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We’re working on several giveaways in 2018 because here at Flytrippers, our mission is to give you more for your money, help you save money and travel more! Here is our first, in collaboration with STARK VR, to make you discover the whole world … thanks to Virtual Reality!

As many of you already know, you can find heavily discounted plane tickets on our flight deals page. Our goal is to help you see as many places as possible on our beautiful planet.

Plane tickets have never been this cheap. Travel has never been easier to plan and organize.

Even so, no one can see everything and everywhere. The world is pretty big!

This is where Virtual Reality (VR) can be very interesting. I’ve already tried it personally, and if you’ve had the chance too, you know that it’s extremely realistic and you really feel like you’re in the center of the action, thanks to the high-definition and three-dimensional view.

Virtual reality is a super affordable way to discover more places but most importantly, to get a taste of several unique destinations to choose which one you want to discover for real. That’s why we’re giving you the chance to try it out with this photo contest to win 1 of 5 Virtual Reality headsets offered by our friends at STARK VR, a Canadian company! EDIT: The giveaway is now closed, thanks to all who participated!

Before we give you all the details on this giveaway, here’s why Virtual Reality is great for travel enthusiasts.


Virtual Reality for Travelers

Let’s be clear: virtual reality will never replace real travel. Never. But it’s a really interesting complement, for many reasons that we will share with you briefly.

It’s really interesting because it’s more and more affordable … especially if you win this VR headset for free, then all you’ll need is your smartphone! It’s super easy to discover just about any place in the world, as if you were there.

Here are 5 reasons why Virtual Reality is interesting for travelers:

1. Discover Places to Choose Your Destination

There are so many dream destination options in the world, and unfortunately, we all have limited time to see everything. Using virtual reality to get a preview of the destinations and what it looks like is an innovative and interesting way of choosing a destination. It’s infinitely better than watching a simple standard video on YouTube.

In my previous life as a consultant, I actually had to study trends in the tourism industry as part of a strategic planning exercise and learned that many tourism boards and organizations that promote specific destinations are starting to use virtual reality as a tool to help tourists discover their region’s attractions.

After seeing how impressive the Grand Canyon is in 3D with VR, you’ll definitely want to go there.

2. Discover Places That No Longer Exist

Virtual reality even allows some things that real trips can’t: discovering places that no longer exist. It’s a unique way of preserving certain places that are not eternal and that will not be around to be visited anymore.

Whether it’s a tourist site destroyed by war, climate change or any other reason, virtual reality can preserve them forever.

At a time when many countries are struggling with overtourism, some fragile sites need to be restricted but can be explored without damaging them thanks to virtual reality.

3. Discover Places That Are Expensive to Visit

Travel is more and more accessible (especially thanks to ultra-low cost airlines) and Flytrippers is here to help you travel more with our deals and tips. That said, some destinations remain excessively expensive.

Virtual reality makes it possible to travel from the comfort of you home at a low cost. Once again, seeing the African savanna landscapes in virtual reality will never be as impressive as seeing them in real life. But it’s better to see it in virtual reality than to see it in standard video.

Same thing for those (like us) who want to discover every country in the world. Even if the trips are getting less expensive, it adds up quickly when you want to go everywhere. Virtual reality, therefore, democratizes travel, instead of making it only available to the elite.

4. Discover Places That Are Hard to Reach

Virtual reality also makes it possible to explore places that are difficult to access (or completely inaccessible) for the average traveler, for example the summit of Mount Everest, the seabeds, the International Space Station, etc.

It’s better to see some sites in virtual reality than to not see them at all.

5. Discover The World for Fun

Finally, the last reason why travelers should love virtual reality and its travel apps is simply for fun. Rather than watching hours and hours of pointless television, why not explore the world in your spare time?

If you are like us and love to travel, you probably already spend some time watching videos, reading blogs and discovering destinations! Why not do it in 3D and explore on a whole new level!

It’s a great tool to have fun and satisfy your desire to travel (the famous wanderlust) at any time … and as often as you want!


Win 1 of 5 Virtual Reality Headsets

Now that you know how to travel virtually with your virtual reality headset, here’s your chance to win 1 of 5 free virtual reality headsets from STARK VR, who offer the best VR headsets for iPhone.

You only have one thing to do to be eligible for the giveaway, but you can also get additional chances to win via our new contest tool.


Bottom Line

Virtual Reality will not replace real travel (obviously). But if you love to travel, you will definitely have a lot of fun discovering the world from the comfort of your home before your next trip!

Do you have any questions? Ask them in the comments below.

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