Visiting Turkey… via Europe

In April, Kevin and I had our first Flytrippers Trip together since launching the website and decided to make the most of what initially was a $300 roundtrip flight from Montreal to Amsterdam.

There are often great low fares to Europe on our flight deals page, with both Toronto and Montreal seeing flights to Europe at $500 available almost every day, but this time there was a great fare sale that allowed us to cross the Atlantic for only $300.

Although Amsterdam itself is an amazing destination, we wanted to go off the beaten path a bit more considering it was our first trip since Flytrippers officially launched as I just said. So we evaluated a few options, and considering going anywhere within Europe is extremely cheap, we had many options. We finally decided it would be Turkey.

Now, we will be updating this post in the coming days with detailed articles for each aspect of the trip, but here is below a few of the highlights.

Just to explain a bit how this new blog section will work, you’ve noticed many sections in the blog: Tips, Stories, Inspiration, News and also a Travel Hacking section. This category, Our Trips, will consist of a summary post for each of our trips, a trip report if you will. In these, we will give the highlights but most importantly we will link all relevant articles that will come of this trip in one main article, so you can follow us easily all along the trip.

Turkey Trip Report – Article Listing

  • Review of WOW air flight from Montreal to Reykjavik to Amsterdam
  • Review of Airport Lounge at Montreal Airport (coming soon)
  • Three day stopover in the Netherlands and Germany (coming soon)
  • Review of Wizz Air flight from Cologne-Bonn to Sofia (coming soon)
  • Amazing sleeper-train experience through Bulgaria and Turkey (coming soon)
  • Visiting Istanbul, one of the world’s greatest cities (coming soon)
  • Review of AnadoluJet flight from Istanbul to Denizli (coming soon)
  • Denizli, Pamukkale and the Turkish Riviera (coming soon)
  • Review of Pegasus Airlines flight from Antalya to Kayseri (coming soon)
  • Cappadocia and Ankara (coming soon)
  • Review of Ukraine International Air flight from Ankara to Kiyv to Amsterdam (coming soon)
  • A day in Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital (coming soon)
  • Various hotels and hostels reviews, including Cave Hotel in Cappadocia (coming soon)

So, as you can see, this was a pretty intense trip. With us being the only two people running the whole site, the flight deals section as well as everything else, we obviously had to work for a good part of the day, while making the most of exploring these exceptional destinations.

Without wanting to be too repetitive, please do come back soon to this post to get the links to all the more specific stories, but in the meantime, here are a few highlights to keep you waiting.

Turkey is amazing (and safe)

A lot of bad things have gone on in Turkey in recent months, but honestly, at no point did we ever feel unsafe. Never. It’s a shame that so many people have taken this amazing country off their list, because not too long ago Istanbul was the 5th most visited city in the world. And for good reason. So don’t hesitate.

You’ll be amazed at how little everything costs

So yeah, the airfare may add up to a bit higher than going to Western Europe, sure. But you’ll save so much money on literally everything else, you’ll come out way ahead by going to Turkey. Lodging is ridiculously cheap (we’re talking 3 or 4-star hotels for $20CAN in Istanbul, a 5-star Hilton DoubleTree for $40CAN in Cappadocia, etc.), food is even cheaper (not to mention delicious) and getting around in the country is, yes you guessed it, very very cheap.

Splitting up your flight could save you hundreds

Booking the flight in one itinerary is often much more expensive than getting the cheapest flight to Europe, and then making your way from wherever that brings you to Istanbul can be relatively cheap. Added bonus is you get to visit another European city in the same trip, which is what we did. Click here to learn more about this technique for your next trip, be it to Istanbul or Italy, Croatia or Hungary.

Istanbul is simply one of our planet’s most amazing cities

Known as Constantinople when it was the capital of the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul has thousands of years of history, and you feel it all when walking in the Old City and visiting the iconic Blue Mosque and other monuments.

The Mediterranean Coast is hard to beat

Europeans have known about how amazing Turkey’s Mediterrean Coast is for years, but not everyone this side of the pond thinks of Turkey for a beach vacation. The area around Antalya is as beautiful a coast as I’ve ever seen, and you get to experience the charming old port city of Antalya in the same day, instead of just lounging on a beach (which you can still do if you want).

Cappadocia is unlike anywhere else

If you’ve never heard of Cappadocia, it is a region in Central Turkey with unique landscapes and an out-of-this-world feeling. Sleeping inside a cave will also probably be a novel thing for most of you. The small town of Goreme, surrounded by the oddly-shaped hills and mountains, is a charming place to feel like you’re on a different planet.

Much more to come…

As I’ve already said twice now, bear with us while we develop our blog section and provide great content for you to dream and travel a bit through our trips. Come back soon to see a detailed post about all the above destinations, you’ll love it almost as much as we did.

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