Aeroplan Family Pool Feature

One of the best new features of the Aeroplan program is the family pooling option. It’s also very innovative, as not many rewards programs allow this, especially not in a way that is as easy and simple as Air Canada.

I gave a brief introduction in our overview of the new Aeroplan program, but here is the in-depth look.


Family Pooling

Currently, every member has a separate account. This is manageable (and two-player mode is the best way to make earning travel rewards points a lot faster) but involves a bit more logistics.

Now, your entire family can pool their points together in one account. It is obviously a lot simpler this way, and it makes reaching a certain amount of points faster and easier too! It is an amazing new feature.

And it is not restrictive or complicated at all. Many programs don’t allow pooling at all. Others do, but For example, the best hotel rewards program for Canadians is Marriott Bonvoy, and a couple should each get a Marriott Bonvoy Card to get 50,000 points each. They then allow you



You can share your points

This is certainly an exciting addition! Aeroplan members will be able to join a group plan with up to eight members each. Once enrolled, everyone earns within their individual accounts, but balances are pooled, with each redemption pulling proportionally from all members. There are a few terms and conditions to keep in mind, as we’ll explain in a detailed post. But overall it’s a boon for families or even groups of friends who want to pool their points together.



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