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If you want to travel for less, choosing the most affordable countries is by far the simplest and most effortless tip! Sadly, so many people don’t even know how cheap it can be! I’m continuing this series started by Flytrippers’ other co-founder, Andrew, to talk to you about Cambodia. It’s another of the most affordable places, but most importantly, it’s a country I really liked!

Here are nice and cheap accommodation options in 6 Cambodian destinations to show you just how affordable a trip to an amazing spot can be! On dates during the nice season to visit this country!

(We’ve also done this for Colombia, a country that can be cheaper overall for shorter trips, thanks to affordable deals for flights at $400 from some Canadian cities! And we’ve also done it for 2 other countries in Southeast Asia, Malaysia, and Indonesia!)


Basics of traveling to Cambodia for less

If you still haven’t discovered this country, nicknamed the “Land of Smiles” or the “Kingdom of the Khmers”, it’s definitely worth considering!

I loved Cambodia. It’s an underrated destination in Southeast Asia — one of the best regions in the world.

Cambodia shares borders with Thailand to the west and northwest, Laos to the north, Vietnam to the east, and the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest.

Location of Cambodia (image credit: Google Maps)


The country is relatively small and you can easily add it to a more classic itinerary that includes Vietnam or Thailand.

This is because flights are cheap in the region (Phnom Penh to Bangkok for $95, for example). You can also get there by bus from Hồ Chí Minh City for $39!

As mentioned, it’s also one of the most affordable countries in the world. And definitely among the cheapest of the cheap.


Basics of cheap accommodation in Cambodia

For each of the 6 destinations in Cambodia, we have 3 examples of cheap accommodation.

An example for those who:

We limit ourselves to nice accommodations that are highly rated.

So if you want it to be cheaper, there are obviously cheaper ones than our examples. The exception: there aren’t any cheaper Marriott hotels, as the world’s largest hotel chain has no options in the low-end segment.

Among the best! Cambodia is one of the best places in the world to get more free nights with your points. So if you want to maximize your amount of free nights, all you have to do is simply plan a trip around these amazing hotels in amazing destinations! It's as easy as that! The current increased deal gives you 71,000 points (65,000 with the bonus and 6,000 by unlocking it) and your travel companion can get it too, for 142,000 points in total!

And if you prefer luxury, of course, luxury is also much cheaper in Southeast Asia than in the places where everyone always travels to! For example, The St. Regis Hotel (one of the most luxurious brands in the world) costs $350 per night in Jakarta or Kuala Lumpur versus $1500 per night in Rome. The amount of points required is lower too obviously, and if you like luxury, you should really never pay with anything other than points!

So here are the examples of nice and affordable accommodations in 6 Cambodian destinations.

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Phnom Penh

Welcome to the capital, located in the plains in the southern part of the country. Founded in the 14th century, Phnom Penh has a tumultuous past, particularly due to colonization (French Indochina) and the Khmer Rouge regime in the 1970s.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia (photo credit: Roth Chanvirak)


Despite its scars, Phnom Penh has become a dynamic and diverse city, with 2.3 million inhabitants. You can visit the sublime Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda, stroll along the banks of the Mekong River, and savor Khmer cuisine in the street markets.

Here are some examples of accommodation in Phnom Penh, Cambodia:


Nice hostel $10

Poolside Villa

Poolside Villa (image credit: Hostelworld)


See all hostels in Phnom Penh.


Nice hotel at $19

Go In

Go In (image credit: Trivago)


See all hotels in Phnom Penh.


Nice free hotel at 8,000 pts

Fairfield by Marriott Phnom Penh

Fairfield by Marriott Phnom Penh (image credit: Marriott)


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Angkor and Siem Reap

The city of Siem Reap is located in the north-west of Cambodia. It is known as the gateway to the famous ruins of Angkor, the ancient capital of the Khmer Empire from the 9th to the 15th centuries. Siem Reap is the country’s 2nd most populous city and is visited a lot thanks to its world-famous attractions.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia (photo credit: allPhoto Bangkok)


On top of visiting the famous Buddhist temples such as Angkor Wat (the world’s largest religious structure according to the Guinness World Records book), Bayon, and Ta Prohm, travelers can learn more about the region by visiting the national museum, exploring the floating villages on Tonlé Sap lake, attending a Cambodian circus show, and by sampling authentic local dishes.

Here are some examples of accommodation in Angkor/Siem Reap, Cambodia:


Nice hostel at $5

The Funky Village

The Funky Village (image credit: Hostelworld)


See all hostels in Angkor/Siem Reap.


Nice hotel at $10

Sweet Dreams Guesthouse

Sweet Dreams Guesthouse (image credit: Trivago)


View all hotels in Angkor/Siem Reap.


Nice free hotel at 9,600 pts

Courtyard Siem Reap Resort — I stayed here myself and loved it!

Courtyard Siem Reap Resort (image credit: Marriott)


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Koh Rong

Koh Rong is a beautiful island in the province of Sihanoukville, in the Gulf of Thailand. It became famous as a filming location for several seasons of the TV show “Survivor”. Koh Rong is the country’s 2nd largest island after Koh Kong, and its sister island is Koh Rong Sanloem.

Koh Rong, Cambodia (photo credit: chen sithyfong)


It’s a true tropical paradise, with preserved beaches, vast tropical forests, beautiful waterfalls, and an array of wildlife. Koh Rong also attracts many party lovers who can enjoy the vibrant nightlife in the bars and at beach parties in the Koh Touch area.

Here are some examples of accommodation in Koh Rong, Cambodia:


Nice hostel $14

Mad Monkey Koh Rong

Mad Monkey Koh Rong (image credit: Hostelworld)


See all hostels in Koh Rong.


Nice hotel at $16

Sambath Sakseth Bungalow

Sambath Sakseth Bungalow (image credit: Trivago)


View all hotels in Koh Rong.



This coastal town is situated in southern Cambodia, on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. It’s the country’s main port city and the departure point for the ferry to the islands of Koh Rong (about 1 hour), Koh Rong Sanloem, and Koh Ta Kiev.

Sihanoukville, Cambodia (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)


Sihanoukville is renowned for its beautiful beaches, such as Serendipity and Otres, but also for its festive nightlife atmosphere, and its casinos. Unfortunately, factors such as the degradation of the environment, over-urbanization, and crime rates have affected the reputation of this city, which has experienced incredible growth in recent years.

Here are some examples of accommodation in Sihanoukville, Cambodia:


Nice hostel for $4

The Last Point

The Last Point (image credit: Hostelworld)


See all hostels in Sihanoukville.


Nice hotel at $32

Sok Sabay Resort And Fine Restaurant

Sok Sabay Resort And Fine Restaurant (image credit: Trivago)


View all hotels in Sihanoukville.


Krong Kampot and Kep

Krong Kampot and Kep are located in southern Cambodia, just 25 kilometers from each other. These 2 small towns near the coast are great for relaxing in a rural setting after visiting the big cities. Krong Kampot is famous for its high-quality pepper production while Kep is known for its crab, so you already know what to eat first when you get there.

Kep, Cambodia (photo credit: allPhoto Bangkok)


In the area, you’ll see plenty of French colonial buildings as well as beautiful beaches in Kep. If you want to get lost in nature, don’t miss Bokor National Park and Kep National Park. None of these cities have hostels though. Kampot has more accommodations and restaurants for travelers, and you can easily visit Kep in a day if you stay in Kampot.

Here are some examples of accommodation in Krong Kampot/Kep, Cambodia:

  • Nice hostel: None
  • Nice hotel: Q bungalows
    • $28 per night
    • 14 per night per person with a companion
    • Rated 9.3/10
  • Nice free hotel: None


Nice hotel at $28

Q bungalows

Q bungalows (image credit: Trivago)


View all hotels in Krong Kampot/Kep.



In the northwest of the country lies Battambang, a city too often underestimated by travelers compared to the capital or Siem Reap. Although a little less lively, Battambang will charm you with its French colonial and traditional Cambodian buildings.

Battambang, Cambodia (photo credit: Unsplash+)


There you can visit ancient temples like Wat Banan and Wat Ek Phnom, explore several caves, take a cruise on the Sangker River, or ride the bamboo train, a one-of-a-kind activity. In addition, Battambang joined UNESCO’s City of Gastronomy network in 2023.

Here are some examples of accommodation in Battambang, Cambodia:

  • Nice hostel: The Real Place Hostel
    • $3 per night per person
    • Rated 8.8/10
  • Nice hotel: Royal
    • $20 per night
    • $10 per night per person with a companion
    • Rated 8.0/10
  • Nice free hotel: None


Nice hostel for $3

The Real Place Hostel

The Real Place Hostel (image credit: Hostelworld)


See all hostels in Battambang.


Nice hotel for $20


Royal (image credit: Trivago)


View all hotels in Battambang.


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Accommodation in Cambodia is incredibly affordable, as is everything in the country, of course. Now that’s a truly affordable country! And what’s more, it’s wonderful to visit. If you want to travel for less, it’s not rocket science: choose affordable countries! It’s not like you’re sacrificing anything: many are amazing destinations!


What would you like to know about the cheap accommodations in Cambodia? Tell us in the comments below.


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Featured image: Angkor, Cambodia (photo credit: Unsplash+)

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