HSBC World Elite® Mastercard®

This offer is only available to residents of Canada other than the province of Québec (Québec residents eligible for separate offer).

Flytrippers opinion: The lowest offer ever seen on this specific card.
Flytrippers Valuation
of Welcome bonus (net value)

card closed for new applications
≈ –$49

Rewards: ≈ $100*

Card fee: $149

Earn HSBC Rewards
more valuable rewards

Uses: for specific flights
or for any travel expense
How to unlock bonus
no welcome bonus

(*minimum value: $200 as fixed-value rewards
*maximum value: unlimited)
Card eligibility
min. income: $80k (or $150k household)

Welcome bonus eligibility
must not have had this specific card in the past 12 mos.
Terms and conditions apply. Flytrippers editorial opinion only. HSBC is not responsible for maintaining the content on this site. Please click "Apply Now" to see most up-to-date information.

Summary of Flytrippers' review


  • Welcome bonus of ≈ $71
  • Points that are very flexible
  • No foreign transaction fees (FX fees)
  • Excellent earn rates
  • Excellent insurance coverage


How to learn more

Card details

Welcome bonus structure

20,000 points Bonus after making 1 purchase (no minimum spending)

Earn on the minimum spending requirement

0 points No earn on the minimum spending requirement (there is no minimum spending requirement)

Total rewards by unlocking the welcome bonus

20,000 points Welcome bonus

‣Apply for the HSBC World Elite® Mastercard®

Flytrippers Valuation of the welcome bonus

≈ $120 Bonus after 1 purchase (20,000 pts at ≈ 0.6¢/pt)
$100 Annual travel credit (can be cashed out)
–$149 Card fee (deducted from Flytrippers Valuation)

≈ $71 Total net value by unlocking the welcome bonus alone

(≈ 7100% back on the minimum spending requirement of $1)

Learn more our Flytrippers Valuation of welcome bonuses

Minimum fixed value of the welcome bonus

$100 Bonus after 1 purchase (20,000 pts at 0.5¢/pt)
$100 Annual travel credit (can be cashed out)
–$149 Card fee (deducted from Flytrippers Valuation)

$51 Total net value by unlocking the welcome bonus alone

(5100% back on the minimum spending requirement of $1)

‣Learn more about the minimum fixed value of HSBC points (coming soon)

Rewards from welcome bonus

You will have 20,000 HSBC points after unlocking the Welcome Bonus AND a travel credit ($100).

That gives you either:

  • ≈ $120 in rewards at the Flytrippers Valuation + $100
  • $100 in rewards at the simpler minimum fixed value + $100

Learn more about the best uses of HSBC points

Earn rate (at Flytrippers Valuation)

6 points per $ (≈ 3.6%):

  • Travel

4 points per $ (≈ 2.4%):

2 points per $ (≈ 1.2%):

  • Everywhere else

‣Learn more about credit card earn rates (coming soon)

Earn rate (at minimum fixed value)

6 points per $ (3%):

  • Travel

4 points per $ (2%):

2 points per $ (1%):

  • Everywhere else

Earning with additional cards

Fee for additional cards: $0
Quantity allowed: 4
Minimum age: N/A

‣Learn more about additional cards (coming soon)

No foreign transaction fees
One of the few cards in Canada that does not charge a 2.5% fee for all foreign currency transactions.

Learn more on foreign currency transaction fees

$100 Annual Travel Credit
A travel credit applicable to any travel expense (and that can even be cashed out with our tip).

Learn more about the HSBC annual travel credit

Free global access to Boingo Wi-Fi
Access over 1 million Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide through the Boingo program.

‣Learn about the Boingo Wi-Fi program (coming soon)

10% discount on hotels
Via Expedia for HSBC and Agoda for HSBC. But always compare on other sites to see if the price is really lower.

‣Learn more about discounts from booking sites (coming soon)

Membership in the Mastercard Travel Pass by DragonPass
Warning: Many cards offer membership AND free lounge access passes; this one just gives membership and no free passes.

‣Learn more about airport lounge access (coming soon)

Insurance included

Medical travel insurance for 31 days (64 years and under)
Medical travel insurance for 21 days (65 years and above)
Trip cancellation insurance
Trip interruption insurance
Flight delay insurance
Baggage delay insurance
Rental car insurance
Lost or stolen luggage insurance
Hotel burglary insurance
Travel accident insurance
Purchase insurance
Extended warranty
Mobile device insurance
Price protection

‣Learn more about HSBC World Elite® Mastercard® insurance coverage (coming soon)

Insurance not included


‣Learn more about the different types of insurance coverage (coming soon)

HSBC Rewards points can be used for specific flights to maximize their value (via transfers to partner programs). But they can also be used as a simple travel credit (which can be applied to any travel expense).

Learn more about the HSBC Rewards program

HSBC points are hybrid rewards: they can be used as fixed-value rewards (fixed value of 0.5¢) or variable-value rewards (value depending on how you use them; our Flytrippers Valuation is ≈ 0.6¢, which is ≈ 20% more).

Learn more about the value of HSBC points (coming soon)

HSBC points never expire as long as you have the card. And even if you no longer have the card, it’s possible to extend the expiration indefinitely easily.

Learn more about HSBC points expiration

If you have travel companions, it’s possible to combine HSBC points via transfer partners.

Learn more about pooling HSBC points

HSBC points can be transferred to multiple partner programs and this often provides the best value.

Learn more about HSBC point transfers

Other redemption options
HSBC points can be used for rewards other than travel but this should be avoided.

Learn more about why you should always use your rewards for travel (coming soon)

Logistics of redemptions
You can use your points directly on the HSBC website.

Learn more about how to get started with HSBC Rewards (coming soon)

Program summary
Rewards: HSBC Points
Type: Hybrid rewards
Subtype (fixed value): “Eraser” or “Standard” rewards
Subtype (variable value): “Standard” rewards
Variety: Bank rewards 
Flytrippers Valuation: ≈ 0.6¢ per point
Minimum value: 0.5¢ per point
Maximum value: Unlimited
Transferable: Yes (3 partners)

Learn more about rewards programs basics (coming soon)

Card eligibility
Minimum income: $80,000 (personal) OR $150,000 (household)
Age: Majority in your province
Estimated credit score: Good or Excellent
Credit bureau: Equifax

Learn more about credit card eligibility requirements (coming soon)

Welcome bonus eligibility
Within the 12 months prior to application, you must not have had the HSBC World Elite® Mastercard® , HSBC Premier World Elite Mastercard, or HSBC Metal World Elite Mastercard.

Learn more about credit card welcome bonus eligibility rules (coming soon)

Offer end date
Offer may be changed at any time

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Card details
Issuer: HSBC
Network: Mastercard
Card Type: Credit card
Product Type: Personal card

‣Learn more about credit card types (coming soon)

Fees and rates
Card fee: $149
Card fee (net): $49 after $100 annual credit
Fee for additional card: $0
FX fee: 0%
Purchase annual interest rate: 20.99%
Cash advance annual interest rate: 22.99%
Balance transfer fee: 22.99%
Cash advance fee: $5

Learn more about why Flytrippers recommends ignoring fees and rates (coming soon)

Special offer: Earn 20,000 points ($100 travel value) and receive a $100 annual travel enhancement credit. Conditions apply.

o Welcome Bonus – 20,000 points ($100 travel value)

o Receive a $100 annual travel enhancement credit

  • Primary Cardholder Annual Fee: $149
  • Annual Interest on Purchases: 20.99% (19.9% for Quebec residents)
  • Annual Interest on Cash Advances and Balance Transfers: 22.99% (21.99% for Quebec residents)
  • Supplementary card annual fee: $0 per card

Rates and fees

Enjoy an annual fee rebate if you’re an HSBC Private, Premier, or Advance client

*Terms and Conditions apply

®/TM Mastercard and World Elite are registered trademarks, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. Used pursuant to licence.

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