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Today's Best Flight Deals From Toronto

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Spotted July 2nd: deals are valid when posted but expire quickly.

The deals with the COVID19 Refund icon are bookable through OTAs or airlines that allow for free cancellation or changes.

⚠ WARNING: Booking travel during the pandemic involves many risks. Click here to consider all of them thoroughly.

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Carte Cobalt American Express Carte CobaltMD American Express 744$
Carte Visa Infinite British Airways RBC Carte Visa Infinite British Airways RBC 675$
Carte Mastercard HSBC World Elite (hors-QC) Carte MastercardMD HSBC World EliteMD (hors-QC) 639$
Carte Or avec primes American Express Carte Or avec primes American ExpressMD 518$
Carte BMO eclipse Visa Infinite Carte BMO eclipse Visa Infinite* 360$

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