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I’m really not one to make big purchases, but there is one item that I splurged on … and I did not regret it: BOSE QuietComfort 25 headphones (and they are 50% off today).

In addition to our cheap flight deals, we also regularly publish blog posts with our best travel tips.

Here is one of my favorite tips, one that made my 65 flights in 2017 (and the 30+ already in 2018) much more enjoyable … especially since I travel very often on ultra low-cost airlines and I often take flights with layovers (the two best tips to save money on your flights and therefore travel more often).

BOSE QuietComfort 25 Earphones

We talked about it yesterday, Amazon Prime Day offers great discounts on many travel accessories (and other items of course). With an Amazon Prime membership (free for 30 days), you can take advantage of these great deals, today only.

The best one, in our opinion, is the discount of almost 50% on the favorite headphones of a lot of frequent travelers, the BOSE QuietComfort 25. You probably already have seen travelers with these headphones on one of your flights. They really are extremely popular with travelers.

And with good reason. These headphones are really great, especially to eliminate the inherent noise that comes with air travel. It does makes a difference, it can’t be described in writing and nor shown in video, but you will see, it is quite impressive how well they work.

The sound quality to listen to music or podcasts is also excellent, given the quality of BOSE products.

Today only, these high quality headphones are only $149 instead of $295. It’s very rare that they are discounted, and this is by far the best price ever seen for these headphones.

Those who know me know that I am extremely cost-conscious, even more on objects like this. But I can honestly say that it was a great purchase considering how much these headphones make the airplane experience more enjoyable (and considering how often I’m on planes?).

In summary, there are obviously many other models of cheaper headphones on sale today on Prime Day, but if you want to invest in a high-end model that works very well and is heavily discounted, this is your opportunity!

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