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Welcome to the enchanting city of Florence, Italy, where history and Renaissance art dance through the cobbled streets, revealing architectural wonders at every turn. Tuscany’s picturesque wine country also attracts visitors from around the world every year. 

Soon, wine will be even more prominent for travel itineraries that include Florence.


Overview of the Florence airport rooftop vineyard

In an effort to enhance services for this splendid city, Florence airport (FLR) is undergoing construction with a special emphasis on celebrating the region’s grapes.

And celebrating is the word as there will be a 19-acre vineyard with 38 rows of vines on the new terminal’s rooftop! Yes, you read that right!

Aerial view of the airport rooftop vineyard (photo credit: ©Rafael Viñoly Architects)


Just picture it: You’ve just landed in Florence and you’re sipping on a glass of wine that comes directly from the gigantic vineyard directly above you.

Prominent vintners in the region will oversee the cultivation and harvesting of the wine. Specialized cellars will also be installed on-site. 

The specific grape types as well as the name of the chosen local wine producer have not been revealed yet. 


Environmental impact of the Florence airport rooftop vineyard

This sustainable initiative will pay tribute to the region’s commitment and love for viticulture while also having environmental benefits. 

Indeed, the rooftop vineyard will act as a thermal insulator system. The soil and plants will help to achieve the LEED Platinum certification, the most widely used green building rating system.

Plus, the airport will blend more seamlessly into the landscape, which is non-negligible in such a pretty city like Florence.

Aerial view of the airport rooftop vineyard (photo credit: ©Rafael Viñoly Architects)


Florence airport renovations

From the iconic landmarks such as the Duomo and the Ponte Vecchio to the famous museums showcasing masterpieces, Florence is a top destination for art enthusiasts and travelers seeking a full taste of Italian culture. 

Its airport is, currently, getting a makeover to welcome everyone. It‘s getting a new terminal, featuring 6 gates for arrivals and departures, a spacious public piazza, as well as a light rail line from the airport to the city center.

Piazza view (photo credit: ©Rafael Viñoly Architects)


Rafael Viñoly Architects is behind this massive project. Renowned for building over 120 contemporary architectural wonders across the globe, the group has already worked on several airport terminals before, namely the Abha airport (AHB) in Saudi Arabia, the Montevideo airport (MVD) in Uruguay, and the Guadalajara airport (GDL) in Mexico.

Fun fact: Kevin, Flytrippers’ co-founder, worked on the terminal expansion project at the Calgary airport (YYC). As a civil engineer, that’s really the only link between the travel industry and his education!

The upcoming terminal in Florence will span 538,195 square feet. To put that into context, that’s about twice the size of Canada’s newest airport terminal, Montreal-Metropolitan airport (YHU) currently under construction in the city’s suburbs.

Florence is ambitious: while 2.2 million passengers went through the airport in 2022, the new terminal is being designed to cater to almost 6 million passengers. 

You’ll have to wait a little before tasting your first “airport wine”, as the first phase of renovations should be completed by 2026, and the last phase by 2035.


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Featured image: Aerial view of the airport rooftop vineyard (photo credit: ©Rafael Viñoly Architects)

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