You are currently viewing 15 Photos Of Greece That Will Make You Want To Go Now

Greece is a very popular country to travel to (with good reason)! I challenge you to take a look at these pictures and NOT be tempted to just leave right away!

If you really want to go, maybe you’ve noticed, but Greece is not a destination that we often spot at discounted prices on our cheap flight deals page. But that does not mean that you should pay the $1,000 to $1,500 that you will often find on flight search tools when you look for your flight from Canada to Athens.

No, if you’re flexible with your dates, you can often save hundreds of dollars by simply applying our multi-ticket itinerary technique: flights within Europe are often under $100 roundtrip, very often under $200 roundtrip. So buy the cheapest deal to Europe (often $600-$800 depending on your departure city) and buy a roundtrip from there to Greece. Sometimes it will be worth it (and you get to visit a bonus city on your self-made stopover, yay!)

Soon, we’ll share an ideal itinerary to discover Greece and also an article about the hanging monasteries of Meteora specifically very soon. To be sure you don’t miss anything, subscribe to our free newsletter (if you haven’t already done so)!

So here are 15 pictures that will make you want to go to Greece.

1. Santorini

A classic. The famous island with all the gorgeous white buildings.


2. Milos

One of the most unique and impressive beaches! 


3. Athens

The capital is one of the oldest cities in the world.


4. Corfu

If you like islands, you’ll love Greece. 


5. Temple of Poseidon

There are many historical sites in this country.


6. Glyka

A beautiful view of another well-hidden beach!


7. Petani Beach

Do you like clear water? 


8. Santorini Meal

Greek food + incredible Greek views.


9. Mykonos

Known as the nightlife island, Mykonos also seems to be beautiful during daytime! 


10. Meteora

We cheated here with a video instead of a pic because the monasteries of Meteora are well worth it. 


11. Vitsa

There are also incredible landscapes without a sea view in Greece.


12. Hydra

Another one of those magnificent islands. 


13. Parga

A very Mediterranean vibe!


14. Vikos

Maybe not your first idea of Greece, but wow.


15. Corfu

Crazy view, don’t you think?


BONUS. Santorini at night.

Another one of Santorini (how to resist). This time illuminated at night, with the Moon in the background.


Greece is simply stunning. We hope we inspired you enough to book a flight to Greece soon! We recommend avoiding the summer season obviously (like the rest of Europe) unless you really don’t have any other choice. May or September would be pretty good. 

Have you ever visited Greece? What did you enjoy the most? If not, what makes you want to go? 

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Cover image: Santorini 

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