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The room

One of the best parts of my trip in the Miraflores area was the great experience at the hotels I had the chance to stay in, especially this one. Here is a review of the Andesmar Hotel & Suites.

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For my first trip to South America, I visited Peru last year thanks to a great deal found on our cheap flight deals page. Usually, my trips combine both working on the website and exploring new places, but this trip was my annual summer vacation with my girlfriend, so we had a busy itinerary in many beautiful regions of Peru, including many days in the capital city of Lima, mostly in the vibrant district of Miraflores.

I visited many different hotels since I like variety and I also like to experience different neighborhoods: you can see all the hotel reviews in my Peru trip report.

So here’s what it’s like to stay at the Andesmar Hotel & Suites.

The Hotel

The Andesmar Hotel & Suites is a small but chic hotel with beautiful modern rooms and a very nice rooftop terrace.

View of Miraflores


The Andesmar Hotel & Suites is located in Miraflores, one of the 43 districts of the city of Lima. Once more of a residential neighborhood, now it is thriving and filled with tourists and businesses. To many, it is the heart of the city.

This part of the city is packed with things to do, like going to the outdoor Larcomar mall, taking a romantic walk in the Parque del Amor (park of love) and seeing the beautiful ocean view of the Pacific. You can even indulge in delicious crepes at Beso Francés Crepería nearby. The hotel is close to everything and you can go to all these locations on foot, making this a great hotel for Miraflores.

Map of Andesmar Hotel & Suites in Miraflores, Lima

To reach the Andesmar Hotel & Suites from the airport, we recommend Uber, the most affordable means of transportation in Lima, especially when not traveling solo. It took us approximately 45 minutes. Be aware that in the rush hours, it could take you a bit more time to reach Miraflores. Public transportation can also be almost as quick and will leave you in the Miraflores district directly, within walking distance of the hotel.

Arrival And Check-in

When we arrived, we noticed that the hotel felt very welcoming. It was also safe, since it had a locked gate that can only be opened by an employee at the front desk. It also had a beautiful facade, and a nice place to sit outside. You can even rent bicycle to ride in the city.

Terrace of the Andesmar Hotel & Suites

The employee at the front desk was really helpful and friendly. He gave us really nice recommendations of places to eat and places to see. We really appreciated the warm welcome. Because we arrived a bit early, the employee kept our bags in a secured place, giving us the opportunity to go explore Miraflores!

Lobby And Common Areas

The hotel had a very simple yet pretty lobby. The best part was really in the outside area, as shown above, where you can lay in the comfortable chairs and enjoy the sun.

The hallway

The restaurant area also offered a great view of Miraflores, and a delicious breakfast buffet, with plenty of choice.



The room was really spacious and stylish.

The room

We loved the decor and the natural light that came through the large windows.

The room looking away from the window

The room was neat and well-decorated, with a modern vibe. We liked the nice wall art above the bed.

The bed
The room had a nice desk, a cozy couch and there was also a kitchen with a small refrigerator, a sink and a table to eat directly in the room.
All the expected amenities were available: flat screen TV (with swivel mount so you can watch your telenovela in bed or on the couch), AC and a fast WiFi network.

The bathroom was really nice and spacious. We had plenty of room to both be in there at the same time without stepping on each other’s toes. It was also really clean and modern, and offered a large shower.


There was also a large closet to store all your belonging without having them scattered in the room.

Closet space


The services offered at the Andesmar Hotel & Suites were all great. There’s a restaurant for breakfast and a nice outside area to relax (as seen in the pictures above). There’s also a laundry service and a business center.

There was also a nice terrace on the same floor as the restaurant that gave us a nice view of Miraflores.

View of Miraflores from the terrace

Overall, we loved our stay at the Andesmar Hotel & Suites. The location was perfect to explore Miraflores. The hotel had everything we asked for and even more! We strongly recommend it if you’re planning on going to Lima. 

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