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It turns out, if you want a destination that will pay for a portion of your trip, you’ll have to go back to dreaming about Sicily instead of Japan. But to cheer you up, I’ll tease that despite the prevailing opinion, there is actually a reason for some optimism in terms of the cost of future travel (yes, for real).

Last week, we told you about Japan’s plan to pay for half of travelers’ expenses with a C$17 billion fund. We’ve already got some news, and it’s not good.


Japan’s travel subsidy plan

When Sicily announced they’d pay for a portion of your trip, Flytrippers actually reached out to the tourism office to confirm, because the news outlet that reported it wasn’t well-known and no one else picked up on it… which seemed suspicious.

For Japan, the tourism agency chief was quoted in the Japan Times, a very reliable source, Japan’s largest English-language media outlets… and countless outlets around the world covered it.

But it turns out the Japan Times did not have all the details. The plan really does involve billions of dollars to pay for travelers’ expenses… but it will be only for domestic tourism only, unfortunately.

We told you in that initial article that how great this offer was would really depend on what the conditions were, but it turns out the conditions simply exclude us. Sad.

By the way, when Sicily tourism officials confirmed their own plan to me, there was no such mention, even though I clearly stated Flytrippers’ audience was Canadian.

So there is still hope for the beautiful southern Italian island.

We’ll keep looking out for info about that one and let you know (and other opportunities too, as part of our upcoming ultimate guide on how to start traveling again when it’s time to do so).


Future travel optimism

Unlike many seem to think, there’s actually a reason for optimism about the cost of future travel. Everyone seems so negative, but it might not be all bad, especially if you’re like us and can be flexible for deals!

I don’t want to scoop our upcoming feature on the hot-topic issue of whether flight prices will go up or down, but… so many countries depend on tourism, and the whole travel industry will want to get people traveling as quickly as possible, there will probably be great deals to be found! And we’ll find them for you.

We actually shared Japan flights for $450 roundtrip from Toronto and Montreal before the pandemic, among so many other amazing 50%-off deals. We can say with confidence, there will still be great deals if you are quick enough to snap them up!

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The details we were waiting for about Japan’s C$17 billion plan to pay half of travelers’ expenses are partly available, and quite simply, it excludes all international travel and is only meant to encourage domestic tourism.

What do you think of the future cost of travel? Tell us in the comments below.


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Featured image: Japanese street (photo credit: Jezael Melgoza)

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    Thanks for the update. The rumours out there seem to suggest that air travel is going to be expensive from now on. I’ve heard people say that we will revert back to decades ago when only the super rich could afford to travel. I hope this won’t be the case.

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