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Many still believe in the most persistent myth in the world of travel: that traveling is necessarily expensive. This simply isn’t true. What is expensive is when you want travel to be as convenient as possible.

When you really want to discover the world and visit new places, you can. If you’re ready to make choices that are certainly less “practical” (but allow you to travel at low prices), it’s possible to visit dozens of countries for under C$35 a day. Here is the first part of this new series, 5 countries that you can visit for less than C$25 a day.

It’s really not that hard to travel like a backpacker, and it’s just as fun to travel this way (some would say even more fun). It allows you to see more places in the world than you ever thought possible… it allows you to simply travel more. Traveling doesn’t cost that much when you make the right choices.

What are these choices? Sleeping in hostels (they’re great by the way but if you’re travelling with a companion, you can sometimes even find private rooms and stay within the aforementioned budget), walking or taking public transit, eating in local restaurants or eating street food, choosing free activities… but most importantly before you leave, you must find a great deal for your flight and above all, you must choose the right destination.

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Because of course, if you’re going to Scandinavia or Western Europe, no matter what you do, yes traveling will be expensive (there are tips to reduce the cost… but it’s still expensive). But if you choose an affordable destination, you’ll quickly realize that the cost of living is infinitely lower than at home and you’ll be able to travel without breaking the bank.

We already wrote an article on how to choose the cheapest countries, it was extremely popular so we are back with an exhautive series and a more detailed ranking of countries. It was inspired by the map mentioned in the previous article and various rankings found online, including that of MyFunkyTravel.

We also included our own added-value: how to find cheap plane tickets for each destination. More details in future blog posts (we have 4 new articles out every week by the way, on top of our daily flight deals from 9 Canadian cities).

One last note before the ranking. As mentioned, the purpose of this ranking is to show you the cost once you’re at the destination (including local transportation). It does not take into account the initial plane ticket to get there because everyone leaves for a different amount of time, at a different time of the year and from a different airport, so we can’t guess over how many days you can spread out the plane ticket cost or how much it would cost from your airport or if you are buying tickets at a higher price than you should for lack of flexibility. So like all daily travel budgets you’ll ever find, they include everything but the cost to actually get there.

But that will be another series of articles after this series of articles about the cost of living. We’re eventually going to combine this ranking with the flight prices to make an Ultimate Guide of Cheap Travel Destinations, with the total prices to be expected for trips of 2, 3, 4 and 6 weeks, which will include all costs, if you’re flexible on flights, of course. Finding a cheap flight requires a minimum of flexibility, more on that too in a few days.

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So our recommendation is to be open to several destinations for your next trip, it will increase your chances of finding a cheap flight for your dates and therefore increase your chances to be able to go to a country where traveling is cheap.


Other Details

These are obviously approximate figures… each traveler is different and it’s easy to exceed $25 per day if you splurge too often, as these costs will accumulate quickly. That said, it’s also possible to make it even more affordable than that, this is my case because I’m very economical with food and activities. Others manage to lower these prices even further by lowering their quality standards for hostels. There are lots of variables, but this is a very fair evaluation.

So these are references, a cost for the average backpacker … and a very good figure to give an idea of which countries are affordable. Subscribe to our free newsletter to make sure not to miss the rest of the rankings (Part 2 under $25/day, then under $30/day, $35/day and finally under $50/day).


Countries Under $25/Day

So here are the Top 5 destinations where you can travel with less than C$25 a day (or C$175 a week), with a focus on Asia today.



A beautiful country, that many dream of visiting. Still a little less touristy than Thailand (for now at least), Vietnam is a perfect country to experience Southeast Asia for the first time… and it is very affordable.

The beaches are beautiful and even the cities are apparently amazing to visit. We’ve never been there personally ourselves, but if you’d like to share your experience, we are always looking for new guest bloggers!
How to Get to Vietnam Cheap

Deals for Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City come up from time to time, between $500 and $900 depending on where you’re departing from. Otherwise, if there’s a deal for Malaysia, Thailand or Singapore, sometimes it’s worth seeing if you can save money by buying that deal and combining with an ultra low-cost flight (on a multi-ticket itinerary) since Asian flights are so cheap. It won’t always work, but depending on the price for the flight on a single itinerary, it’s worth the comparison. You can use the steps detailed in this article about custom flight searches to check it out.



Let’s stay in Southeast Asia for this one, another fan-favorite destination that budget travelers love, Cambodia.

Located between Thailand and Vietnam, with a short coastline on the Gulf of Thailand, Cambodia is a little less popular than its neighbors, but just as pretty. There are many palaces and temples, including, of course, Angkor Wat shown above, the most recognized in the country (or is it the world?).

How to Get to Cambodia Cheap

Deals for Phnom Penh are much rarer, we only saw it a few times under the $1,000 mark. That said, you can get there relatively easily from Thailand or Vietnam, buses are less than $20, it can often be worthwhile for the savings as flights to those destinations are often more affordable.



Already the last country in Southeast Asia, and no it’s not Thailand (can you believe it’s not even in the Top 3 cheapest countries in the area). Laos is the one. It is the only landlocked country in the region (no access to the sea) but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other charms in this country.

Also located between Thailand and Vietnam, Laos is less touristy but these majestic mountains make it just as pretty.

How to Get to Laos Cheap

Deals for Vientiane, the capital and main hub, are very rare, tickets are often $1,000 and even more so again, knowing that we often have Thailand at around $500 to $700, sometimes it’s worth it to build yourself a 2-in-1 trip to see two awesome destinations and save money.



India is a country on many travelers’ bucket list. Know that the financial aspect should not be too much of a problem if you are one of those who want to go there, as it is one of the most affordable countries in the world.

I don’t even need to describe this country too much, everyone has already seen pictures of the Taj Mahal. But you should know that there is much more to discover there, it’s great… and there are 1 billion people who live there!

How to Get to India Cheap

Deals for India are quite common, be it Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and sometimes Mumbai and Kolkata. We are talking about $500 – $900 depending on the deal and your departing city.



Nepal is best known for Mount Everest, but it’s a beautiful country that is a popular destination for a spiritual and relaxing journey.

Located between India and China, Nepal is a unique country… and also a very affordable one.

How to Get to Nepal Cheap

Deals for Nepal are fairly common in the western part of the country but almost non-existent in the eastern part. New Delhi (India) is relatively close, so it’s an option if you come across very expensive dates in Kathmandu (or a good deal to New Delhi), it can be worth it.



Complete List at Less Than $25/day

  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Laos
  • India
  • Nepal
  • 5 more to come next week


Bottom Line

Here are the Top 5 countries under $25 a day, don’t miss the next parts of the ranking every week!

Have you ever visited these countries? If not, which countries were the cheapest for you?

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