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For anything as subjective as a favorite destination, polls, surveys, and even studies aren’t really worth much. But with that disclaimer said, I still wanted to share the results of a ranking of the “most loved” countries in Asia, as I’m sure they’ll surprise the more casual travelers. 

Here are the details.


The “most loved” country in Asia

The reality is that, sadly, most people always travel to places that are simply better known — and having visited 70+ countries, I can guarantee you that the better-known ones are not the best.

Unfortunately, many who haven’t had the chance to visit beautiful Malaysia would be surprised that it’s ranked as the #1 most loved country in Asia in that study.

It’s no surprise to us, as we love the country, and we’ve been telling you for 5+ years that it’s so amazing. I’m just glad to see this result so that I can remind you of how cool it is.

petronas twin tower kuala lumpur malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (photo credit: Izuddin Helmi Adnan)


Malaysia is super affordable too. Not the “I found Portugal affordable” kind of affordable; truly affordable. One of the most affordable countries in the world!

We shared this guide with examples of affordable accommodation in Malaysia to give you an idea.

nice affordable accommodations malaysia infographic flytrippers travel for less
See the full-size infographic


We also have other content about the country:

batu cave murugan statue gombak selangor malaysia
Batu Cave, Selangor, Malaysia (photo credit: Rc Cf)


The other “most loved” countries in Asia

In case you are wondering, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates complete the top 5 in this “study”.

taiwan countries most loved asia survey malaysia trip
Taiwan (photo credit: Jay Chen)


Again, it all depends on the metrics you use, as always. This study is by Insider Monkey, a stock market website, so I’m not sure what they know specifically about travel.

The best way to know which country in Asia you’ll prefer is the same as for anything else in the world of travel: just put in some time to do some research. It’s 2024, and literally anything you want to know is findable in a few clicks.

The more time you invest in preparing and planning your trip, the more affordable AND enjoyable your trip will be. It’s really that simple. It’s arguably THE most important thing to understand.

It’s 1 of the 7 most important tips to travel for less at the beginning of our free ebook with 100+ tips.

The best way to find out what you prefer in terms of travel is to travel more so you can experience more different places. It’s really easy to travel more if you want to; just follow all the tips in that free ebook.

For any continent, Flytrippers highly recommends trying to explore each region at least once, as they’re all so different. It will give you an idea of what you love the best.

You can read our teaser of the 6 different regions in Asia.


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A new study reveals Malaysia as the most loved country in Asia. This might surprise infrequent travelers who usually prefer more well-known destinations. However, it is unsurprising to us, as we’ve been praising Malaysia for years as an exceptional and affordable destination.


What would you like to know about Malaysia? Tell us in the comments below.


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Featured image: Sibu Island, Malaysia (photo credit: Louis Gan)

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