Roundtrip flight Winnipeg - Honolulu for $459

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≈ 31% Off normal price

Roundtrip, all taxes included

From: YWG - Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport

To: HNL - Honolulu International Airport


≈ 31% Off normal price

Roundtrip, all taxes included

From: YWG - Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport

To: HNL - Honolulu International Airport



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⚠ WARNING: Booking travel during the pandemic

Currently, there are many risks related to booking a flight.

Our deals’ prices are as good as before, but you have to be careful. Before the pandemic, booking with independent websites was not a problem at all, but now it’s more complicated to make a change or obtain a refund (compared to booking directly with the airline, which is often a bit more expensive).

The thing is there are many travel restrictions and conditions… and most importantly, they change constantly.

Download our free checklist with all the other important things to consider before traveling or buying a flight.

AG United States: currently open with a rapid antigen test for vaccinated Canadian travelers

X United States: currently closed for unvaccinated Canadian travelers.

Make sure to also check all restrictions and requirements for transit countries (if any) on the official links in our guide of the entry rules for each country

16 Nov - 29 Nov 13d Tue - Mon $477 $477 >
16 Nov - 30 Nov 14d Tue - Tue $498 $498 >
16 Nov - 6 Dec 20d Tue - Mon $472 $472 >
22 Nov - 29 Nov 7d Mon - Mon $477 $477 >
22 Nov - 6 Dec 14d Mon - Mon $459 $459 >
23 Nov - 6 Dec 13d Tue - Mon $459 $459 >
23 Nov - 7 Dec 14d Tue - Tue $459 $459 >
24 Nov - 3 Dec 9d Wed - Fri $477 $477 >
24 Nov - 6 Dec 12d Wed - Mon $459 $459 >
29 Nov - 6 Dec 7d Mon - Mon $459 $459 >
30 Nov - 14 Dec 14d Tue - Tue $477 $477 >
6 Dec - 14 Dec 8d Mon - Tue $496 $496 >

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DIR Direct flight

W Weekend getaway

LD Very limited dates at this price

%Highly discounted flight!

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ULCC Suitcase Involve at least 1 ULCC airline

No Suitcase Involve at least 1 airline that charges for regular carry-on bags

V Calendar Dates available during a vacation period

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