ESTA, he just doesn’t have the vaccine. If he goes to DOminican republic, takes the ferry to puerto rico, and the travel to Puerto Rico to Newark/ Philadelphia…Will he be asked to show proof of vaccination? Thank you in advance for your help!

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, well, that’s what this whole post is about. Apparently, vaccination is not required if entering by sea from the Dominican Republic, and that’s what the official rules seem to indicate too. That’s what the ferry operator confirmed by email.

      Here’s the section of the post with the bullet point version of how to do it (you can replace Canada by Italy because it’s the same rule for all nationalities).
      Complicated, but supposed to work. If he does it, please do share testimonials as the one we got was for the Bahamas route.
      Hope it works out!

      1. Melissa

        Thank you for your prompt response.
        I am just afraid that once he gets to the airport in Puerto Rico to catch a plain to philadelphia/ Newark, he will be stopped and asked for vaccination…. However, since this is a domestic flight, they shouldn’t ….right?
        Also, I contacted the ferry this morning in the DR, and they confirmed that they do not check covid vaccination….Not it’s just a matter or whether they will ask once he tries to get to newark… I will keep you posted! I love reading all your posts and I thank you a million for your time!

      2. Andrew D'Amours

        There’s zero chance they ask for anything for a domestic flight, there has never been any requirement for a domestic flight 🙂

      3. Melissa

        Hi Andrew 🙂
        I am the pregnant woman that is waiting for her husband to arrive so that this baby can be born 😀
        Well… thanks to YOU!!!!!, he is finally in the United States!!!!!!! he travelled from Italy to Spain and Spain to the DR…. He stayed there a couple of days ( thankfully, I am half Italian and half Dominican so I have family there).
        Then, on Sunday he took the ferry ( no questions regarding the vaccine) and this morning, he arrived at Puerto Rico. Again, no questions regarding the vaccine (they did ask for the Esta, and the return ticket flight..). Now the last step is for him to arrive to Philadelphia!!! Since you suggested that domestic flights shouldn’t be an issues, I can confidently say that I will be seeing my husband on Wednesday!!! I can’t wait!!!! Thank you SO MUCH for posting this article. It truly saved my situation!!! Thank you !

      4. Andrew D'Amours

        Wow, that worked out well with having family in the DR haha! Glad he made it and thank you for following us and thank you for sharing the testimonial that will maybe help others.
        If you want to thank us, there’s an easy win-win way, which is to use this link to apply for a credit card every time you get one, it will give you literally hundreds of dollars in free travel as a bonus too so it’s very good for you too 🙂

    2. Aubrey

      Glad your husband made it!!! May I ask who/where inquired about his return ticket? I am experiencing a similar situation.

  8. Maria

    Hi and thank you for all the great information on your site. If Biden signs H.J.Res.7, will that override the TSA decision and end the mandate?

  9. Teresa Lam

    Well thank you Lords Biden and Fauci for protecting Planet Earth with your imaginary science.
    Also should be noted that no one ever would ask if Old Man Joe or his geezer wife have their pedigree shots.

  10. Cheryl

    TSA has extended to May 11, 2023

  11. Reshelle

    Will you have the updates on the vaccine requirements by next week? trying to book a cruise that leaves on April 16th.

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      The rule expires on the 10th, so we’ll know on the 10th at the latest.

  12. Hannah

    Hi, me and my daughter are due to travel from the uk to New York from the 6th of may – 11th May. The trip was bought as a gift for us so I could visit ground zero as I lost my father and haven’t yet had the chance to go. Unfortunately when it was booked I was unaware double vaccination was required. As I am in the uk I am finding it difficult to find out the exact dates on when it is likely to be lifted. Unfortunately I am unable to have my second vaccine in time for us to travel. So really need these to be lifted… can you confirm if it set to lift on the 10th of April or if it has now been comfirmed for the 11th of may please.

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, as mentioned in the post, we still do not know whether it will be extended past April 10th, unfortunately. But it’s one week away, so we’ll at least know very soon. We will update this post about the USA rules (that are the same for Canadians or Brits) as soon as something is announced, so stay tuned.

      1. Hannah

        Thank you Andrew

  13. Joanne

    Bill HR 185 was in the senate, and it was to be read, and passed, it is clearly about the vaccine rules for border. Has it not gone through?

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      It has not passed the Senate yet, unfortunately. The second reading was on February 13th, and absolutely nothing since. We’re watching that one too.

  14. George


    Do you know when the airlines checks the proof of vax for international flights (CANADA to USA)? Is it at the front desk during check-in or after customs right before boarding?


    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, if they do check, it can be at the check-in counter or at the boarding gate too unfortunately, depending on their processes and whether or not you checked in online.

  15. Jesse

    I often wonder if all these testimonials from people crossing without being asked are just people who have the vaccine and their information is already available to the guards.
    I’m supposed to cross on the 14th over to Michigan but am starting to get some anxiety about the whole thing.

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, USA customs agents most definitely do not have your vaccine information if you’re a Canadian.

      1. Rusty

        Andrew . You seem to be the only one with continuous current information about the border . Thank you for keeping on top of this .
        Fyi ; I attempted to cross by land and was asked for proof of vaccination which I do not have . I am now banned from entering until all requirements are dropped .

      2. Andrew D'Amours

        Thanks for following us! We have been working to keep everyone informed about travel rules all along, whether they are vaccinated or not 🙂

  16. Paula

    Last week we were flying as a family of 4 to Canada with 12 hour layover in San Fran. We got e-mail about vaccination a night before feom the United Airlines but when we did check in the computer asked only one of us to confirm vaccination.

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Yes, that’s what we’ve been saying: recently, even airlines certainly don’t all enforce the requirement very strictly. But if they do, you might lose an expensive plane ticket, so that’s why most people prefer entering by land and by buying a US domestic flight instead, the change policy is usually more flexible.

  17. Marc

    I am a Canadian from Vancouver Island. I just returned from a trip to Las Vegas to go to a conference for 4 days. I drove to Seattle, parked my car there, then did a round trip from Sea-Tac Airport using Spirit Airlines. Its a little pricier doing it this way cause my parking cost me $160 USD and the extra fuel, ferry, etc. But it absolutely works without hassles. I did the same thing last August when I went to a Tony Robbins conference in Florida. Both times no issues going into the US across Peace Arch Border in BC. Had a bit of issue without Arrive-Can app last August but they sent me home to quarantine. I just thanked them for the info and drove home, life went on.

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, yes that’s what almost testimonials we get from the land border tell us, whether it’s out West or in the East. And now thankfully ArriveCAN is no longer required by Canada!

  18. Nancy Bruneau

    I live 5 minutes from a US land border and have not crossed for 3 years now. Vaxed friends who cross have told me that sometimes they were not asked about status, and other times were asked specifically about the Covid vaccine. I live in hopes of returning to Florida some day, so do not want to ever be denied entrance. I look forward to you informing us that the ridiculous mandate has been dropped … hopefully sooner than later.

  19. Jack

    Andrew, thanks for reiterating AGAIN why the no fly rule was clearly political science (look, we’re DOING something that looks science!), not based on any scientific precedent or research.
    The Democrats, in particular, in the USA have so totally lost the confidence of many. And the fear pornographers in Canada are close behind.
    Thanks for stating and restating what even captured agencies are finally admitting to.

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Well, a lot of people love to blindly follow what governments say and especially love to have the government punish those who think differently. And politicians want those votes, so… that’s the only reason it’s lasted so long.

      1. Melissa

        Hi Andrew !!!!
        I love in the United States and my first baby will be born next month. I am praying that the vaccine rule will be lifted this month so that my husband can travel and be present for the delivery of our first baby girl. Praying for a miracle !!!!!

  20. V

    I’m curious I’d anyone has flown the a vaccine exemption. I’d be interested in knowing how the pre-clearance officers at Pearson vet the adverse reactions/contraindications.

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Customs officers don’t have anything to do with the requirement by air, it’s really the airlines who are in charge of checking.

  21. Chemel

    So if I understand well, it could possible to travel on a bus or on a train between, let’s say, Montreal and NYC?

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, well if what you understand is related to this post, no. This exception is for entry from borders OTHER than Canada and Mexico.
      But yes, since the beginning of this requirement, it has been VERY loosely enforced at the land border, but it certainly should be officially. We don’t have as many testimonials by bus though, unfortunately.

    2. adrian

      Canada to US by car ( Niagara Falls ) they don’t ask for any kind of proof – traveled many times and never ask from last Sept

      1. Andrew D'Amours

        Hi, yes that’s what almost testimonials we get from the land border tell us 🙂

      2. Annie

        Wonderful to hear! May I ask if it matters which border crossing you go to? Do you typically go to one more than others?

        I appreciate ALL of these responses. Thank you all for taking the time to reply and Andrew, for creating the posts about this!!!

  22. Rachael

    You can also take a charter flight across the border from Alberta to Montana and they will not ask you for proof of vaccination. When the testing was required they didn’t ask for that either. We did it.

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      True, but like entering by land, that’s more a case of them not asking even if based on the rules, they should enforce it. This new development is actually 100% allowed and not against the rules, which some people prefer.

  23. Annie

    Thank you for addressing these travel rules. I was wondering what you meant by “… just applies to certain maritime borders”. Does this mean that the border control agents only ask at maritime borders and not borders, say, in Niagara Falls? Thank you!

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      No, it applies at the Canada border and at the Mexico border, land and maritime.
      But it doesn’t apply anywhere else. That only leaves other maritime borders, so it doesn’t apply to all maritime borders.

  24. Torontonian1

    Thanks for this great info. 😊 Please understand just how helpful FlyTrippers has been in SO MANY WAYS during this ridiculous time. No problem re: the ferry information. Let’s just hope the brain dead US president and his handlers take direction from the US Senate passing the dropping of the jab requirement by sponsoring it through Congress and then signing it off. It would be nice to visit friends and family before the US splits apart at the seams.

  25. Jonathan

    I am intrigued by the Dominican Republic route; I never thought of that. It made me wonder if there were others, and perhaps for those in New Zealand / Australia it could be worth looking into the ferry from Apia, Samoa to Pago Pago American Samoa.

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      True. It’s the most useful for most of our audience that’s based in Canada, but it seems to be a once-weekly ferry that’s not bookable online. I’ll reach out to them as well to see if they can confirm.

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