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Many Flytrippers readers love to travel to Southeast Asia, for the obviously incredibly lower cost, and for the culture shock. Well, good news: The Thai government recently announced that fully vaccinated citizens from 46 countries, including Canada, will be able to enter very soon.

Here are the details.


Relaxation of entry rules in Thailand

Like many countries everywhere are doing after 18+ months of a pandemic, Thailand is easing its entry rules.

There are 139 countries already open without quarantine for fully vaccinated Canadians (93 for the unvaccinated), but very few are in Asia.

But as of November 1st, fully vaccinated Canadians will be able to enter Thailand quarantine-free!

Bangkok (photo credit: Joshua Rawson-Harris)


However, a pre-entry PCR test will be required.

So it’s not as convenient as going to the 55 countries that are open without any test requirements (or even the 23 others that only require the more affordable and convenient rapid antigen test, like the USA).

But it’s still great news! Especially since the rest of Southeast Asia is more restrictive.

You’ll have to test on arrival too, a requirement which is now quite rare. And there is also actually one single night of quarantine while waiting for the results. We don’t know if the test will be at the travelers’ expense; same for the hotel.

But considering that hotels are available for as little as $10 a night in Bangkok, we can hope that it will not be too expensive.


No other details were provided, but Flytrippers will follow the situation closely and update its guide to entry rules as soon as we know more.

For those who are interested, Thailand is obviously one of the most tourism-dependent countries in Asia.

Ko Hong (photo credit: Andrzej Suwara)


The government’s response to the pandemic has therefore had a terrible impact on their economy… and therefore on the quality of life of their citizens.

Initially, vaccinated travelers from only 10 countries were supposed to be allowed in starting in November. They decided to open up to many more.

But here’s what the country’s prime minister said:

“Waiting for everything to be perfect will be too late (…) We know that this is a rapid acceleration and there is a risk that the number of infected people will increase, but it’s a risk that we have to accept.”

This is the reality of 2021, sadly.


Tips for Thailand travel

We’ll be sharing several tips on Thailand soon, since interest in this destination is likely to be very high.

Ban Luang (photo credit: Bharath Mohan)


Also, don’t miss an article on how to get to Thailand at a low cost.

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Aloft Bangkok (photo credit: Marriott)


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More Thailand tips to follow soon!

You’ll be able to ask your questions during our Facebook Live travel Q&A on Monday November 1st at 9 PM if you want.


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As of November 1, fully vaccinated Canadians will be able to enter Thailand quarantine-free (actually, with a one-night quarantine).

What would you like to know about Thailand? Tell us in the comments below.


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Featured image: Thailand (photo credit: Sumit Chinchane)

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