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Canada’s extremist mandatory vaccination requirement to board a plane in a Canadian airport is no longer in effect. In the fall of 2021, for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, that requirement was added. Vaccination was mandatory to board any flight (not just domestic flights) departing from a Canadian airport (NOT to enter Canada).

You can check out our summary on how to travel during the pandemic, no matter your medical choices.

It’s no longer relevant, but in case you’re interested, below is the original version of our ultimate guide about the mandatory vaccination for all flights, which made the unvaccinated prisoners of their own country.

(It was a measure that Canada was quite possibly the only one in the world to have, by the way… and one that went against the World Health Organization’s expert recommendations!)


6 key facts about Canada’s mandatory vaccination requirement

Here are the 6 highlights in an infographic.

See full-size image


And here’s the text version:

  • No changes to entry rules (completely separate)
  • New requirement to board any plane, train, or ship departing FROM Canada
  • Any plane means any plane: Domestic and international flights too
  • Being fully vaccinated is mandatory
  • Only very limited exemptions exist
  • Children under the age of 12 years and 4 months are exempt

Note that unvaccinated Canadians are still allowed to enter Canada, the same as since the start. But there is no special exemption to the mandatory vaccination rule to catch a connecting flight or long-distance train. They can board regional trains (all trains except VIA Rail) and all buses though, as these modes of transport are much safer🤡.

(Foreigners, new permanent residents, and refugees who are not vaccinated will be allowed to catch a connecting flight as long as it’s in the 24 hours after their entry into Canada.)

Before we look at each of the 6 elements more closely…

To be very clear, absolutely nothing has changed if you are fully vaccinated (as long as you are considered fully vaccinated by Canada’s definition of course, which is different than some provinces’ definition; see point #4 below for details).


How to travel (step by step)

For those who prefer a simple step-by-step summary (and have not yet read our ultimate guide to pandemic travel).


If you are fully vaccinated

You can travel by following the same 3 steps for any trip:

It’s that simple.


If you are not vaccinated

You can travel with these 7 options (well 8, if you count getting vaccinated as an option):

  • Take advantage of the impractical way to fly out of Canada
  • Fly through a remote community
  • Travel within Canada by road
  • Take a private plane
  • Take a private boat 
  • Take advantage of the few exemptions offered
  • Travel without following the rules

We included a detailed section about this below, because even if we are fully vaccinated… the fact is that rationally, traveling without being vaccinated is not magically more dangerous now than it was 6 months or 1 year ago when it was 100% allowed.


Why the requirement is not based on science

If you care to know, this requirement was not implemented for safety or based on science.

Because clearly, the government doesn’t really believe that having unvaccinated travelers on a plane is risky: All foreigners are allowed to sit on planes to Canada and planes departing from Canada without being vaccinated (or even tested!!!).

Yes, transits in Canada are wide open.

And without any requirement. Since the beginning of the pandemic. That has not changed.

All passengers transiting through Canada are exempt from this new requirement to be fully vaccinated (and even if they are unvaccinated they’ve always been exempt from the pre-entry test and still are).

If flying while unvaccinated was so dangerous, that simply would not be allowed.

But also, for safety, a molecular test could easily be accepted as an alternative. Because a traveler who is unvaccinated but tested is possibly less risky than a traveler who is vaccinated (we don’t need to be tested to board a plane, but we can still be infected and transmit the virus even with our vaccine).

Unvaccinated travelers who enter Canada have been tested within 72 hours and are retested upon arrival: 1% test positive according to government data. It is not unreasonable to believe that vaccinated travelers could be 1% positive as well since they are not tested. And thus be just as much of a risk than unvaccinated travelers (who would be tested).

In short, maybe the goal is not really to protect us but to encourage vaccination and/or to punish the unvaccinated.

That could be debated (well, in a hypothetical world where a rational debate was still possible). But the government should at least be honest and stop pretending it’s for safety if it keeps letting foreigners onboard the same planes without being vaccinated or tested!


7 ways to travel without being vaccinated

Getting vaccinated is by far the easiest way to simplify travel rules, but if you’ve made it all this time without caving in despite all the pressure (and the intimidation and the discrimination), I think you’re very unlikely to change your mind.

So here are 7 other travel options that are available even for those who don’t want to be vaccinated.

Of course, you can also just wait for the end of the requirement: Apparently, the measure is temporary (to be confirmed).


1. Take advantage of the impractical way to fly out of Canada (it’s back)

This option is now back (May 2022) after months of being paused. So we’re sharing it here right away, but we’ll try to gather more info and add it to this section soon.

Yes, there is a little-known way to fly out of Canada without being vaccinated. It’s certainly not a very practical way, it’s much more complicated than option #7, but this one follows all the rules (like the 5 next ones too). 

How can you leave Canada if you can’t board a commercial flight and if the US (officially) requires being vaccinated to enter at the land border? You go through Canada’s other neighboring country!

So basically, you need to drive all across the country to Newfoundland (vaccination is not required for that ferry) and then you need to take another ferry to Saint Pierre and Miquelon, the French territory.

You just need a $25 test to enter there if you’re not vaccinated, but that’s all they require.

Remember: the vaccination requirement only applies when departing from a Canadian airport and does not apply to passengers transiting in a Canadian airport. 

So from Saint-Pierre (FSP), based on the rules, you can book a (pretty expensive) flight to a country that does not require vaccination, via a Canadian airport. The cheapest option these days seems to be London, in the UK.

That’s where The Science comes in handy.

Since you’re just transiting in Canada, you are exempt from the vaccination and testing requirements. So you can then take a seat on a flight to Canada and most importantly on a flight that leaves Canada towards another country (one among the 130+ that don’t require vaccination).

Yes, the exact same flight that you cannot board directly from Canada, because that would be way too dangerous if you didn’t go through 2 islands before. This way, it’s not dangerous! Trust The Science experts!


2. Fly through a remote community

Ethically, it’s debatable whether you should fly through a remote airport to be allowed to fly. That’s subjective.

What’s objective is that the government rules allow it.

What the government rules say is that you could fly to a remote community without being vaccinated, the airline will even provide a free test for you to do so. Then, you can fly from a remote community to anywhere in Canada with that same test.

For example, if you live in Montreal and want to fly to Vancouver, you could fly Montreal to Kuujjuaq and then Kuujjuaq to Vancouver, since flying to and from a remote community is allowed without being vaccinated.

Transport Canada media relations confirmed this is only allowed to fly within Canada, not internationally.

Plane tickets to/from remote communities are often quite expensive too (unless you use Aeroplan points, as some remote destinations are sweet spots of the new program).

What is clear is that this is not very practical, and certainly not very affordable in most cases. But it is possible at least if you want to fly within Canada.


3. Travel within Canada by road

Flytrippers will always encourage international travel first, for the culture shock (and the lower cost).

But there is no entry requirement to enter many provinces by car, even without being vaccinated.

Also, travel by bus is not included in this new requirement. I’ll add another science sidenote: It’s well-known that the virus cannot be transmitted in a bus, even if they do not have the powerful HEPA filters that airplanes have🤡.

So unvaccinated travelers can board all buses (or ferries). No test is required either.


4. Take a private plane

Private flights are exempt from the vaccination requirement, as long as they do not use the secure zone of a commercial airport.

It is prohibitively expensive, but perhaps a new (cheaper) private flight service will develop for unvaccinated Canadians. If there is demand, the market always provides as they say (unless of course government regulation disrupts market forces, as it often loves to do).

Some readers are trying to organize private flights, you can check out the comments section below.

Note that since entering Canada is allowed, you would just need to use a private plane for the outbound journey and not the return. That would at least somewhat reduce the cost.


5. Take a private boat

You can’t leave the country by car or on foot, as the USA will require vaccination as soon as their land border reopens on November 8.

But it is possible to go around the USA by boat to get to countries that are open to unvaccinated Canadians.

6. Take advantage of the few exemptions offered

Here are the other possible exemptions:

  • Canadians who need to travel for an “emergency”
  • Canadians with “very limited” medical reasons
  • Foreign nationals who normally reside outside of Canada

It’s pretty vague on the official government website. You can read the comments at the end of this article for a few testimonials, but it seems pretty hard to take advantage of these exemptions.

Your best bet seems to be to hope that one of the foreign airlines serving Canada accepts your request for an exemption, as some seem to be more lenient based on those same comments.


7. Travel without following the rules

The 6 travel options above are 100% allowed for unvaccinated Canadians. Not this one.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Flytrippers always repeats the same thing: follow all the rules. Even those that make no sense like this one. As the reference for travel, we have to recommend following all the rules.

But this “loophole” has been so publicized and there’s a lot of fake news being spread about it, so we feel it’s our duty to at least explain the facts.

Many unvaccinated Canadians are entering the US by land and telling others to do the same because it’s allowed… but that’s not true:

  • Unvaccinated Canadians are not allowed to enter the United States at all since November 8, 2021
  • Many do it since apparently many customs agents only ask if you are vaccinated without asking for proof

So yes, in practice you could maybe travel this way. But just because they don’t always ask for proof doesn’t mean it’s allowed. It’s important to understand how travel rules work. And just because they don’t always ask for proof doesn’t mean they won’t ask you for proof. 

And to be clear, all testimonials indicate that they always ask if you are vaccinated. So this would involve lying to US customs agents.

Also, it’s impossible to know what the consequences are if they do check and you don’t have proof. Their official websites do not mention this.

Maybe a bit more patience is the solution. The polls about support for most restrictions are pretty terrible in the USA, so maybe their vaccination requirement will end in the lead-up to their midterm elections. The Science (or rather the political science) is unpredictable!

That way you could leave Canada by land while following all the rules and you could return any way you like since entering Canada is always allowed for Canadians, regardless of your medical status.


Details of Canada’s mandatory vaccination requirement

Here are all the details you need to know.


1. No changes to Canada’s entry rules (completely separate)

This new requirement has absolutely nothing to do with Canada’s entry rules. No connection. There is absolutely nothing changing in terms of Canada’s entry rules for unvaccinated Canadians.

Non-vaccinated Canadian travelers can still enter Canada, regardless of when and how they enter.

And this new requirement has even less to do with other countries’ entry rules… since they are other independent countries.


2. New requirement to board any plane, train, or ship departing FROM Canada

This is a whole new step in the travel rules actually: It’s only a requirement to board a plane departing from a Canadian airport.

Here is another simple way to look at this addition of a new step.

See full-size image or share on Facebook


You only had 2 steps to travel since the beginning of the pandemic, as explained in the ultimate guide to pandemic travel:

  • Check the entry rules for the places you are going to and follow them
  • Check the entry rules for your return to Canada and follow them

It was simple. There were only the destination’s entry rules and no other requirements, contrary to what many people seemed to think (and no, airlines don’t have requirements either; they just apply the countries’ rules).

Now, it’s just one more step, it’s not that complicated to understand either.

(And even if it was complicated to understand or plan a trip, it would still be worth it compared to not traveling if you’re really a traveler who likes to travel… or even compared to traveling within your province in my humble opinion…)

Here’s the new simple step in bold:

  • Check the rules to board a plane departing from a Canadian airport and follow them
  • Check the entry rules for the places you are going to and follow them
  • Check the entry rules for your return to Canada and follow them

So, now you need to be fully vaccinated to fly. 

3. Any plane means any plane: Domestic and international flights included

There are 3 types of trips affected (all departing FROM Canada obviously):

  • Planes
  • Trains
  • Marine vessels

For planes, it’s the same thing the government has been saying since the beginning: It will apply to take ANY flight departing from a Canadian airport.

NOT just domestic flights. For once (which is rare with this government), it was very clear.

Flytrippers has been telling you since literally day 1 after the press conference in August that this new rule will apply to all flights departing from a Canadian airport. There was NEVER any mention of it applying to just domestic flights by the way, I really don’t know where everyone got that idea.

(Well, even several major media outlets wrote articles in a way that seems to have been confusing from the beginning…)

Hence the importance of following Flytrippers as travel experts who are 100% focused on travel rules and therefore understand them better than almost everyone, clearly. 

For trains, the vaccination requirement applies to all VIA Rail and Rocky Mountaineer trains.

For marine vessels, local ferries are EXCLUDED. The vaccination requirement only applies to large vessels whose itineraries are over 24 hours in duration. Rules for the resumption of cruise ship travel in Canada for the Spring of 2022 are in the process of being developed.


4. Being fully vaccinated is mandatory

The most important thing to understand about travel rules is that each country makes its own rules and they vary greatly: Nothing is harmonized.

It’s the same thing within the country actually. Just because you are fully vaccinated according to your province does not mean that you are fully vaccinated according to Canada (for example, one dose and one infection is considered vaccinated by Québec, but not by Canada).

Canada has its own definition of “fully vaccinated” and it is obviously the only one that counts since this requirement is a requirement imposed by Canada to board a plane in Canada.

This is who is considered “fully vaccinated” by Canada.

See full-size image


t’s very simple:

  • You need to have been vaccinated with one of the 7 WHO-approved vaccines
    • Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson (Janssen), Sinopharm, Sinovac, or COVAXIN
    • Mixed doses are accepted
  • You need to have received all required doses
    • 1 dose for Johnson & Johnson (Janssen)
    • 2 doses for all other vaccines
  • You need to have received the last required dose at least 14 full days prior
    • If you got vaccinated on the 1st, you are fully vaccinated only on the 16th
  • You need to have proof in English, French, or with a certified translation
    • Paper or digital formats are both accepted
  • You can have received your vaccine anywhere in the world
    • As long as you meet the above criteria

Proving your vaccination is very simple.

Any proof in English or French is accepted (or with a certified translation), whether it is a paper or digital version. We explained to you in our article on the new “Canadian” vaccine passport for travel that many people are worried about this for nothing.

I share a detailed post about the experience, as my recent flight to Louisiana was my first time flying with a requirement just to board the plane itself, after 41 flights during the pandemic where the only requirements were those imposed by my destinations.


5. Exemptions from Canada’s mandatory vaccination rule

For travelers over the age of 12 years and 4 months, here are the known exemptions at this time:

  • Passengers transiting in Canada
  • Indigenous peoples and Northerners in remote communities
  • Canadians who need to travel for an “emergency”
  • Canadians with “very limited” medical reasons
  • Foreign nationals who normally reside outside of Canada


Passengers transiting through Canada

As mentioned, passengers transiting through Canada by air, whether they are Canadians or foreigners, do not need to be vaccinated (or even tested).

This exemption is what actually what created the lesser-known but impractical way for unvaccinated Canadians to fly out of the country that I mentioned earlier…

More info below.


Indigenous peoples and Northerners in remote communities

Another way to be allowed to fly “for any reason” without being vaccinated is to move to (or fly through) a remote community.

Here is the Government’s explanation for this exemption (emphasis is mine):

“The Government of Canada is engaging with Indigenous peoples, provinces and territories to ensure that travellers from remote communities who are not fully vaccinated are still able to travel for any reason

See below for an example.

This exemption not only allows avoiding the vaccination requirement but also avoiding the test as an alternative. At least when departing from northern airports.

When departing towards a northern airport, the tests are provided free of charge at the airport!

It is not clear if all Canadian taxpayers are subsidizing this cost (if the government is “paying” for the tests) or if only travelers are subsidizing it in their airfare (if the airline is “paying” for the tests).


Canadians who need to travel for an “emergency”

The word “emergency” is very subjective and broad. They did not give any details. In fact, this exemption is only listed on the French language site, not on the English site.

Maybe it is a very vague exemption… or a very specific one. Or a non-existing one? Who knows.

Could leaving Canada end up being included as an emergency trip? Many legal experts doubt that preventing people from leaving a country is even doable, so this would be one way to allow it. To be continued.


Canadians with “very limited” medical reasons

All Canadians who have a valid medical reason for not getting vaccinated are exempt.

No additional details are provided by the government. In fact, they offloaded the issue to airlines. Maybe some of them will be less strict than others…


Foreign nationals who normally reside outside of Canada

Provided they entered before October 30, unvaccinated foreign nationals (only vaccinated foreign nationals can enter for tourism since September 7, but there were plenty of various exemptions throughout the pandemic that still exist) will be able to leave without being vaccinated.

They haven’t specified exactly how a foreigner can prove that they “normally reside outside of Canada.”

So depending on the criteria that are still unknown (can you just provide any address in another country?), the ≈ 2 million Canadians with dual citizenship may not have any more rights than their fellow Canadians and could be stuck here too.

Not sure their second country’s government finds that measure reasonable.

It’s not clear why it’s too risky for a foreigner who entered after October 30 to fly out without being vaccinated but it’s not too risky for those who entered before October 30. The Science™ strikes again.

Finally, this is the only part of this whole requirement that has a known end date: The exemption for foreigners is until February 28. After that, they will no longer be allowed to fly either and will be imprisoned here apparently (assuming there are no legal challenges).


6. Children under 12 years and 4 months of age are exempt

Children under the age of 12 years and 4 months are exempt from Canada’s new vaccination requirement to fly. They still do not need a test to board a plane, just like since day one.

That “4 months” part is new too.

It’s to give a certain amount of time to get children vaccinated once they are eligible (not as flexible as the USA, which exempts all under-18s from their vaccination requirement for entry, as do many countries, but it’s better than no buffer at all).

On the other hand, now that Health Canada has made children eligible for the vaccine, it may become a requirement for them too very quickly, but nothing has been announced about that. There will almost certainly be at least a 4 month grace period, if not more. To be continued.

Please note that the quarantine exemption for unvaccinated children who enter Canada applies for those under 12 precisely, not 12 and 4 months. I’ll say it again: Every rule is completely separate, even if it’s the same country. It’s another rule, so it’s different. The principle is easy to understand.

You can read our ultimate guide of travel rules for children.


Outlook for future travel rules

Trudeau liked to score political points with this measure during his useless and cynical election campaign, saying that it was absolutely vital to implement this.

So vital that he didn’t implement it before the election (inaction that has put us all at risk by his logic) and so vital they took over 2 months after the election to implement it… That means that either everyone was at grave risk since then and he didn’t do anything about it, or that he might have exaggerated a bit…

But that’s the legendary slowness of this government, we’ve seen it from the start of the pandemic (they took 6 months to set up something as simple as temperature checks in airports and over a year to force airlines to refund customers when the EU and US did that in a month).

We’ll have to get used to it, because enough people in precisely the right arbitrary imaginary lines voted for them (they did not even win the most votes in their useless election in the middle of a pandemic).

Expect the travel rules decision process not to change too much: It’s just not true that science is what guides this government on the travel file. Anyone who knows anything about travel and has been following this closely for the last year knows that’s factually wrong.

Update: Now one of Trudeau’s own liberal MPs says the same thing we’ve been saying for over a year…

If they really wanted to protect everyone on board their flights, they would also impose mandatory testing since the science seems to say that even vaccinated people can transmit the virus…

And most importantly, they would stop unvaccinated foreigners from being allowed on flights to and from Canada without even being tested (for transits).

The positive side of this is that maybe with the election out of the way, they’ll stop making travel rules based on media headlines and base them on facts instead. Maybe that’s too optimistic though.

It took a while, but they finally followed their own committee of scientific experts’ recommendation of abolishing the ineffective quarantine hotels. Maybe they’ll continue with their announced plan to further loosen travel restrictions. Who knows.

That panel of experts also said pre-entry testing was “excessive” and recommended removing that requirement over 9 months ago. The government has not followed the experts’ advice yet.

In any case, Flytrippers will continue to keep you informed of all the details as soon as they are announced.


Background of the mandatory vaccination rule

For those who are interested in this rule’s history, this new measure was announced in mid-August just before a useless election was called in the middle of a pandemic.

(That day we had said it was a useless election, but with the results being almost identical to the previous parliament, our apologies: It was extremely useless is what we should have said instead.)

That’s all the government said on the topic: Mandatory vaccination for all flights before the end of October.

On October 1, then Health Minister Patty Hajdu reconfirmed in a press conference that the end-of-October timeline still stood, but no details were provided.

On October 6, most details about this measure were officially announced, including the grace period.

On October 29, a few more details about exemptions were confirmed in another press conference.

And finally, the measure came into effect on October 30 at 3 AM (Eastern time).

On November 30, the grace period (that allowed for a molecular test to be presented instead of proof of vaccination and that allowed airlines to not even verify any of the 2) ended quietly without any other announcements.

Since then… nothing has changed.


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The requirement to be vaccinated to board a plane departing from a Canadian airport is now in effect since November 30th, 2021. Canada might possibly be the only country in the world with such an extreme rule—or at the very least one of the very few.

What would you like to know about Canada’s new vaccination requirement to fly? Tell us in the comments below.


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  1. Federaltax

    What if you have a positive PCR test and have recovered from COVID? Could you not travel to the US land border and cross. They accept this documentation and a letter from a health professional they you are cleared. That way you could travel through a US airport. It is only god for so many months, but there seems to be a new variant every six months.

  2. Ronni

    Kendal, were you able to enter Canada as a non vax US citizen with a medical exemption?

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    Thanks Andrew. Much needed info.
    In my state of disbelief, I have to double check: if unvaccinated one cannot leave Canada by plane nor via the land border to the US?
    Thank you!

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    What a load of Illegal Shite!

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    I’m an unvaccinated US citizen travelling by plane to Canada. I have a medical exempt letter, but I’ve heard some people get hassled and turned away. Would it be better to drive across the boarder than fly?
    When I do the questionnaire on Canada’s website it states medical exempted people are “exempt from quarantine”, but when I look in other areas unvaccinated people do need to quarantine. I’ve been looking through the comments, but can’t find answers. Thanks! Love this page!

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      If it’s a legitimate exemption, I’d imagine airlines would accept it (although it’s probably best to check with them to be sure before). That said, it sure is simpler if they don’t even ask at the land border (but they usually ask at least, even if they don’t ask for proof).
      As for Canada’s quarantine exemption for medical reasons, it’s here under the last tab “Unvaccinated and all others”:

  6. carol

    Can I travel from Toronto Canada to Vancouver Island Canada without being vaccinated by plane ?

  7. Wade

    You have listed an option for unvaccinated to travel to the USA by private boat. I have not been able to find this information anywhere else. Do you have a source for this as it will be an expensive way to be turned around and we don’t want to risk Nexus? Has anyone tried this? I emailed the border but have not received a response.

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, I most certainly did not say you can enter the USA by private boat, because the US requires vaccination and has for a while. What I said is you can leave Canada by private boat, Canada has no requirements for that. You’d obviously have to go to one of the many countries with no vaccination requirement to enter, and the USA is not on that list yet.

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    Have you heard about the vote in a parliament next week for taking away some if not all of the travel restriction?

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    1) Where / when does the airline check your vaccination status? At the check-in counter? At the gate? Both? I’ve heard rumors that random security can even check?

    2) I want to fly YYZ one way on a Canadian passport with LOT or KLM, they both say they have no process to approve religious exemptions except right at the check in counter. Can anyone confirm? Isn’t it stressful to take a chance not knowing if the person at the counter will approve or decline you a few hours before your flight?

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      1) Either at the check-in counter (sometimes they won’t let you do online check-in because of the verification), at the gate, or they don’t check at all (probably very rare though, not like at the US land border at all). Never seen a security agent check for vaccination in my ≈ 8 trips from a Canadian airport since the measure took effect but I guess maybe they could, haven’t looked into that.
      2) The exemption has to be sent in advance to be approved apparently, but I haven’t looked into that really.

  12. John

    I have been told that Canadian airlines will ask for proof of vaccination but international airlines do not. Anyone have any experience when using foreign airlines.

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      We’ve heard that one too, but unfortunately we also have many testimonials of travelers being denied boarding without proof of vaccination on foreign carriers. Flytrippers has reached out to a few of them (for example, Aeromexico which is always mentioned as one that supposedly doesn’t check) but they’ve all said they apply the Canadian requirement as they are obligated to do (of course they’ll say that officially, but it seems they really do too, at least in general).

      1. John

        I reached out to Lufthansa about this but I am not sure they understood as I had to ask many times. The person then finally told me that they only apply rules of the destination country.
        Honestly we have become a laughing stock. I try to explain to my relatives in Europe that as a Canadian citizen you can enter Canada unvaccinated but you cannot leave Canada to go to a destination like Switzerland, Greece or Israel on an airline with no restrictions to countries who are back to pre-covid in other words no restrictions at all.
        I mean you are taking your germs away from Canada not bringing them in. Also someone who got vaccinated a year ago has probably almost zero antibodies left according to the science can spread their germs but someone unvaccinated who recently got covid and has full antibodies is considered a danger. This is obviously not about science. I am surprised the international airlines and other countries are not putting more pressure on Canada to stop this backwards thinking.

      2. Andrew D'Amours

        No, it’s definitely not about science, or else unvaccinated and untested foreigners wouldn’t be allowed on planes to and from Canada for transits, as they have been all along. It’s pretty ridiculous at this point (well, it has been since the start, but now it’s just next-level stupidity).
        But yeah theoretically, foreign airlines do check vaccination regardless of entry rules on departure here in Canada (and literally nowhere else in the world).

      3. Aylee

        Hello! Did anyone had any experience leaving the country having dual citizenship? Do they ask you regarding Canadian passport or just let you board the plane based on exemption for foreigners? Particularly, anyone flying with WestJet? We’re having a flight at the end of May. This situation with showing the proof of vaccination on departure is beyond any common sense, ridiculous, authoritarian. Thank you for your reply!

    2. Cedar

      Hi John, I’ve travelled with Aeromexico and Turkish Airlines in recent months. Both require either proof of Vaxx or an approved Exemption such as a Religious Belief or Medical, for example.
      I’ve successfully travelled overseas using the Transport Canada Religious Belief Exemption. It’s always prudent to check with airlines first as many have now created their own exemption documents for travel. Also, one must get prior approval before travel although British Airlines does not offer a pre approval process but rather you are (hopefully) approved at check in.

      1. John

        Hi Cedar, that Transport Canada Religious belief exemption is a bit confusing. For example the part about the confirmation of exemption by employer. My employer doesn’t require me to get vaccinated so what do I write?

      2. Estelle

        I travelled AeroMexico on April 6th, 2022 anad there were NO QUESTIONS OR STATEMENTS about snything cvd or jabs. I flew from Cancun to Puerto Vallarta. Where did you fly TO and FROM on Aeromexico? Yes, it is usually the destination country that they ask for. Canadian airlines should revolt against these measures. It is not only stupid, it is hurting the airlines’ bottom lines. Does anyone here know if Aeromeixco flies out of Calgary or Winnipeg? I think they may but are opersted by Westjet as a codeshare flight. I could phone Wesjet and ask, too. Thought I would ask here.

      3. Lana

        Hi Cedar, do you know how does it work for a family. Do we need to write one exemption etter or each member separately? If separately, can we write same religious reason.? Thank you

  13. Muvon

    I crossed the USA border on April 8th,2022, unvaccinated. If it was mandatory that would never have happened.
    Stand with truth….don’t lie…your passport allows ‘free travel’ with no conditions attached. Re-iterate that if asked questions regarding vax status.(ie ‘FREE TO TRAVEL UNHINDERED) read the inside cover of your passport 😇

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      I’m genuinely glad you were able to enter the US, but that does not change the fact that officially it’s mandatory. Just like it’s mandatory to enter plenty of countries, no matter what you think the inside of your passport cover means 😛
      But as we said, it’s very true that US land border agents don’t verify. Still doesn’t mean it’s allowed. If they ask and you say you’re not vaccinated, they will almost certainly deny your entry sadly.

      1. Estelle

        “Just like it’s mandatory to enter plenty of countries, “, what do you mean by this? Be jabbed in ordercto enter olenty of countries? If so, which ones? The USA yes, and I can tell you if you look at TravelDoc from KLM amd read the fine print VERY FEW countries require a jab. Countries would like to make people think that this is the case and it is not!

      2. Andrew D'Amours

        Well, factually there are 49 countries that are open to vaccinated Canadians but closed to unvaccinated Canadians (and over 100 have test requirements for unvaccinated Canadians and not vaccinated Canadians).

        Since there are 193 UN countries, that’s what I would define as plenty of countries, unfortunately. There are way more that do not require it for sure and we’re literally the only website that has said since the start that this discrimination is wrong, but my point is that saying that some stupid tagline written inside the passport gives magical powers is nonsense. A lot of countries have vaccination requirements, that’s it.

    2. Ele

      Hi, looking forward to cross US border too. Unvaccinated. Do they actually ask regarding your vaccination status? Thank you!

      1. Andrew D'Amours

        Based on the dozens of testimonials we’ve received, it’s rare that they don’t ask. But it’s even rarer that they ask for proof.

    3. Chow

      Okay wow, that’s pretty good, so when you went to the border did they ask you if you were unvaxxed?
      Looking to travel across to go to Seattle to hopefully catch a plan internationally.

      Did you stay a few days in the states? When you returned did you fly or drive? Guessing you had the 14-day quarantine?

    4. Rose

      But, did you come back across into Canada and how did that go?

      1. Andrew D'Amours

        To be clear, whatever he says, the US requires vaccination to enter (although as we say in the post, they do not often ask for proof).
        As for entering Canada, if you’re Canadian you’ve always been allowed to enter (by land or by air) and nothing has changed. You still need to take tests and quarantine for 14 days though.

  14. Alex

    I’m looking to leave Canada as a citizen so if I am able, and when I come back I will need to quarantine, but what about my friends that have their Canadian PR? All of us are unvaxxed ofc.

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Canadians can always enter Canada (and must quarantine if not vaccinated), this goes for both citizens and permanent residents.

  15. Leah

    Hi! Thanks so much for all the information. So if I fly private to the US, and then fly to Mexico and on the return direct back to Canada…the only thing would be I would have to quarantine when I got back, correct?

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, yes to enter Canada you need a pre-entry test, arrival test, and 14-day quarantine to return to Canada (assuming you’re Canadian; only Canadians can enter Canada without being vaccinated). But you can’t fly to the US, private or not: they have their own vaccination requirement for entry (if you’re American you can enter of course).

      1. Ruth Scott

        Hi Andrew, would you please send me a phone number to talk. Thank you, Ruth

      2. Torontonian

        Private airports in the U.S are not all the same re: vaccination requirements/ability to scan. BTW immigrants, visitors to Canada I know came in without vaccinations. One I know arrives tomorrow- visiting family.

      3. Andrew D'Amours

        I doubt that. The US has a vaccination requirement. For all foreigners who enter the country. Whether it’s by land or by air. I would be very surprised that specific airports have different rules, their requirement is pretty clear. Unfortunately.

  16. Maximus of Tyre

    Hello Andrew,

    I’ve read through your very helpful website, as well as the comments, but am at my wit’s end. I am a Canadian citizen living in Toronto who needs to enter the U.S. at the beginning of June. I had thought that a private flight might be an option, but I take it that I’d have to show proof of vaccination at U.S. Customs (?) (I’ve even considered getting jabbed with one of the mRNA vaccines approved by Health Canada, but none of them is available.) Do I have any options left for entering the U.S. either by land or air?

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, the US definitely has a vaccine requirement for foreigners. You couldn’t enter by air (unless you’re traveling for an “essential” reason, but it’s hard to find info on what qualifies as that honestly). So a private flight would not work without a specific exemption.
      Your only option — that we cannot recommend since we’ve been saying to follow all the rules since the start — is what I mentioned in this post about lying to a customs agent at the land border and possibly facing the consequences if they do verify your proof of vaccination :S

    2. KMS

      Hi, if you do a search for “medium how to Leave canada if you are not vaccinated Swinkels” the result should be a Medium article with lots of useful info and a link to a Signal group where you can ask others in the group for advise. Others have been in your situation and there are (legal) options.

  17. Eric

    Air Bravo sent another quote, and it shows 47000 with the PC12 Pilatus aircraft.
    It still seems expensive even if shared with 9 passengers.
    However we don’t know yet which of US or Canada will first ease the entry. If the entry by land to US is eased, then the problem is solved, everyone can take a flight from there to the rest of the world.

    1. Don

      Hi Eric is that quote by Pilatus Aircraft for unvaxed? Is there a list to get on to be part of a large charter. I read at

      Exceptions to the rule scroll about 3 paragraphs

      Unvaccinated travellers over the age of 12 barred from planes and trains as of today

      ***If they have the cash, unvaccinated Canadians can still fly out of Canada on private planes, as long as those on board don’t require access to restricted areas at commercial airports.

      Do you have any idea what this means? How it can be done?? I have called a few private charters that charge alot of money but still require a vax pass. I don’t know where to find this info, I have googled to no avail.
      Thanks Donna

      1. Torontonian

        CBC 🤣

    2. Don

      Hi Eric, I have read through all the comments and am taking notes.. have you been able to create a group? I would like to be included in a group flight. I live in Ontario, but will drive where ever I have to in order to leave until sainer days return. I would be looking for 2 seats. I am just about to go and read the signal group chat..

      1. Andrew

        Hello Don,

        I to am looking to get out of Ontario as an unvaccinated traveler, ideally to the USA via Private charter. If possible, maybe we can discuss a future travel arrangement to make to flight more affordable for us both. My destination is Arizona USA but I would happily stop else where if need be.

  18. Zlatan

    Hello, can an unvaccinated Canadian citizen travel from an American airport to Mexico then return straight to Canada as they have to let you back in? so instead of a roundtrip you book two one ways?

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, there are no requirements whatsoever to board a plane in the USA or to enter Mexico. The issue is really the vaccination requirement to enter the US, but if you were to enter anyway, you’re allowed to return to Canada directly for sure, all Canadians can always enter Canada regardless of vaccination status 🙂

      1. Zlatan

        Thanks for the reply!

        Ok so just to clarify, even a Canadian citizen can board a plane in the USA without the vaccine? This doesn’t just apply to American Citizens?

      2. Andrew D'Amours

        Yes there are absolutely no requirements to board a domestic flight (that is the case in almost all countries, if not all even). So there is no process in place to check who’s Canadian or Nigerian or whatever. No requirements for anyone 🙂

  19. Eric

    Great new Christina
    If Babin Air can reach Tiujana international airport, people will be able to connect to Mexico city them reach the rest of the world.
    For Air Bravo, that risk during the halt to US, what would be the worst that can happen? Maybe the worst is passengers will be required to get back in the plane and continue to Mexico, and that’s exactly what we want (well the worst might be to get a fine if no vaxx).

    I called other private airlines, like Chartright and Bitlux travel, both require the bloody vaxx.
    I also called other US based companies, but they aren’t sure where they could land here so it might no be a good option.
    There is also the other options : cargo ships
    I will search which cargo ships go from here to Mexico

    1. Sa

      Hey Eric, thanks again for your effort.
      Have you tried the airlines listed on the page in the link by KMS (like Camber, Evo…and there’s Novajet) ? Babin’s price if in canadian dollar is more than reasonable and it’s about the same as some other companies if in US $. I’m happy with the info Christina gave about them here. I’m just hoping no catch somewhere and that the airport where they pick up people at won’t ask for proof for sure.
      I’m surprised US companies don’t know where to land. Most say “anywhere to anywhere” on their sites ! Is it that they don’t know which airports don’t ask for proof of v ?
      I’m not sure if cargo ships is actually a viable option. I read somewhere they might not but I’m wondering if there’s a way to find out for sure. That would be a cool option too.

    2. Cedar

      Hi Eric and anyone else following this thread!
      I can share some very good news, from personal experience…there is an alternative way to leave Canada without a vax and certainly not costing 5K or more!

      Using a Transport Canada Sincere Religious Belief Exemption document I’ve travelled to Mexico this past January, no vax, via YVR Vancouver successfully boarding an Aeromexico flight to Mexico City. Next, I’ll be travelling to Egypt via Turkey next month using the same exemption doc which has already been pre-approved by Turkish Airlines via email inquiry.
      I’ll attach a link to this exemption doc here. While I hugely appreciate this website, and use it often, I’m more than a bit surprised that the intrepid travelers of Flytrippers are unaware of this incredibly powerful document, and to honest, I believe the government had no idea how powerful this Affidavit was before setting it free on the internet to used by those discerning enough to see the possibilities of it.
      I’m also planning a trip to the UK in July using the same document if necessary.

      Here are some Important Tips on using this document successfully:
      1) Do Not attempt to book your travels with a Canadian or US Airlines as I believe they are more inclined to enforce the Gov’t vax requirements so consequently will not accept most exemptions. Air Canada does post a Religious Belief exemption doc however I’ve not heard from anyone who has had it accepted by them. If anyone here has please do share!
      I’ve traveled with Aeromexico, and soon Turkish Airlines who have both accepted this exemption document.

      2) The document is confusing, naturally, however it’s not impossible to navigate. It has two sections-Employee (YOU) and Employer (Also YOU in most cases). I traveled for Spiritual Retreats and the retreat organizer kindly completed this section and assigned me ‘Spiritual Facilitator’ number (which is actually what I do as a Retired person). If You are retired or self-employed then you complete this section.

      3) Have you Exemption document signed and sealed by a lawyer who is also registered as a Commissionaires of Oaths (most are but double check!).

      4) No Government Agency will EVER see this document OR have Anything to do with the approval process. This responsibility lays solely with the Airlines you are choosing to travel with. I recommend to inquire to the airline 2-4 weeks in advance of your departure, via email, if they will accept and honor your exemption for travel aboard their aircraft. Get Everything in writing then print off these communications and keep them with you. Do not rely upon screenshots for these important documents always keep paper copies on your person when transiting.

      5) Email the airport admin local to you or where you intend to ravel through and ask for clarification of their ‘Rules’. Keep copies of these communications.
      For example-
      Although many airports have posted clear rules around vax requirements to enter their premises this is actually not as strict as you might believe. I’ve personally emailed the airport Admin to ask if anyone in their location would be able to understand what my exemption documents meant if I was required to show them. Their response was very interesting…”We do not enforce health measures”. Same response from the border security Admin. There are no Health Canada persons or contractors of HC enforcing health measures in many airports. This is why, if possible, it’s so important to get the information directly from the source.

      6) BE PATIENT. Your travels will take longer and this document will create delays in you transits. The system is still getting used to seeing this or any exemption. Give them space and your patience. Whenever I’m asked about what exactly the document is, my answer ‘It is a Legal document Signed and Sealed by a Lawyer”. This always gets their attention. It is a legal & legitimate Statement of Fact which, if necessary, will hold up in a court of law.
      You are already Free:)
      Happy Travels!

      Transport Canada Doc (Use this doc for ALL Airlines):

      Aeromexico or Air Canada and other local Canadian airlines (I only use the above doc as it looks more official):

      1. PK

        Hi Cedar – this is an interesting and hopeful post that almost seems too good to be true, but I’m a little confused about some of the elements. First, what would be entered for the CDN (Candidate Document #), Port Pass #, Restricted Area Pass # or other unique ID? Maybe SIN? Also, if self-employed, are we suggesting that we are seeking a vaccine exemption from our own work policy?
        The more official-appearing document you are recommending to fill out and submit kinda looks like a request for someone who works in the transportation industry to get a vaccine exemption to, for example, enter the airport for work. Are you sure it can be used for purposes of travel or are you suggesting that this form can be filled and notarized and THEN used to obtain the religious accommodation from the airline, say Aeromexico, instead of the standard form on the Air Canada portal? Thanks, hope you see this post – I’d love clarification on these questions!

      2. PK

        Hmm – I looked up the pertinent legislation contained/referred in the recommended application and it took me to the requirements for marine vessels; are you sure this is the correct link to the application for exemption that you have used successfully?

        subsection 10.1(1)of the Canada Shipping Act, 2001 Interim Order No. 7 Respecting Passenger Vessel Restrictions Due to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

      3. Cedar

        Hi PK! I didn’t see an option to reply to you directly so hopefully you get this response by me:)

        I understand your skepticism. I was quite disbelieving myself when I first saw this document however I can say with 100% confidence that it’s legitimate and does work!
        I’ve already used it to to travel to Mexico less than two months ago. I’m travelling to Egypt, via YVR, in less than a month using the same doc which has already been accepted by the airlines I’ve booked my flight with.

        The legislation connected to this doc is there, yes that’s correct it’s Marine/Vessel legislation, however do not trouble yourself with what I’d label purposeful distractions. I read all of the same information but continued to plunge ahead with this exemption document as there was and continues to be no other means for a reasonable route out of Canada.

        To Clarify,
        The exemption was created around the governments statement that Canadians who are unvaxxed could travel out of the country, using this exemption, for work purposes Only and not Tourism. In my opinion this is why there seems to be so many confusing and unnecessary elements to the document.

        YOU are the person making the request as Employee and possibly Employer (if you are self employed-which as a kind of Religious Order you are a non-profit, Self Employed person). Remember, the gov’t maintains that if you’re not vaxxed you can only travel for work purposes, that is why this document is structured as Employee/Employer.

        This request is being made to the Airlines ONLY. The government does not have anything to do with this request or with the approval process. Do Not provide your SIN.
        For page 3, Only provide a number, #1 will do, in the section titled “Confirmation of Exemption by Employer*”. Other# could be 101. If you are the Employer (self employed) then You are the person creating these ‘unique IDs’ for Your own records.

        On page 4 – Your Title could be Outreach Coordinator. Your organization must be aligned to the specific exemption document, in this case Sincere Religious Belief, so develop a religious or spiritually sounding name. Now I’m guessing here… but I believe this info is required so that if the Airlines ever decides to contact your organization to confirm that this person, You, is in fact an employee of yours.

        You didn’t mention anything about the statement of Religious Belief but I felt to add this;
        Craft a personal statement that you can stand in, i.e. Your Truth!
        For example mine referred to my body being in the image of the creator which means it was already of Perfection. And, that no vaxx or Injection products could improve upon what is already a perfect creation of God. This is my Truth and I have no problem using this document to maneuver through the matrix.
        All the Best to you!

      4. Steve

        Hi Cedar,
        Ok i understand you can use this religious affidavit to outbound from Canadian Airports if the specific Airline approved you to fly where you bout or going to buy your ticket, but what about when you going to return and they requirement to upload your info ahead to Arrivecan app ? Can you specify that as well ? Thanks

      5. Andrew D'Amours

        You do not need to be vaccinated to enter Canada, if you are Canadian.

      6. Cedar

        Hi PK, I’m not recalling exactly if the Vax or nonVax question came up on the ArriveCan. If it’s there then answer NO or nonVax, if that’s your situation, which is how I would have responded. The Vax requirement is for Canadians departing Canada not for those same persons coming into Canada.
        The customs agent I spoke with, once I’d arrived back into Vancouver from Mexico, stated that I cannot be refused entry into Canada as long as I am a Canadian Citizen. I thought his comments showed a lot of integrity.
        (Also, I specifically travel with my notebook to complete the ArriveCan questionnaire which is preferable to downloading the App).

        Having the Religious Belief Exemption is sufficient enough to rerun to Canada as an UnVaxxed citizen. If you were permitted to leave the country then returning home is not an issue unless you don’t follow the other requirements such as providing a negative PCR test result.
        UnVaxed travellers must also quarantine for 14 days and be subjected to random arrival testing plus a mandatory day 8 test. The day 8 test is provided to you at no charge (because your taxes have already been absconded for this purpose) at the airport as you leave the customs/testing area.


      7. Cedar

        Hi Steve! Please see my response to PK re ArriveCan:)

      8. Tracy

        Hi Cedar

        Thank you for all this information, I am currently working in mails to get confirmation.

        Do you happen to have the email addresses to any of the administrators for YVR or CBSA?

        Also, was it fairly easy to find a lawyer willing to sign the documents, if so, do you recommend a lawyer who’s name I could search and get in contact with?

        I will be travelling Aeromexico from Vancouver YVR and know they do not require any vaccine or testing.

        Once again thank you for this information.


      9. jayjay

        Thanks for the info about the exemption!
        I was wondering if you knew who directly to email at turkish airlines to submit the exemption?

      10. Cedar

        Hi JayJay,
        Yes! This is the email I used, it comes directly from their website:

        When you send your inquiry attach a copy of your completed Exemption Document (Also signed and sealed by a lawyer).

        Have patience as it took two weeks for me to get a reply. Print off the the email and bring to the departure gate with you along with your exemption docs.
        Have a wonderful trip!

      11. Marie

        Hello Cedar,
        What Religion did you say you are a part of?

    3. Christina

      Hey Eric,
      There was another option with Babin Air to fly from Cranbrook to Montana – it would be a lot cheaper I think around $750 but I’m not personally comfortable with the risk of some Customs person to randomly checking my ‘status’. I’ve heard the risk is of being checked there is low, and once you get past customs, you can go on to your next flight. Regardless of this risk, this maybe a good option for some.
      As far as the Air Bravo stopping in the US on the way down, that would be cool if they just let you continue on to Mexico, however they may just turn you around back to Canada (probably not a big deal though)
      Container ship sounds interesting too.
      Hopefully we can arrange something soon? Are you on Signal too?

      1. Erin

        Hi, Christina. Is there an option to leave from Ontario to Montana? I’m looking to just get into the States any way possible between the end of August and the beginning of September.

      2. Christina

        HI Erin
        Im looking to get out around that time as well but I am in Vancouver. As far as I know Babin Air only leaves out of Cranbrook (in Eastern BC), it’s possible they may go to ONT but I imagine it will cost a lot more. I have heard that some people are having success just crossing at the US border but it probably depends which border and who may be checking.

  20. Eric

    @PK, unfortunately the requirements haven’t changed, although the update date was on march 2022, anyone still needs vax to land to the US. Leaders of both countries have colluded together block citizens of both countries to travel freely. For the Arrivecan from private flights, not sure.
    What I remember is that last year when the hotel quarantine was mandatory, hundreds of passengers were able to avoid it by landing in Toronto Bishop airport with private flights. That airport didn’t have quarantine requirements.

    @Sa, yes it’s confirmed. When I called Air Bravo, the sales office member confirmed that they don’t have vax requirements, so it is safe to book through that airline.
    I will continue calling other private airlines in order to get better prices.
    Once found, we will setup the group. For those who need to travel this month, I will try to get the information as soon as possible

    1. Christina

      Thanks so much for this info. I am in Vancouver and I am looking to be out of here within 3 months (or more) also a friend of mine would like to leave as well.- I think YVR may be a no go but there are other smaller airport options. Is it possible to keep me in the loop as to flights to Mexico and timelines? I will drive across the country if I have to 🙂

      1. Sa

        Christina, I’m in the same area. I think the sooner we leave the better. Who knows if we’re going to have this option (private flights) forever.
        There’s a signal group link here somewhere on this page that you can look for and maybe join if you want. I think there’s quite a few people from the Vancouver area in that group.
        And I think there might be at least one small airport around Vancouver where the mandates don’t apply. I didn’t see it listed on the govt site. Hopefully that means it’s exempt and people can use it for these flights no problem. I don’t know if these private flight companies tell their passengers where they can be picked up or what.

      2. Christina

        Hi Sa
        Yes I agree. Who knows for how long there will be the options to even leave that way..with all the mandates lifting everywhere-perhaps there will be a window to get out on a regular flight-but knowing how wishy washy things are- things probably will clamp down even harder if we are lockdowned again!!

        In BC I believe it may be Abbottsford, Kamloops and Cranbrook that aren’t federal..maybe a few more
        I was thinking that contacting Air Bravo and possibly booking a flight maybe a good idea? I’m just not sure how it works and if the fares would change depending on the total of passengers.

        Thanks for the reply and I will try to connect to the Signal Group:)

    2. Sa

      Thanks again for the reply, Eric. I appreciate it.
      I found a few other companies, some through the links on this page somewhere (like Evojets) but I don’t know if they require vax proof. Some companies (like Camber) aren’t based in canada but when I fill out the destination info they show that they offer the service (from canada to mexico) but I don’t know. They show lower prices too.

      My other main concern is are these private companies able to pick up passengers only at certain airports where there’s no vax requirements/mandates and, is it a sure thing these airports won’t ask for a vax pass if they aren’t on the list of airports that are required by the govt to check ? I’d really appreciate it if someone could answer this question.

    3. Christina

      Hi Sa
      Yes I agree. Who knows for how long there will be the options to even leave that way..with all the mandates lifting everywhere-perhaps there will be a window to get out on a regular flight-but knowing how wishy washy things are- things probably will clamp down even harder if we are lockdowned again!!

      In BC I believe it may be Abbottsford, Kamloops and Cranbrook that aren’t federal..maybe a few more
      I was thinking that contacting Air Bravo and possibly booking a flight maybe a good idea? I’m just not sure how it works and if the fares would change depending on the total of passengers.

      Thanks for the reply and I will try to connect to the Signal Group:)

      1. Christina

        just adding on that I spoke to someone at Air Bravo and she said that they do stop in Dayton, Ohio for customs, so there is a risk they may ask for proof. However, she said that so far there hasn’t been anyone turned back but she said that they cannot guarantee anything.

      2. Sa

        Hi Christina.
        I think there’s that little airport near Ladner. It’s not listed on the govt site.
        I’m not sure why Bravo has to stop in Ohio. Is this on their way to eastern Mexico ? Doesn’t make sense. This should be a non-stop flight. I’m assuming here in BC -if they come this way- they can fly straight to Mexico non-stop. Did you try to ask if they can pick up passengers here in BC and head south from here ?
        “they don’t guarantee anything” !! That’s scary. Does that mean they can’t guarantee that an airport with no vax mandates won’t ask for proof ? I thought the surest way to leave is using a private plane !
        I don’t think the fares change depending on the number of passengers. Maybe not by much if at all.

      3. Christina

        Hi Sa
        Private planes are really the only option at this time but the woman I spoke to suggested we look into another company in BC, for them flying west to BC and then going South wasn’t very practical as they are in the east (that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t do it but a lot of companies are flying people out and there are just better deals out there)…Also this company stops in Ohio to refuel and then they usually go on to Cancun, it’s just taking the risk of going through the customs, after that you can continue on to Mexico or get on another plane. Again no issues yet but I still would not want to take that risk, even if it is small…With all that said — I have done a little more research and I do have some good news that I can discuss with you. Are you on Facebook? Unfortunately I can’t login to Signal right now..we can exchange contact details and maybe even chat

      4. Sa

        Thanks for the reply, Christina. It’s much appreciated.
        I thought Bravo (site) said they’re able to pick up people anywhere. Yeah I can’t take the risk of landing somewhere where they might check either. So, that’s not an option. Plus having to travel all the way to their location back east. But from what I know, these companies fly all over and I was hoping maybe they’d have a trip to the west somewhere and then they can pick up and head south.
        You said “a lot of companies are flying people out”. Do you mean from the BC area to Mexico? I’m hoping so. Were you able to find any, have you talked to any? When I search I get results with private companies that offer that trip, for less too, but I’ve never called any. Too scared to hear “v proof is required”.
        I don’t have Facebook. I’m not currently in the Signal group but my cousin is. I’m desperate to hear something good. I don’t know how if we want to exchange contact/info.

      5. Christina

        hi Sa – here is some great info for everyone!
        apologies for the delayed response. There is a company called Babin Air that flies out of Cranbrook direct to Tijuana – I was quoted $24K – No proof required – it’s a 7 passenger plane and it would work out to be approx $3400 per person. I didn’t ask if they go beyond Tijuana, but there are reasonably priced flights out of there so it seems more cost effective to just get on another plane to go where you want to go.
        I want to be out of here before the fall-but hopefully earlier. What is the link for those of us to connect to and hopefully plan something?

      6. Sa

        Hi Christina.
        Oh wow!! That is some really great info indeed. I really appreciate your effort. I just went to check their website real quick. This has given me hope 🙂 I was feeling so hopeless. I’m wondering if we have to get to their location to take the flight or they can pick people up at other smaller airports. BTW, was that US dollar or CaD ? Either way, not too bad of a price, really.
        In Mexico, it’s cheap to take flights within the country. So one can go anywhere from Tijuana for cheap.
        There’s a “renting a plane” group on Signal. I don’t know how serious people there are but it’s supposed to be for this purpose. I saw the link to it somewhere on the “medium”, -there’s a link by KMS down below.

        I hope this (private flights) remains a viable option. Even better, I hope they lift the mandates, but not holding my breath.

        Thanks again for the info, Christina. I’m always checking this site for replies.

      7. Christina

        Hi there
        This price was quoted from Cranbrook to Tijuana (in CAD)-they are based out of Cranbrook so I imagine it could possibly be arranged- might be worth inquiring to see how much more it would be and what airports would work. Also, I guess it may be a possibility that the fare may change a bit due to gas prices but the summer is not that far off so hopefully the prices won’t change too much, if at all. Fingers crossed!

        BTW the drive is about nine hours drive from the lower mainland, but that would be easy enough to arrange.
        As far as this remaining a viable option..who knows?

      8. Sa

        Thanks again for the reply, Christina. 24K CaD is actually a very good price. I’m surprised. This will be my option if I don’t have another way. The thing that worries me is that the govt seems to be looking into these companies now. These are PRIVATE companies. I don’t know what the problem is. Why r they bothering them?

    4. Chacha

      Hi Eric, I would like to be added to this group. I’m in a horrible situation as my husband is a UK citizen. I need to make arrangements to be able to leave Canada. Thanks 🌺

  21. Eric


    I just received the quote from Air Bravo. From Ontario to Mexico, between 45000 to 50000. That is booking for the whole aircraft, that price has to be divided by the number of passengers.
    Air Bravo confirmed that they can pick up passengers from other provinces, so you don’t need to come to Barrie.
    I will ask them which aircraft has the highest number of passengers so that we can get cheaper prices.

    1. Sa

      Thanks Eric, but OMG! $50,000 ! Is this for a turbo prop plane like the PC-12 they have on their web or a bigger plane ? I’ve searched other sites and they all give a quote of around $25,000-$30,000 Cad (using their online estimator) from BC to Mexico in a turbo prop plane (up to 6 passengers). The example in the link -somewhere on this page, I think- using EvoJets’ cost from Windsor to Cancun showed $28000 USD. I don’t know if these companies require proof of vax, though.
      Did Air Bravo provide any info on the type of plane the $50,000 is for ?
      Now, according to their plane configurations page, the PC-12 can only carry up to 9 passengers. That’s around $5000 per passenger. That’s OK, but the question remains, is it guaranteed that passengers can board these planes no problem at the few airports that don’t require vax proof ? And the other important question, how do we begin to arrange a group ? Looking to leave soon.

      1. Jay James Binn

        Air Bravo charges around $30K from Toronto to Cancun.

    2. PK

      Hi Eric,
      I came across this information today on the CDC webpage titled ‘Requirement for Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination for Air Passengers’, in the FAQ section, in answer to – “Do the requirements of this order apply to land border crossings or to persons arriving at seaports?.”
      The reply is “No, the requirements of the Presidential Proclamation and CDC’s Order only apply to air travel into the United States.”
      The page says it was updated on March 3, 2022; do you have any knowledge if the ban on unvaccinated persons crossing at land borders and seaports is contained within a different order or has this requirement been very quietly revised ?

      1. Andrew D'Amours

        Hi, I can answer this one, the rule has not changed and vaccination is still required to enter by land too. It’s just that it’s a separate rule. Here is their website:
        Now, many unvaccinated Canadians have shared testimonials of entering the USA by land because the customs agents apparently ask for proof randomly, but they always ask if you are vaccinated and we don’t recommend lying. It’s also unclear what the penalty would be if caught lying, their website does not mention it :S

      2. PK

        It looks like the land/seaport border restrictions were enacted by Department of Homeland Security:
        This page hasn’t been updated since January 20, 2022 and, interestingly, states that COVID-19 testing is not required for entry via land border or ferry port, while CDC states that it is. A very confusing mishmash of regulations and proclamations.
        Some may find this of interest – disclaimer, I have no knowledge of the group’s credibility –
        Offering charter flights from Toronto -> Puerta Vallarta for around $800 with an additional $125 to pay for membership in ‘Expat Transition Association’. There are some spelling errors on their site (for example imegration) – I don’t know if they’re sketchy or not. They ask for 1/2 upfront and are trying to get 130 passengers signed up but aren’t planning a flight until May.

      3. Sa

        Hey PK,
        regarding that link about the “freedom flights”, looking at their flight info (the drawing of the plane), it seems they’re using Evojets site. If you go to Evojets’ site you will see it. What doesn’t make sense is why their site is from the UK although it might not be an issue. The other thing, they say the Vancouver flight will be out of Vancouver International airport but I’m wondering if that’s even possible. I don’t know, they might be legit or they might not be but for now I’d err on the side of caution. I’d rather stick with known private jet companies and small planes. It’s much more expensive but I think it’s the easier way to do this, and it should be faster to arrange too.
        Anyone interested in leaving this month ??

      4. PK

        Hi Sa,
        I share your concern re: Freedom Flights, the Toronto flight also shows departure from Toronto ‘International Airport’ without specifying which one and the only info I can find online about the Expats Transition Association comes from the Expats Transition Association themselves. Website also seems sketch with the spelling errors and poor typesetting/images.
        We would be interested in leaving this month but no later than the 14th, otherwise will have to be April.
        Does anyone know if we need ArriveCan to return when flying privately? I assume we are still required to clear Customs upon arrival back in Canada and have seen some stories of hefty fines for travelers who didn’t have it.

    3. Julie

      How can I get added to the signal group. Looking to leave to the DR in early August

      1. Sa

        Julie, look below for KMS’s link to the signal group.

  22. Eric

    Hello everyone
    I was super busy this week so I didn’t have time to look for the options to create group, but since KMS has created one, we can test it and see if we can manage the trips.
    I sill have to send a request for quote to Air Bravo, I will have time after tomorrow. Then I will ask if there is an option to pickup passengers from different provinces.
    I will get you updated soon

    1. Sa

      Thanks, Eric.

      How are you communicating with Bravo ? They’re not replying to emails ?
      I’m new to Signal and wondering how I can join a group (using a phone).

      1. Frances

        I have heard of someone getting a religious exemption with Westjet. I believe the result of that is that testing is then necessary.

      2. Cedar

        Hi PK,
        I’ve traveled successfully using the Transport Canada Religious Belief Exemption. I went to Mexico on Aeromexico Airlines this past January and have just recently received approval from Turkish Airlines for and upcoming trip in April to Egypt and Turkey.
        And, if necessary I’ll be using the same doc to go to the UK in July as well.

        The airlines can be called or emailed (with attached exemption docs) for approval of your exemption. Give them plenty of time to respond such as 2-4 weeks.
        It’s not difficult however it is solely up to to discretion if the airlines. I’ve heard that most Canadian or American carriers do not approve but perhaps that is changing.
        Best of luck to you!

    2. RE

      Do you guys have a smaller telegram group or signal group that is specific to this flight? I am very interested in joining for a flight in April as I need to get to El Salvador but that signal group appears to be a general discussion of several hundred people.
      Appreciate any updates.

      1. ed

        hopefully people will keep this site updated,
        as some of us don’t have the accounts/means to access social media

    3. Sa

      Hi Eric, anything new ? Any new info with regards to Bravo’s services ?

      1. Eric

        Hello Sa

        yes, I posted the results above. I will make another inquiry with other private airlines too, to compare prices.

  23. Eric

    Sa : Sure I will ask if they have the option to pickup in different provinces. At the moment Air Bravo is located in Barrie/Thunder Bay and Sudbury.
    I will also request a quote to have an idea of what the cost is for 6 passengers.

    Erin, KMS, Karen and Rick Hoskins : This weekend, I will make a list of all different tools we can use (Signal, Telegram, Doodle….etc).
    Then after that we can choose which one to setup in order to manage the trips for all.
    Currently the only gateway to “escape” from the country is Mexico, once passengers get there they will be able to go anywhere in the world.

    For those who need to travel very soon, like next month, we will try to setup everything as soon as possible.
    About my own plans, I will need to travel a bit later, like in 4 or 5 months, but we still need passengers anytime for the next coming months so that everyone is able to travel at their chosen dates.

    1. KMS

      Sounds good. I’m also going to make some inquiries Re costs and whether companies require proof of vaccination (even if they are not required to)

    2. Sa

      Thanks again for the reply, Eric. It’s much appreciated.
      Based on their website they say they provide services to anywhere in N. America. So, I’m assuming they pick their passengers anywhere but I’m not sure if that (being in a different province) will add to the cost.

      I am looking to leave in March, maybe before the 15th.

    3. ed

      west -coastie here, looking to escape the iron grip in about the same time frame as you

      thanks for your efforts

      strange days

      1. Sa

        Hey Ed. Have you contacted any companies (like Bravo) yet ? Are you all set to leave or are you in the planning stages ?

      2. ed

        i’ve contacted a few charter companies out here and so far no dice

        maybe cowtown would be a better choice (maybe somewhere where the classy people live like springbank airport)

    4. Erin

      Thank you so much for your efforts. I’m looking to leave in about 4 months myself. If you want, I can make a Telegram group today.

    5. Cathy

      Hi Eric! I just read this information and it sounds like there may be a way for me to travel to Mexico in May to join my sales team. I just started reading a few comments but do you have a way to help me get there?

    6. Chacha

      I’d like to get a copy of this as well! Thanks 🌺

  24. Jay S.

    Hello, I can’t find any information on Travelers who hold more then one passport. Canadian and another international country (European) can they board a plane to their home country unvaccinated from Canada (living in Canada currently) ? Thank you.

      1. Sa

        Also, who checks the vaccination status at the airport ? Is it the airlines with which a traveler is flying or is it someone else during the check-in process ? Say, I want to use Turkish airlines, is it them who will check the vaccination status ?

        Any info will be greatly appreciated.

      2. Andrew D'Amours

        Yes the federal government requires the airlines to check at check-in.

      3. Sa

        Thanks for the reply, Andrew. This is very confusing. It’s just not clear if people who carry a foreign passport in addition to a canadian passport can actually use their foreign passport to leave canada. Some are saying yes but I don’t know. Oh, BTW, now on the govt site it says foreign nationals have until August 31 2022 to leave without vaccination proof ! I know it was Feb 28 2022 but looks like it’s changed now. Please, can someone confirm if it is possible to leave canada -without proof of vax- using your foreign passport. Do they actually ask questions to proof where do you live normally …??

      4. Andrew D'Amours

        Oh, that was a stealth change. Let me check and get back to you.

    1. Estelle Debae

      True. If you hold a passport from another country, you should be able to get on no problema.
      Why is this group on fbk!!!!.??? This is a huge mistake! Those idiots are checking groups such as this one. Need to get off that and go to Telegram.

      1. Sa

        Hi Estelle,
        I posted a question yesterday but it didn’t appear. Are you sure if someone has a canadian passport and another passport from their original country they can use the foreign passport to leave ? Did you try that yourself ?

  25. Eric

    OK, good news. I called Air Bravo and they told me they have no vaccine restrictions so everyone is able to book a charter regardless of the vaccine status.
    They also informed me that we can book an airplane for Mexico, and also they can make stops in the US in some airports that don’t have vaccine restrictions.

    So now, we have to create a group to gather everyone interested and book the flights. Passenger aircrafts have a maximum number of 6 people inside. The idea is to get a bigger group then book the flights for every group of 6, it will be a lot more affordable to share the cost.
    Let me know if anyone has better options to form groups. We probably have all different dates and different countries to go once landed in Mexico, but we can travel together from here first.

    Also, let’s monitor what’s going on in the next few months if those vaccines restrictions are lifted for all airlines.

    1. Erin

      I’d be interested in joining for one of these flights.

    2. KMS

      Thanks for checking. I know numerous people who are interested in this option, both individuals and families. And I think at least some of those people know others as well.

      Speculating here but it may well be possible to set up a weekly flight or to use something like a Doodle system where people can vote on days and get enough people per flight. Maybe a weekly flight is an option. Is there a Signal or Telegram group for this project? If not, I’d be happy to set it up. Not sure if a Facebook group is the way to go, in terms of exposure etc.

      1. Erin

        I couldn’t find a group on Telegram. It would be great if you started one.

      2. Bill

        I’d be interested in joining the group as well. Want to figure out leaving this country.

    3. Sa

      Thanks for the reply and the info, Eric. Good to know.
      I’m wondering if they pick up passengers in different provinces and across the country. I’m on the west coast of canada. Do they tell passengers what airports they can pick them at and do they give quotes over the phone ? If anyone knows.

    4. Frances

      Thanks, Eric. We are preparing and will be ready by June or July. Would like to join the Signal Group but need to know the name to find it. Cheers!

  26. Eric

    Good idea Jeff for the facebook group to gather travellers in order to book a private plane to mexico and reduce the cost. But the link doesn’t open (maybe we can try other alternative to create a group).
    I am going to call Air Bravo to find out what is their policy about vaccines.

    On the page, there is a list of airports that check the vaccines, however small ones like Markham airport or Downsview airport (both in Toronto) are not listed there. So those little airports might be good options to depart from.

    1. Sa

      Hey Eric,

      Have you had a chance to call Bravo air ? Anything about their vaccine policies ?

      1. Eric

        Hello Sa

        Yes, I posted the results of my researches 2 weeks ago but it doesn’t appear here.
        Andrew could you check if my post is stuck somewhere in the backend of the website ?

      2. Andrew D'Amours

        Hey, it was in spam indeed. Now posted!

  27. Ben

    Hi there! Do you know if it is mandatory to be vaccinated to board a plane from lets say an island in the caribeans going back to Canada? Can a non-vaccinated Canadian citizen board a plane with a final destination in Canada without proof of vaccination ?

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Yes, Canadians can always enter Canada, whether they are vaccinated or not. You need to provide the same pre-departure test as every traveler but you’ll also have to isolate for 14 days at home and do arrival tests (free). You won’t be able to take a connecting flight within Canada though, since unvaccinated travelers are not allowed to board a plane departing from a Canadian airport.

  28. Jeff

    Hearing conflicting reports of people travelling to Mexico, without proof of vaccination (un-vaccinated). Can anyone personally confirm that this is true or false? Or is it the luck of the draw with the airline counter rep (whether they let you through or not). I personally left the country on November 28th, the day before the restrictions took full effect, but now need to come back, but need to get out again at some point after coming back.

    Open to private airline recommendations as well, if anyone has (will be contacting ones previously listed here).

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      From the many testimonials we’ve received, it’s really more likely that they do check… although it has certainly happened for some travelers that the airline did not require to see proof. The official rule is that it applies to all airlines but I’m not sure how systematically each one verifies :S

    2. Ronni Ishaky

      Jeff, I also left before the requirements changed. Do you know what Canada will require you to do upon arrival? Do you have to quarantine in one of their hotels or can you go to olace of your choice? Thanks

      1. Andrew D'Amours

        You have to quarantine for 14 days if you enter Canada without being vaccinated (assuming you are a Canadian) but you can do it at home. However you cannot fly domestically to get home.

  29. Estelle L. Debae

    If one goes to or dot com, you can find requirements for destinations.

    As far as I have researched, if I leave a Canadiab airport, say Calgary and fly to Amsterdam or London via a NON- Canadian airline, nowhere on the airline’s website (when booking) does it ever say a jab is required to board.
    I asked a now unemployed pilot what he thought which was, no, you still cannot fly. Just test for yourselves. I think I am correct. Maybe not. Thoughts?

    COVID-19 travel advisor
    Ready to travel? Check advisories for your destination

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Canada’s requirement to be fully vaccinated to board a plane in a Canadian airport definitely applies to all airlines, whether they are foreign or not. Not all airlines verify it systematically, but it’s most definitely required based on the rules.

  30. Bill

    Does anyone know of a service providing private boat trips from Canada to Mexico? I don’t think I can afford a private flight.

      1. laura

        Hi Jeff, that’s a great idea. Facebook is blocking me from accessing the group and as per what I read I’m not the only one

      2. S

        Hey Jeff the link doesn’t open so you have a telegram or signal group? I’m looking to leave (4 people)

      3. Angela

        Ya hi
        Your link doesn’t work

      4. Karen and Rick Hoskins

        Please keep in touch. Three adults, one dog wishing to leave the end of March or thereabouts..time to get out of Canada..we are unvaxed and terrified…..possibly a group flight?

  31. Bruce

    Hi Andrew! Awesome info thx! Question, you mention flying unvaccinated while in transit is allowed. Let’s say I fly YYZ to YVR then to Thailand( final destination) would that work? Or the first flight must be another country other than Canada?? Thx again!

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, no it’s only allowed for international transits (if you are flying from another country to another country via Canada). The government science allows passengers to board a plane to Canada without being vaccinated (and without even being tested) but ONLY if they then board a flight from Canada to another country (again without being vaccinated or tested)… you know, those same flights that unvaccinated Canadians aren’t even allowed to board 🤡

  32. David

    Any tips as to private flights/charters for those Canadians who choose to avoid the jab(s) – Ontario (Toronto) to Mexico?

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      The only one that a traveler mentioned in the comments is Air Bravo, but any private plane that doesn’t use the public area of a commercial airport is not subject to the vaccination requirement.

      1. Pooja

        These Private flights can land in any airport and can carry unvaccinated foreign nationals?

      2. Andrew D'Amours

        Hi, the private flights can only take you to countries that do not require vaccination to enter (for example you could go to Mexico but not to the USA). And you have to be able to board the private flight without going through a commercial airport terminal.

      1. Estelle L. Debae

        Hi Jeff,

        I am not and will never go back on fbk but I am interested in being part of a private charter boat to Mexico. I am presently in Italy and am flying to Mexcio. I have my miniature dachshund with me and if I had flown to Calgary from Amsterdam, I am not sure if Customs would have allowed me to rent a car to drive home to Regina.

      2. Estelle L. Debae

        And I am also not sure what they would have done with my dog if they would have placed me in quarantine facility. It is horrible what has happened to Canada. No words.

    2. Karen and Rick Hoskins

      Also any flights Kelowna to Mexico?

  33. Colleen Kendall

    Hello Andrew……
    Is flying through a remote community ( if not vaccinated) still doable?

    1. Estelle L. Debae

      And which cities are remote communities? Does this mean flying directly to remote communities?

  34. Patti

    Is this an option for the unvaccinated? What if you have a positive PCR test and have recovered from COVID? Could you not travel to the US land border and cross. They accept this documentation and a letter from a health professional they you are cleared. That way you could travel through a US airport. It is only god for so many months, but there seems to be a new variant every six months.

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, no the US requires full vaccination, they do not accept proof of recent infection as a substitute for vaccination. They accept proof of recent infection (and recovery) only to substitute the required negative test by air, not to substitute vaccination unfortunately.

  35. Shannon

    It is now 5 Dec, and the mandatory vaccine is in place to board a commercial flight in Canada. Does anyone know of any private jet companies, or owners of planes that are willing to fly the unvaccinated, especially for Christmas. There is a huge demand across Canada.

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, if someone finds one and lets us know we will add it to this guide for sure.

      1. Jay James Binn

        I know of one but won’t tell names so they can keep on flying and helping people. Tip: look at the Ontario businesses against health pass group on facebook.

      2. Andrew D'Amours

        Unless the rules have changed (I don’t believe they have, but will double-check and let you know) private planes are not subject to the order so there would be no downside to naming them, except helping more travelers. But I’ll get back to you once I confirm with Transport Canada.

      3. Andrew D'Amours

        Hi, so Transport Canada confirmed that private flights are exempt as I mentioned. So I know a lot of readers here would love to know the name of the private flights offering this service 🙂

      4. Jay James Binn

        Some companies that charter flights are asking for proof of vaccination, and it’s not easy to have someone accepting you if you’re not jabbed. But anyway… Bravo! Air… Bravo!

      1. Bill

        I tried joining but it won’t let me

    2. Teresa akerley

      Hi. I was wondering if you know the a swer to my question. I am flying…within Canada…from one province to another. And I was wondering do you need a booster to fly. I have the first 2 useless shots…but do you need the booster as well?
      Thank you.

      1. Andrew D'Amours

        No you do not need a booster to be considered fully vaccinated by Canada (every other country can be different of course though).

  36. Gui

    Hi Andrew, if you ever come across a private flight provider that accepts unvaccinated people, please let us know. I have researched this for quite a bit already and still haven’t found anything.

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, will do. And we’ll update the post with the non-private flight option that is very inconvenient and expensive, but at least possible. Coming soon.

      1. Daniel Sabourin

        Got any updates for this yet?

      2. Andrew D'Amours

        Hi, apart from private planes and boats, the other impractical alternative is suspended due to omicron, hopefully it will return. We will keep an eye out.

  37. Jenny

    If I renounced my Canadian citizenship, would that be considered an exemption for leaving the country unvaccinated? What danger would unvaccinated foreigners pose to other Canadians by leaving the country and never coming back after February 28, 2022 vs. trapping them in the country where they’d actually pose a health risk to other Canadians? Genuinely confused…

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, I honestly have no expertise in how renouncing your citizenship works but I guess if you would become a foreigner, then yes you would be allowed out if you could prove you “normally reside outside Canada” now.
      As for how this “science-based measure” (lol) works, clearly it’s pointless to try to understand how leaving is more dangerous. It’s about punishing the unvaccinated or annoying them enough so they get vaccinated.
      But more likely it’s just that if you leave, you are likely to come back and then you could be more dangerous (although that is not true either, because you have a mandatory 14-day quarantine so you’re not a danger to anyone)…

  38. Panos

    Hi, I have both Greek and Canadian citizenships but only a Canadian passport now, do you think I will be able to leave Canada unvaccinated before the 28th of February as a foreign national? I do have Greek I.D. to prove..
    Thank you and great job!

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Based on the rules they announced no, but this could change when the official rules are announced :S

  39. Christine

    Hi Andrew,

    I have a question about dual citizens. If a Canadian citizen is unvaccinated, and regularly lives overseas, my understanding is that they can fly into Canada unvaccinated with the PCR test and undergo quarantine. However, if they are a dual citizen and regularly live in that country, they should be able to fly out of Canada up to February 28th on the foreign passport while still remaining unvaccinated.

    Am I correct?

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      The exemption to leave Canada without being vaccinated is only for those who entered before October 30, at least that’s what they announced. If so, they will have to prove they “normally reside outside Canada”, whatever that means. They didn’t give any details yet.
      Canadians can always enter Canada, vaccinated or not, they have not announced any changes to entry rules.

  40. Toru Minegishi

    Hi Andrew, good to see you again. Actually, I left Canada on October 29 and successfully came back to Japan on the next day. I realized the additional information on the vaccine exemption on foreign nationals right one hour before my flight on October 29 and it was a bit too late. During my stay in Canada, my status was a temporary resident of Canada with a student visa and my nationality is Japanese. Would I have been applicable to fly back to Japan without getting vaccinated until February 28? According to the order from the Canadian government, it was only for those who “normally reside outside of Canada”, therefore, I am wondering whether this rule was applied to me or not. It is too late, though.
    Second, right now, I am in Japan and I have to do quarantine in my house in Japan until November 13 but still my study permit in Canada is valid until November 2023. If I fly back to Canada in December or January, will I be able to enter unvaccinated? Also, will I be able to leave Canada unvaccinated? I am afraid I won’t. Though I will be able to enter, I will get trapped in here, in this case, because my entry will become past October 30.

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, they haven’t really clearly defined the exemption for foreign nationals (“normally reside outside of Canada” as you quoted, is the only semblance of a definition although even that is pretty subjective). To be continued.
      As for returning to Canada yes, there has never been any change to the entry rules so if your student visa qualified you to enter, it still does. The requirement to be vaccinated to enter Canada is only for foreigners entering for non-essential purposes (or transiting through Canada).

  41. Lisa Meller

    Andrew, thank you so much for this information. I have Canadian clients who want to come to the USA (even if they need to stay for a few months to ride this out) but who are unvaxxed. (I support them wholeheartedly!) If I am following what you’ve outlined for travel BEFORE 11/8/21, they can come to the USA via a 72 hr pcr test to board the plane, but they will also need to test again on their return. CORRECT?

    And if I were to advise them to go to Mexico, which has no inbound requirements, they can do that by 11/29 before the grace period ends in Canada. Is that also correct? Thank you!

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, correct, they can enter the US before November 8, whether they are vaccinated or not, with a test (it can be a rapid antigen test).
      As for the rule to board a plane in Canada, they can do that before November 30 and Mexico has no entry requirement at all indeed.

  42. Felix

    So, essentially if my mother come from a country with non-accepted vaccines (she is allow to enter if follows a 14 days quarantine) and plans to leave Canada after Nov 30, she will be indeed captive in Canada at least that she takes additional accepted vaccines.

  43. Christine E


    Would an unvaccinated individual who normally resides in the EU, but holds dual citizenship be able to fly into Canada on their Canadian passport and then leave on their EU passport up until February 28th? This is my understanding of the new exemption.


    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, they specifically said “foreign nationals” so it’s unclear if that includes dual citizens or not :S We’ll have to wait for the details.

  44. mak

    Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for the detailed article. It is very helpful.

    Regarding point 7 Exemptions from Canada’s mandatory vaccination rule, sub point 4
    Foreign nationals who normally reside outside of Canada

    Will the permanent residents of Canada who are citizens of other countries, will they be allowed to leave Canada under this rule till Feb 28? You have discussed the dual citizens of Canada but how would Permanent Residents of Canada be treated under this rule?

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      From what they said now, it’s really only for foreigners with no status in Canada at all unfortunately.

  45. Jayde

    You said in this article that unvaccinated foreign travellers can enter Canada. That’s false according to the gov’t of Canada site. It says, “All travellers are eligible to enter Canada IF they qualify as a FULLY VACCINATED traveller regardless of citizenship.” Also why is the Flytrippers Calgary twitter account suspended??

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      No I did not say they can enter Canada, I said they can all transit through Canada (so sit on the same planes to Canada and from Canada) without being vaccinated and tested. Also, there are plenty of exemptions that allow unvaccinated to enter Canada as well.

  46. Neil

    Can a Canadian who is not vaccinated, get a PCR test, fly to the US and get vaccinated (Johnson and Johnson), and return to Canada the same day.

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, you can go by plane with a rapid antigen test only, doesn’t even need to be a PCR. But only until Friday.
      Then, from Saturday October 30 to November 7, you can also do that, but with a PCR test.
      To be clear, in both cases you will need to quarantine for 14 days when returning (and obviously get a PCR or NAAT to enter Canada like all travelers, which you can do in Canada if you only want to go for a day).
      As for doing that in the same day, there is no rule that depends on the length of stay. If you mean logistically, it’s possible assuming you find a J&J dose and appointment in a city where the flight times work well, as they don’t have them in all states anymore. But it’s certainly doable (this old guide can still help you:
      Starting November 8, only vaccinated Canadians will be allowed to enter the US.

  47. Phil

    I just booked flights to Guadaljara Mexico via Areomexico. They said they are not asking for the passes. While it appears as though EVERY flight requires the pass, such is not true. Each airline is responsible for thier own rules around who boards the plane Sine Mexico has no Covid rules around entering Mexico, there is no need for the doouble jab nor the pass.

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time an airline representative had no clue what they are talking about (they often don’t). I’ll look into this though to confirm, it sure would make sense for airlines to only apply the entry rules like they do pretty much everywhere else in the world, but don’t rejoice too quickly either.

      1. Megan

        Anyone else tried this since Nov 30 with Aeromexico? Is it the airlines or govt that decide/mandate whether you have to show the pass at check-in?

      2. Andrew D'Amours

        The government requires every airline, domestic or foreign, to enforce their rule unfortunately.

  48. Janet

    Thanks for the detailed info. I have a plan to leave the country after October 30 but I may leave earlier depending on the mandates for international flights. You say you got confirmation from Transport Canada that the grace period until Nov 30 does not include proving you have a single vx. Can you post the pertinent language in Transport Canada’s communication to you? There is an abundance of rumours on social media claiming one vx is necessary for the grace period. Thanks

  49. Mike

    This is a complete violation of our charter rights of mobility. The charter is not suspended just because the government declares an emergency. This order is completely illegal and it’s just a decree, what bill did they pass into law exactly?

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Many seem to share that opinion. But many measures that limit freedom have been deemed “justified” and “reasonable” legally since the beginning of the pandemic. Who knows how judicial challenges will go for this new measure, but yeah, if there ever was one that could be reversed, you’d think it would be this one!

      1. Mike

        if the government can just revoke freedom by just making a proclamation, then we never were free to begin with. Freedoms are not something given to us by government, and are not something they can take away, no matter what the justification. There is no justification for this, because the unvaxxed cannot spread a disease they do not have, the disease cannot spread without symptoms, and the vaxxed can and are catching and spreading the disease even after being “fully” vaxxed. So what is the justification for this? Also, if someone had covid and recovered, all evidence has shown that they have lifelong immunuity and cannot spread the disease. If anyone should be restricted from travel, it’s the fully vaxxed. I’m not in favor of any restrictions, and indeed all restrictions during this pandemic have been illegal and not justified or backed up by any evidence.

  50. Ani

    Are children considered up to 12 years or up to 18 years old?

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, those who can be vaccinated almost certainly won’t get the exemption. It’s really for those who cannot be vaccinated yet, so under 12. But to be confirmed when they give more details.

  51. Phil

    Imprisoned in my own country. Crazy! Hey, but it’s for my health and your health too…. right? I may have to claim asylum to the USA. Imagine.

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Unfortunately, unless you leave before November 8, the US will not let you in if you are not vaccinated :S

  52. lise theroux

    Bonjour je quitte le 28 octobre pour les Etat – Unis destination Las -Végas avez vous une clinique a me référé sans que cela me coute la peau des fesse j’ai communiqué avex la clinique Lacroix mais hélas plus de place merci

      1. Émilie

        Hey Andrew thanks for your article 🙂
        Can you tell how to “take advantage of the impractical way to fly out of Canada”? Thanks! I really want to get out😅

      2. Andrew D'Amours

        Hi, apart from private planes and boats, the other impractical alternative is suspended due to omicron, hopefully it will return. We will keep an eye out.

  53. Toru

    (I rewrote it, because previous one was bit too long, sorry.) Hello. I am a Japanese. I am seriously wondering whether the exemption will be granted to a foreigner who needs to go back to his or her home country.
    According to the recent Canadian government website, the exception will be applied to “the emergency situation”.
    If I need to go back to Japan permanently by a Japanese airline in the future due to the expiry of a student visa. Will it be an emergency exception in the future?
    In the recent Canadian government update, it says the vaccine is required to “all travelers including those who are heading for the foreign destination.
    I would like to know the possibility of the future if possible. As I have a family and property in Japan, I would like to grasp what will happen after October 30.
    Also, if the vaccine is requited even for my boarding, will I still be allowed to return to Japan without being partially vaccinated during the grace period between October 30 to November 30?
    I appreciate if you give me a reply.

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi Toru, it would be logical to let dual citizens out, but they haven’t given any details about this yet, unfortunately. Not sure there are ANY other countries in the entire world that keep the unvaccinated from even leaving, so it seems extreme. We’ll see.
      As for the grace period, all you need is a test, there is no need to be partially vaccinated, Transport Canada just confirmed it to Flytrippers.

      1. Toru

        Thank you so much for your answer, Andrew. I am so glad to hear that the test remains an option at least until the end of November! I would like to know whether the government really intends to keep the foreigners from returning to their nation or not. It is not normal in light of democratic values, especially human rights. It is very extreme. I contacted with Transport Canada yesterday. However, they don’t give me any reply. I suspect they did not realize the presence of foreigners heading back to their home country. Please let me know if there is any government update .

      2. Andrew D'Amours

        Will do for sure, let’s hope they backtrack!

      3. Koen

        I think Australia has banned even foreigners from leaving.

      4. Andrew D'Amours

        Yes, but that is not specific to being vaccinated or not. Everyone is equally punished. They are all back to the country’s roots as a prison colony, not just the unvaccinated 😛

  54. Jenifer

    I was also thinking the mandate wouldn’t apply to private planes (it does say ‘commercial’), but I have heard a lot of people mention they called a bunch of private jet companies and they all said they would follow the mandate. That makes little sense to me, how can a country like Canada prevent people from leaving, especially if they are paying for a private plane?

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      The market always provides. I am confident that IF private planes aren’t obligated to require vaccination, someone will offer this for those who aren’t vaccinated. Whether this will last long or be even remotely affordable depends on the demand of course.
      But if the government does impose this requirement to any flight, then no one will offer this of course.

  55. Julien

    I love how this article makes you realize how these laws are passed based on politics rather than science. I wonder if someone flying it’s own private seaplane would be able to fly from a lake since it is not an airport. I wonder if someone would be able to sail its own sailboat since it is not a commercial passenger boat. It seems completely crazy to me that non vaccinated people will be stuck in Canada even if they were to take a pcr test before and after their travels and accept to do a mandatory 14 day quarantine…

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      While I did NOT check thoroughly (since there’s no real added value for our readers and it’s not worth spending hours on that research), I don’t think there is a single country that bans the unvaccinated to leave the country. In the entire world.

      Whether someone is for or against the measure is subjective. But objectively, few (if not zero) other countries in the world feel it’s reasonable to keep unvaccinated people from even leaving. That alone should be enough to be allowed to question this measure.

      But anyway, restricting travel has been popular in public opinion polls since the start, and now restricting the unvaccinated in general is equally popular. So combining both sure makes for a popular measure from a politician’s perspective, and all they will ever care about is politics. Even if indeed, scientifically, having a recent proof of negative test might be as safe in terms of transmission as being vaccinated.

      In all cases, I don’t know if you were serious but the answer is that in theory, private planes will be exempt. Sailboats as well. We’ll await the precise details though.

      1. Cameron

        I’d be 100% thrilled if the antivaxxers left Canada and we only let in vaccinated visitors. Cases would quickly drop to zero with only the unvaccinated kids left to spread covid around.

      2. Andrew D'Amours

        I’m not sure that’s quite how COVID works since even us vaccinated folks can get it and spread it, but hey, who cares about the science right 😛

  56. Rose

    Hello! When you put Exemption option with a 72-hour PCR test until November 29
    Does that mean only PCR test or I have to be in process of being fully vaccinated, one vaccine? I’m not vaccinated and not interested to be. Want to travel to Cubs for two months.

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, they did not ever specify that you would have to show proof of anything in order to take advantage of the temporary exemption.
      So we interpret the website’s wording more as yet another form of political marketing to appear to be giving an exemption to the “good guys” who are in the process of getting vaccinated and not to the “bad guys” who are not the process of getting vaccinated.
      There should be no verification, but it remains to be confirmed; Flytrippers reached out to the Government to check, we are awaiting a response.

  57. Ronni

    Question, Can a Canadian get on a flight in the US to fly to Mexico or Puerto Rico in November without a jab? Thanks in advance for a response,

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, if you are already in the US before “early November” (when the US will require vaccination to enter) you can do whatever you want from there, they are certainly not the type of country to accept preventing people from leaving as it seems Canada will do soon. That said, if you leave the US, you won’t be allowed to get back into the US once their vaccination requirement will take effect (so Puerto Rico would be fine).

  58. Tracy

    Hello, I just listened to Health Minister Patty Hajdu press conerence and around the 11 min mark she speaks about vaccination passports being implemented for “domestic” travel.
    I’m just unsure if that is going to be relevant for international flights that first take you to another domestic airport. I’m double vaxxed but I’m not keen on vaccinating my 12 year old yet. We have flights to Mexico from Vancouver via Calgary in December. So I’m really paying attention to this.

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, the initial announcement explicitly mentioned for “all commercial flights in Canada” so until we hear otherwise, I doubt international flights will be exempt. But that said, until vaccines are approved for kids, they will not be required to be vaccinated, so that may still be true in December.

  59. Wendy

    Hi Andrew.. thank you for sharing your thoughts 💭
    Yes… I am frustrated with that too..Canada is inviting people from other countries to come to Canada but we are advised not to travel outside of Canada? It doesn’t make sense. Hopefully the world travel situation will get sorted out soon and have a more clear understanding for everyone to understand and for people to travel ( with whatever is needed.. fully vaccinated, pre testing etc) and hope Canada will lift that travel advisories on their website (soon?) oh also hope the USA land border opens too .. lol I just want to travel 🧳 (with out all the uncertainty hassle)

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      We are all looking forward to the advisory being lifted, if only to make credit card travel insurance valid again haha, since that’s the only real impact the advisory has.

  60. Wendy

    Question: when do you think Canada will lift the travel advisories? On their website the advisory is a problem for me to travel because of work, one of the daily question i need to answer is have you travel outside of Canada in the past 14 days? So that means I can not go back to work for 14 days, if I travel. Do you think they will lift it soon or will this be a thing for years to come?

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, not for years for sure, but nobody knows when it will be lifted. If travel-related decisions were made with a logical reasoning—which to be very clear, they are most definitely not—the advisory would be lifted soon, because the government now encourages foreigners to travel to Canada for leisure. Why encourage them to come from those countries but discourage Canadians from going to those same countries? But we’ll keep a close eye on this, hopefully it’s coming soon.

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