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Flights to Europe for as little as $320 roundtrip could be interesting for those who need to get there. PLAY, the Icelandic ultra low-cost carrier (ULCC) with whom Flytrippers is giving away a pair of free tickets to Iceland, is currently offering a 25% off sale to 9 great European destinations.

Since 2017 we’ve been sharing our expertise on how to save on flights with you, and if you’ve been following us for the slightest bit of time, you know that airline “sales” are to be taken with a large grain of salt, and that they’re often not as interesting as the real deals.

But ULCCs are sometimes the exception, so here are the details of the PLAY flight sale.


Basics of the PLAY flight sale

Here are the basics of the PLAY sale:

  • 25% off the base fare
    • As always it excludes taxes and surcharges
  • Limited seats obviously
    • As always for all flight deals on the planet
  • No promo code required
    • Contrary to the usual with ULCCs
  • For 9 of PLAY’s 26 destinations
    • Listed below
  • Special sale from Hamilton (YHM)
Sale banner (image credit: PLAY)


In Canada, PLAY only serves Hamilton airport (YHM). But depending on the prices for your dates and lots of other factors that depend on each traveler (and even each specific trip), it can sometimes be worth it to leave from there even if you don’t live that close.

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Dates of the PLAY flight sale

Here are the dates for the PLAY sale:

  • Bookings:
    • May 21 to 26, 2024
  • Flights:
    • June to December 2024

Obviously, the longer you wait, the fewer seats will be available at the lowest prices. As always. That’s the most basic thing about plane ticket deals. 


Destinations of the PLAY flight sale

Here are the 9 eligible destinations and examples of roundtrip prices we’ve spotted:

These are just a few of the dates, and there are many more easy to find (next section).

PLAY flight sale destinations
PLAY flight sale destinations (image credit: Unsplash & Flytrippers)


PLAY also offers a stopover program called “STAYover” which allows you to spend up to 10 days in Iceland during your connection. Like all stopover programs, they say it’s free, but it’s not really because the price of the flights becomes more expensive (it’s just that there is no specific fee added).

It’s not very expensive though, and it’s certainly worthwhile for those who want to combine Iceland with their real destination.

STAYover banner (image credit: PLAY)


How to do the research for the PLAY flight sale

Here’s how to do a flight search during the PLAY sale:

  • Flytrippers spotted a few dates to help you out (links in the section above)
    • As is often the case, you can find much more
  • PLAY is one of the airlines that makes it easy enough to see the deals
    • There’s a calendar view to find the lowest prices
Calendar view of prices (image credit: PLAY)


How to make the reservation during the PLAY flight sale

Here’s how to make a flight booking during the PLAY sale (or ANY flight):

  • ALWAYS compare all airlines on an aggregator (Skyscanner)
    • Just because there’s a sale doesn’t mean it’s the best price
    • Compare the price WITH your extras if you want extras
    • For everything in travel, you just have to take the time to compare
  • Compare AGAIN even after you’ve chosen your airline and your flight
    • Look at the price on the PLAY website directly
    • Compare the price of the same flight on Skyscanner
    • Always book with the airline if the difference is small
  • Pay with the right credit card with free insurance
    • If you want to use travel rewards for the flight, use the card that has them
    • If not, the card on which you are unlocking a huge welcome bonus
    • If not, the card that has insurance and the best multiplier rate on travel
    • As a last resort, the card that at least has insurance
  • Pay with cash or use the rewards of the more simple type
    • Sale prices are often very low
    • So it’s not worth wasting points of the more lucrative type


Basics of the PLAY airline

PLAY is an ultra low-cost carrier, so all that’s included is a seat and a small bag that fits under the seat in front of you.

Based in Iceland, PLAY is in some ways the successor to WOW air, which tried to grow too fast. PLAY has been quite a bit more conservative, which is why they still only serve 4 airports in North America, even though they’ll be celebrating their 3rd anniversary in June.

Destinations (image credit: PLAY)


Like most ULCCs, the airline has a very recent airplane fleet — in fact, it’s the newest of all European airlines. 

All 10 airplanes are narrowbodies from the Airbus A320 family. 

Plane – A320neo aircraft (image credit: PLAY)


Basics of deals and airplane ticket sales

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PLAY’s flight sale can be interesting even if you have to fly out of Hamilton, Ontario. Prices are slightly lower than their already usually low prices, with 25% off base fares to certain European destinations.


What would you like to know about the PLAY flight sale? Tell us in the comments below.


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Featured image: Copenhagen & Paris (photo credit: Rolands Varsbergs & Ilnur Kalimullin)

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