Bilingual Administrative Assistant

Help others travel more for less!

🌍 Company: Flytrippers

📍 Location: Fully Remote

🌐 Languages: English & French

About Us

Flytrippers is not just another travel media company. We are a digital nomad’s dream come true—a fully remote company that understands the heart of every wanderer. Not a digital nomad? Not a problem, use the flexibility to travel more.

Our core values are independence, competence, and curiosity. Our mission? To inspire and help every traveler to travel more for less. With our great travel deals, tips, and understanding of travel rewards, we aim to become THE travel reference for Canadians and Americans.


We’re on the lookout for a Bilingual Administrative Assistant who can handle a variety of tasks. From responding to our readers, formatting blog posts, posting on social media, to taking care of all the administrative tasks that keep us ticking—we need a true multitasker!


  • Efficiently respond to reader questions.
  • Format and prepare blog posts for publishing.
  • Manage social media postings.
  • Handle various administrative tasks that optimize our team’s efficiency.
  • Any other responsibilities as the role evolves.

What We Offer

  • Compensation: Ranging from US$12-$15, depending on experience and tasks
  • Flexibility: The beauty of remote work with the structure of set hours. Set your hours for the upcoming week in our shared calendar, so everyone is on the same page, while keeping your flexibility.
  • Hours: This is a full time position (30 to 40 hours/week)
  • Contract period: 3 months trial period, this is a permanent need
  • Growth Opportunities: As we expand, there’s room for you to grow with us. Your journey with Flytrippers could just be the start!

Who You Are

  • Travel Enthusiast: Your heart beats for adventures, and you understand the magic and allure of new places.
  • Curious & Quick Learner: You don’t just stick to what you know. You’re eager to pick up new tasks and skills.
  • Detail-Oriented: Repetitive tasks? No problem! You handle them with precision and care.
  • Bilingual: Fluent in both French and English.
  • If you’re passionate about travel, eager to learn, and have a knack for managing varied tasks, then join us. Let’s inspire millions together!


To apply, please send the following to the link below : 

  1. Cover letter explaining why this is a great job for you and how you plan to execute it
  2. Resume