You are currently viewing Breaking News: Mandatory Quarantine Extended Once Again (Entry Restriction For Non-American Foreigners Also)

While it has not been announced yet, a decree posted on the Government of Canada’s official website confirms what pretty much everyone was expecting: the 14-day quarantine will remain mandatory for anyone entering Canada for at least one extra month (until October 31st).

By the way, we wish the monitoring had been a little less lacking (both at the airport and after) when we experienced the quarantine process when returning from Greece and Turkey a few weeks ago… but that’s a topic for a separate upcoming post.

Regardless, the fact remains that the blanket quarantine requirement—even for those arriving from countries objectively doing better than Canada based on the data, evidence, and science—is sticking around for at least another month.

The mandatory quarantine (and the entry restriction for non-American foreigners) was due to expire on September 30th, as we mentioned in our post about the current travel restriction measures in Canada (we’ll update it with this new info shortly).

Well, according to what Flytrippers observed by going through the “orders in council” posted on the official government website, it is now formally extended to October 31st.

Here is the screenshot of the relevant end date confirmation:


And here’s the summary of both orders in council (decrees), dated September 28th (yesterday):


Speaking of, Flytrippers will soon have an exclusive related to the government’s inaction related to safety in travel… unrelated to COVID-19. Stay tuned.

We’ll also have more content about the quarantine rule.

And most importantly, content to help you get ready to travel for whenever you’re ready… and content to make you travel virtually through our destination pieces in the meantime.


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The mandatory 14-day quarantine requirement upon entering Canada and the entry restriction for non-American foreigners is extended until October 31st at least.

Have any questions about the current rules? Tell us in the comments below.


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Featured image: Canadian flag (photo credit: Chris DiNoto)

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  1. jim

    if you have a covid health canada test on return it is ridiculous to have to still quarantine

    1. Andrew D'Amours

      It’s because of the incubation period estimated to be anywhere from 1-14 days, so a test on day one won’t be perfect. However, it’s more the issue of requiring a quarantine from countries where the infection rate is lower that really makes no sense at all.

  2. Christine Ashcroft

    I think the extension on the quarantine when you’re coming from a country that has lower rates than Canada is ridiculous.

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