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If you’re getting ready for your next trip and want to boost your language skills, Babbel has something for you — a great short-lived promotion with discounts of up to 60%, one of their best of the year. It’s also one of the best tools around, with over 16 million subscriptions sold!

Speaking the local language is undoubtedly one of the best ways to travel more authentically and improve your experience.

Here’s everything you need to know about this online language learning system: what sets Babbel apart from other platforms and the current promotion.


Overview of Babbel

Immersion is obviously the best way to learn a language, but when that’s not possible, Babbel is one of the best tools for those who are truly determined to succeed and serious about their objective.

Babbel is more than just another language-learning site:

  • One of the best online tools for successful learning
  • Voted “most innovative company in education”
  • Science-based approach, backed by Yale University and more
  • Proven and measured effectiveness to be able to speak
  • Method designed to promote information retention
  • Focus on learning useful phrases 
  • Portion of courses dedicated specifically to travel
  • One of the most reputable and oldest language sites
  • 16 million+ subscriptions sold
  • 20,000+ reviews on Trustpilot
  • Easy online registration in a few clicks
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The Babbel experience is fully customizable, with several choices of:

  • Subscription durations
    • For 1 month
    • For 6 months
    • For 1 year
    • For a lifetime with a one-time fixed payment (!!!)
  • Learning type
    • Autonomous
    • Live courses
    • Mix of both
  • Learning device
    • Babbel website
    • Babbel App
    • Mix of both
  • Knowledge levels
    • Beginner
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
  • Inclusions in your subscription
    • For a single language
    • For the whole 13 languages

The Babbel Lifetime subscription is the most interesting option for those passionate about languages and travel. If you think you’ll want access to a powerful tool like this for more than 1 year, it’s the best value for sure. It’s 60% off with the promotion I’ll explain in a second below.

Finally, here are the 13 languages offered on Babbel.

languages babbel
Languages offered on Babbel (image credit: Babbel)


Testimonial from a Flytrippers team member! "Thanks to Babbel, I've made incredible progress in Spanish, far beyond what I thought possible with an app!" — Campbell, Marketing Specialist at Flytrippers and Babbel user


Overview of Babbel spring sale

Here’s the basics of the sale for a very limited time:

  • Up to 60% off
    • 60% off lifetime plan
    • 55% off annual plan
    • 50% off 6-month plan
  • Their best promotion of the season
  • Ends at the end of the day on Sunday
  • On the official Babbel website

The price may seem high, but it is the most highly-rated tool (read on for alternatives).

Prices in $US (image credit: Babbel)


If you want to learn a language (or several languages) with Babbel, this is definitely the best time to subscribe! 

Spring sale (image credit: Babbel)


Alternatives to Babbel

If you want to compare, there are alternatives that can be interesting.

Here are 2 other highly-rated tools:

  • Rosetta Stone: lifetime plan for US$199 until March 24th (24 languages)
  • Pimsleur: annual plan for $205 but has free 7-day trial (50 languages)


Details of the Babbel company

With over 16 million subscriptions, Babbel is a renowned online learning platform dedicated to teaching you one or more foreign languages.

Founded in 2007, this Berlin-based company is a true pioneer in the field! 

Babbel revolutionized language learning by introducing the very first dedicated application. 

In fact, it was voted “most innovative company in education” by U.S. business magazine Fast Company in 2016.

The company continues to receive numerous awards over the years, including the recent “language learning award” by EdTechX in 2023.


Learning process with Babbel

When you choose Babbel, you pay for access to a website with live lessons and a self-learning app available on smartphones and tablets.

These 2 platforms offer interactive, personalized lessons in 13 languages, from Spanish to French,  German, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Danish, Polish, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish, Dutch, and Indonesian.

Babbel‘s lessons cover essential linguistic aspects, from grammar and pronunciation to vocabulary and reading comprehension.

The exercises, meanwhile, are designed to be interactive, to encourage students to practice daily over the long term. 

Babbel is available via various paid subscriptions, including Babbel for Life, which gives you access to all lessons AND all languages in a single payment.

You can also choose between subscriptions with automatic renewals, whether with the simple Babbel version for access to a single language, or Babbel Live for virtual lessons on Zoom with a teacher.

Babbel for Business is specially designed to meet the language needs of businesses, while Babbel Podcasts explores the accents and cultures specific to each country.

In September 2023, Babbel also acquired Toucan, a browser extension that automatically translates certain words on a web page into the language you want to learn.

If your goal is to acquire some language skills useful for everyday life, travel, or work, Babbel is a great place to start. 

Students particularly appreciate the adaptability, the quality of the lessons and the speech recognition feature to improve pronunciation.



You can take advantage of a great promotion offering discounts of up to 60% on subscriptions to the Babbel language platform. You’ll be able to learn or perfect one of the 13 languages available to users. It’s the perfect way to take to languages like a duck to water and impress the locals on your next trip! 


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