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We had been planning our next couples trip for a long time, and we settled on a bucket list destination: Bali! This Indonesian island has many strings to its bow and can satisfy all budgets, from backpackers to luxury lovers.

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Here are the 5 destinations I loved on the island of Bali.


1. Uluwatu: the beach vibe

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Following a late arrival in Bali after a stopover in Seoul, our real trip began in Uluwatu, in the southwest of the island.

This really is THE town where I felt the beach life vibe the most. Everyone goes barefoot (even on scooters!). Real life is boardshorts, surfing, and… the famous smoothie bowls.

Bali and its smoothie bowls, a must (photo credit: Emilie Leblanc)


There were hardly any tourists at that time of the year (it was the rainy season). We were there from February 1st to 23rd, 2018, and most of the rain came at night: perfect.

Uluwatu also has some gorgeous beaches. In fact, if you’re passing through, you have to visit Impossibles Beach. The view is simply breathtaking.

Vue sur la «Impossible Beach» et «Bingin Beach»... Tout simplement à faire rêver!
View of Impossibles Beach and Bingin Beach (photo credit: Emilie Leblanc)


To get there, you have to climb down some rather tricky, rocky, and extremely slippery steps, but the scenery below is simply out of this world! Straight out of a postcard!

You can walk around the rocks at low tide and continue on to Bingin Beach, a popular spot for surfers. You can then keep going along the beach and follow a steep staircase to a wonderful cliff-top viewpoint. A popular spot for YouTubers!


2. Nusa Lembongan: the island paradise

It’s not technically on the island of Bali, but a stop on the small island of Nusa Lembongan, off the east coast of Bali, is in order.

From Sanur, we traveled to Nusa Lembongan by speedboat to explore this island located right next to the famous island of Nusa Penida. As we’re rather calm, we weren’t interested in the party life of the other well-known islands. Nusa Lembongan was the perfect answer to our need for serenity.

On the other hand, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to snorkel; a must on the islands! We were lucky enough to swim with giant manta rays at Manta Bay

Diving in Nusa Lembongan (photo credit: Emilie Leblanc)


What an incredible feeling to be so close to these marine creatures! The picture doesn’t do justice to the incredible moment of swimming with this giant manta ray! It’s from Mushroom Bay that we took a small boat to explore several bays. 

Apart from diving, this island (and the others around it) also offers us superb cliffs where we can witness marvelous sunsets over the sea… a paradise on Earth! A sunset reflected on the water… what could be more romantic when we’re traveling with someone!

Sunset at Nusa Lembongan (photo credit: Emilie Leblanc)


3. Lovina: the little hidden treasure

Lovina, on the north coast of the island of Bali, isn’t normally a favorite with backpackers, but for us, it was very central to everything we wanted to do in the surrounding area.

The Brahma Arama Vihara Buddhist temple and the Munduk waterfall were the most striking and beautiful places. 

Le temple bouddhiste «Brahma Arama Vihara»
Brahma Arama Vihara Buddhist temple (photo credit: Emilie Leblanc)


You can get there by scooter or taxi. Almost all the locals offer a “taxi” service. Ask at your hotel or hostel for someone you can trust, and don’t hesitate to haggle and compare prices with others.

Munduk Falls (photo credit: Emilie Leblanc)


4. Ubud: the best of Bali

Ubud is the most popular town for the culture and tea plantations in the center of the island.

And if, like me, you’re fascinated by primates, you’re in for a treat at Monkey Forest. A sanctuary where monkeys can roam as they please. I would have spent hours there! I love reading the intelligence in their eyes, seeing the young ones with their mothers, the interaction between clans, and so on. It’s a pleasure for me to observe these animals so close to human beings. They’re so cute.

Baby monkeys at Monkey Forest (photo credit: Emilie Leblanc)


Ubud is also the city of excellence for shopping! You’ll find everything here, but especially a lot of originality in the products. I found a number of very nice clothing boutiques, and what can I say about the jewelry! Wait until you get there before buying your souvenirs elsewhere. You’ll also be spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants, foot treatments, massages, and so on.


5. Seminyak: surfing

Seminyak was the town where we were introduced to surfing. An amazing experience that we will definitely repeat on our next trip!

Introduction to surfing: a must in Seminyak! (photo credit: Emilie Leblanc)


You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to surf schools.

All you have to do is turn up on the beach and you’ll definitely be approached. I invite you to watch the instructors at work on the sea with their apprentices to make the best choice for you. Some offer individual lessons, others group lessons.

My boyfriend Frédéric practicing before going out to sea (photo credit: Emilie Leblanc)


Inevitably, it’s so much hotter in Seminyak than in other cities that you won’t want to miss Double Six Beach to cool off.

Double Six Beach (photo credit: Emilie Leblanc)


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This is just a sneak peek of our 3-week stay in Bali. It was quite different from our stay in Malaysia the summer before, but we loved it so much! I would definitely recommend this destination to anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and recharge their batteries.


What would you like to know about this travel story in Bali? Tell us in the comments below.


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Featured image: Ubud and its rice fields (photo credit: Emilie Leblanc)

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