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You’ve probably heard about the upcoming solar eclipse in April. This extremely rare phenomenon will be even more impressive to see from the sky. Delta, a U.S. airline, is organizing a special flight to admire the totality up close for as long as possible, but you’ve got plenty of other options too.

Here are the details of the Delta flight for the 2024 solar eclipse.


Overview of the Delta flight for the solar eclipse

Here are the highlights:

  • On April 8, 2024, a rare total solar eclipse will darken the sky
  • Eclipse chasers book flights to maximize this incredible experience 
  • Delta Air Lines organized a special flight from Austin to Detroit
  • The trajectory coincides almost perfectly with the eclipse’s path of totality
  • The schedule is designed to extend the viewing time of the eclipse
  • So that passengers can fully enjoy the celestial spectacle
  • Other regular flights have also a trajectory that allows you to admire the eclipse 
Warning Observing the Sun during a total eclipse can severely damage your eyes. Therefore, you must use special eclipse glasses or observe it indirectly. Glasses will be mandatory aboard the special Delta flight, for example!


Map of the special Delta flight and solar eclipse totality trajectory

Here’s a map to help you visualize the appeal of the special flight, or help you book a different one.

Map of the special Delta flight and the solar eclipse (image credit: NASA, edited by Flytrippers)


List of flights for the solar eclipse

Delta’s special flight for the solar eclipse is operated by an A220-300 (the former Canadian CSeries), which has extra-wide windows for even greater visibility. It’s Delta Flight 1218, and it will take off from Austin at 12:15 PM Central Time, arriving in Detroit at 4:20 PM Eastern Time. 

This Delta Flight 1218 has been very popular and has been fully booked since February 20, but don’t lose hope!

If you too would like to observe this rare phenomenon from the sky, you can book another flight with the same or other airlines.

There are plenty of options available, since the North American airspace looks like this at any given time of day, whether or not it pleases those who don’t want to travel more.

Airspace at 3:07 PM Eastern Wednesday (image credit: Flightradar24)


If you’re interested, you can also manually search for other flights.

For example, Air Canada and American have direct flights that seem good:

Direct flights between Texas and Montréal are in the air on a close trajectory, but maybe just a little too early:

Otherwise, you need to search for flights from Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, or Houston to Detroit, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Cleveland, or St. Louis at these times. 

Kiwi is our preferred tool for extensive searches like this.

Important Click directly on our Kiwi link (and any of our links) or save our Kiwi link in your favorites, instead of going directly to their site! It allows you to support Flytrippers at absolutely no cost to you!


In addition to the special flight mentioned, Delta has shared a list of other scheduled flights that also offer you the opportunity to observe part of the eclipse:

You can still find tickets for a minimum of US$180 (C$243) one-way in economy class, depending on the flight you choose. Hurry, they’re selling out quickly!


How to book a flight for the solar eclipse

To book these flights, first check the price on the Skyscanner aggregator, as you should always do. 

If the airline’s website is not listed in the results, go directly to the airline’s website to compare prices. Enter the following information in the search bar: cities (departure and arrival) and date. Then select the right flight at the times indicated above. 

Basic rule Always book your tickets directly on the airline's website if the price is similar. Third-party sites are good for the SEARCHING step, which is completely separate from the BOOKING step!


Otherwise, you always have the option of observing the eclipse from the ground if you live in the path or if you go somewhere on the path for a long weekend (it falls on a Monday).


Why is there a Delta flight for the solar eclipse?

This spring, you can witness a rare celestial event when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, creating a total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024.

It’s your last chance to witness this phenomenon in the U.S. for the next 20 years! In Canada, it’s even rarer, as the next one will occur in 2106.

Astronomy enthusiasts are rushing to make travel plans to capture every moment of this extraordinary event.

Indeed, eclipse chasers maintain that the experience is even more exceptional from the air, aboard an airplane, particularly due to the altitude providing a clear sky.

Delta Air Lines is taking advantage of the growing trend toward astrotourism by offering this special flight that will follow the path of the eclipse.


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Featured image: Solar eclipse (photo credit: Jongsun Lee)

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