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The RBC Avion Rewards program is one of the best for Canadians who want to maximize the value of their travel rewards because it allows you to transfer your points to more lucrative airline partner programs.

We’re going to have a more detailed step-by-step guide (with an ultimate guide to RBC Avion points too), but at least here’s where to go to transfer RBC Avion points to partner programs.


Step by step: How to transfer RBC Avion points to partners

Here are the simple steps to follow.


Step 1

Go to the Avion Rewards website and click on the “Sign in” button.

“Sign in” button (image credit: Avion Rewards)


Step 2

Click on the “Redeem” tab in your member dashboard.

Member dashboard (image credit: Avion Rewards)


Step 3

Go down and choose “convert to another program” (the right term is transfer but RBC Avion does it differently).

“Convert” option (image credit: Avion Rewards)


Step 4

Choose the rewards program you want to transfer your points to (British Airways Avios is often the best).

Available programs (image credit: Avion Rewards)


Step 5

Fill out the required information.


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It’s easy to transfer your RBC Avion points, as is always the case with most rewards programs. In just a few clicks, by following that step-by-step process, you’ll be able to transfer your RBC Avion points to partner programs.


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