Online shopping portals are great, and they’re also really easy to use. Here’s how.

We explained why online shopping portals are great in detail.

The 3 main ones for Canadians are:

  • Aeroplan eStore for valuable Aeroplan Miles (if used right AKA not on Air Canada)
  • AirMilesShops for valuable AIR MILES (if used right AKA Dream Miles, not Cash Miles)
  • Rakuten for cashback (get $5 with that referral link)

Here’s the very simple process.

I used Aeroplan for the step-by-step, but the principle is the same.

You first login to either one of those (we use LastPass as a free password managerit has changed our life).


An incognito tab / private browser window is a good idea to make sure the cookies and links track well.

Then you choose the retailer you want to shop at, and you click.


I use Amazon a lot, so let’s do that.

It’ll tell me how many Aeroplan Miles per dollar I’ll earn with the link.


I click and voila, it’s telling me that I will be redirected.


It’s really that simple.

You’ll now be on the retailer’s website and you can shop like you would normally, exactly as you’ve probably done many times before (while unfortunately not getting any extra rewards).


That won’t happen anymore though! Get your rewards. It’s super easy.



Using online shopping portals is both extremely easy and extremely rewarding. Not using them is like throwing money away.


Andrew D'Amours

Andrew is the co-founder of Flytrippers. He is passionate about traveling the world but also, as a former management consultant, about the travel industry itself. He shares his experiences to help you save money on travel. As a very cost-conscious traveler, he loves finding deals and getting free travel thanks to travel rewards points... to help him visit every country in the world (current count: 59/193 Countries, 46/50 US States & 9/10 Canadian Provinces).

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