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Finally, Canada’s anti-science entry rules will be lifted, it’s confirmed. It’s been 3 months since the federal government itself said that the effect of its definition of “fully vaccinated” (2 doses) was no longer sufficient, but they still continued to punish non-vaccinated people as a political decision, not a scientific one.

It’s also been more than 9 months since the World Health Organization’s experts recommended eliminating all travel restrictions. The worst part is not that the government says it follows the science; the worst part is that some people actually believe it…

A federal expert panel report also found that the restrictions have served no purpose at all, to the surprise of no one who has looked at the data and facts objectively, instead of blindly following the government and not being able to think for themselves.

Anyway, Canada is finally getting over all this. Here are the details.


The announced changes

Here’s a summary of what was just announced at the press conference this morning:

  • All entry requirements are being lifted for all travelers
  • The illogical requirement to wear a mask on a plane is being lifted
  • It goes into effect on October 1st at midnight

Let’s take a very brief look at these 3 aspects.


Entry requirements

It’s simple, all requirements will be lifted and Canada will join the 90+ countries that have lifted all requirements for all travelers.

To be more specific, here are the requirements that are being eliminated:

  • To fill out the useless ArriveCAN app
  • To submit to random testing upon entry
  • To be vaccinated to enter Canada (obviously only applicable to foreigners)
  • To do a pre-entry test for non-vaccinated people
  • To do a 14-day quarantine for non-vaccinated people

You can read the basics of how to travel in a pandemic if you haven’t done so yet, the process of finding the only 2 rules to check is still pretty straightforward.


Mask requirement

When it comes to masks, finally logic takes over! It’s surprising, but hey! I guess the polls were pointing in that direction, so the (political) science has changed.

Masks will no longer be required on planes, just as they are no longer required in all other indoor spaces which all have worse air quality and a higher risk of transmission than a plane cabin.

The science is clear on this, but there are irrational people who would like to force others to wear masks until 2024 (but only on planes — not in crowded show venues without hyper-efficient ventilation systems like there are on planes).

Almost all of Europe stopped requiring masks on planes months ago, the US did too, of course, and even the extremists in Australia and New Zealand got over it, so… it was more than time.


Implementation of the changes

Finally, nothing changes until October 1st. “The Science™” will change just then, not before. It’s very dangerous this week, but not next week.

I’m flying tonight, I’ll be curious to see if the mask requirement is still enforced as strictly as it was.

I’ll be coming back from New Orleans on October 1st, so I’ll be able to share with you how the entry experience is, even though there’s not much that changes compared to all the other times I’ve shared it with you like in April (which was identical to my most recent experience earlier this month).

By the way, if you (or other travelers you know) are in the Montréal airport on the domestic side this afternoon and want access to airport lounges, let me know!


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It’s finally confirmed: all travel restrictions in Canada will be lifted for all travelers (yes, even the non-vaccinated people) as of October 1st. No more masks on the plane, too!

What would you like to know about the end of these restrictions? Tell us in the comments below.


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Featured image: Alberta (photo credit: Andrew Ly)

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This Post Has 12 Comments

  1. Carol

    Wondering if you have heard anything further about the US reopening their borders to unvaxxed. The last barrier. I appreciate that many Canadians are already driving over with no difficulty but any more news about timing for the re-opening?

    BTW I am in Greece–no masks seen except on the Athens subway. And when leaving early in Pearson heading to Istanbul few masks in the LOT line up (boycotting Air Can) and none on the plane or in Warsaw airport. Europe has more pressing concerns – heating for the winter.

  2. Truth

    Do you know if we unvaxxed can enter USA? Has Joe Biden dropped the mandates too or does it not matter, they will let us in at land border?

  3. Lorra

    Hi Andrew, This is a resend with some slight modifications, so pls use this one. Thanks again !
    What about unvaccinated Cdn citizen travellers to the US. Do we have to wait till the Nov 8th midterms win for the Republicans (Governors and Senate) to get the Dem Govt over there to stop their restriction nonsense. The Department of Homeland Security is using covi as a poor reason to keep their restriction nonsense going against settled North Americans. Not fair, not equitable especially since Canada is accepting everyone in at their border. Travel should flow both ways non-restricted to whomever wishes to travel.

  4. Julie

    Time for our US unvaxed grandma to come visit over Thanksgiving! Yay! That didn’t take long :\

  5. Philip Trueman

    Will foreign airlines continue with the mask idiocy? I am thinking especially of Korean Airlines routes YVR ICN BKK and return.
    ALSO, is the mask rule for AIRPORTS still going to be enforced? Thanks.

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, if the other country still has a mask requirement you might need to wear one. Mask requirements are over in almost all of Europe, in the US, in Australia, in New Zealand, etc.
      But Asian countries do love their masks, even before the pandemic they loved masks. So might still be required, hard to tell since there’s no official database unlike with entry rules.
      No more masks in Canadian airports though. Well, starting October 1st. Unless some local rules are in place, again, no database for that either.

  6. Lisa

    We are flying to Barcelona this Friday, September 30 leaving at 10:30 p.m. I’m guessing this means that we will need to wear a mask on the plane until midnight and then magically at midnight we will be safe and can drop the masks? This will be more exciting than a New Year’s Eve countdown!

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      Hi, if the other country still has a mask requirement you might need to wear one and Spain might be one. Mask requirements are over in almost all of Europe, in the US, in Australia, in New Zealand, etc.
      But Spain was one of the last ones to have one, so might still be required, hard to tell since there’s no official database unlike with entry rules :S
      At least on your way back you’ll be clear for sure.

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