25 Gift Ideas Around $25 Travelers Will LOVE

Christmas Day is almost here and you know there’s one thing that a lot of people are passionate about: travel. There is no better way to make someone happy than to offer them a travel-related gift for the holidays. Here are our best gift ideas… maybe you can even ask for one of these yourself!

We shared our dream gift yesterday, an around-the-world itinerary for under US$1,000! Obviously, it’s not a gift that will fit everyone’s budget.

So here are more realistic gift ideas that are much easier to give (or ask for) than that once-in-a-lifetime itinerary or any of the great half-price flight deals we post on our flight deals page every single day.

Most of these gift ideas are under or around $25, which means they make a great easy gift for travel enthusiasts. And some are a bit more expensive… but worth the price in our opinion.

Most of these will even ship before Christmas if you hurry! And don’t forget to take advantage of Flytrippers’ gift to all Canadian travelers: a referral code for an easy and free $50. Happy holidays!



1. Scratch-Off World Map – $24.69

A simple gift that is sure to please. Who wouldn’t want this map? You can scratch off every region of the world you have visited. Any traveler will love this, even a beginner. It is a great motivational poster to remind everyone to get out there and explore… or reminisce about all the great memories from trips!

Order this gift here.

2. Portable Charger – $26.99

Obviously, this isn’t just useful on a trip… but it’s such an essential travel item. You probably know someone who always runs out of battery. Being lost in an unknown city with no cell phone isn’t fun. Every traveler should have this backup portable charger (other models available depending on the phone type).

Order this gift here.

3. Tracker to find cellphone or keys – $24.99

Losing your cellphone, keys or passport (or other valuables) is pretty annoying. This Bluetooth tracker will locate the item with precision. Perfect for gadget lovers!

Order this gift here.

4. Foldable Waterproof Daypack Bag – $19.99

Absolutely everyone should have this super useful daypack during every trip. It is a small bag that you can bring along when exploring new places, and it can go back into your main bag since it’s so small, and foldable. It is also waterproof and available in a wide range of cool colors!

Order this gift here.


5. Small Electronics Organizer – $17.99

A gift that’s a bit less glamorous… but so practical! If you hate looking for your chargers, your headphones and all those other small items… well, you’re not alone, every traveler hates this. Which is why this is a gift that will definitely not go unused.

Order this gift here.


6. Sleep Mask and Ear Plugs – $13.90

A true essential for any plane journey. Hard to find something that is more useful for all types of travelers. And this is the very best kit there is: it’s the best-seller, number one.

Order this gift here.

7. Bag Tags – $15.88 and over

Sure, most travelers already have a bag tag. But are they this unique? Sure, you could use the iconic Canadian Flag tag, but that’s not very original. So help your friends skip the piece of cloth and get them really cool bag tags, ranging from a pizza slice to an owl… and there are many more designs available.

Order this gift here.


8. Multipurpose Travel Mat – $15.99

A travel mat that is very versatile. Whether it is at the beach, for a picnic, or any outdoor adventure, having this practical mat will be appreciated. This also folds back into a pretty small pouch so it doesn’t take up much space!

Order this gift here.

9. Travel Cosmetic Kit – $19.55

A kit of little bottles that will come in handy at the security checkpoint! The kind of item you probably wouldn’t splurge on… but would be really happy to get as a gift!

Order this gift here.

10. World Map Watch – $2.75

I had to double-check the price myself. Really? Add to cart. This is a really affordable and cute gift for anyone that loves exploring the world. And a unique stocking-stuffer.

Order this gift here.


11. Crumpled City Map – $8.66 and over

Tired of carrying a nice paper map that takes up a lot of space? Scared of crumpling it? Use these pre-crumpled maps instead. Okay, this is a humorous gift more than anything, but you’ll get a lot of laughs out of it. Many cities available.

Order this gift here.


12. Foldable Water Bottle – $19.99

Perfect for those who love to pack light, this reusable water bottle is obviously better for the environment but it’s also so useful! You can fold it and tuck it away in a little corner of your bag!

Order this gift here.

13. TRTL Travel Pillow – $35.99

This is not your grandmother’s travel pillow. A unique new twist that is supposedly much more comfortable. And it also doesn’t look like a travel pillow, but still supports your neck conveniently. There is quite a buzz around this article, we might just try it ourselves to check it out !

Order this gift here.

14. Selfie-Stick – $15.79

A 21st-century essential. To take great photos for an Instagram account, all travelers need to know where to find the most beautiful backgrounds… but also how to use a selfie-stick!

Order this gift here.

15. Regular Travel Pillow – $24.97

You know that a lot of people can’t live without this kind of pillow on a long flight. This is the standard model, a true classic.

Order this gift here.

16. Travel Diary – $20.64

You probably know someone who loves keeping memories of all their trips, and who loves scrapbooks. This travel diary is specifically designed to keep everything related to travel like boarding passes, postal cards, ticket stubs, photos… and it has space for some personal notes too!

Order this gift here.

17. Bag Locks or Straps – $14.99 and over

Another gift that is more practical than fancy, but you can be sure that every traveler will use it!

Order this gift here.

18. Travel Adapter Plug Converter – $6.99

Once again, you really can’t go wrong with this item. It’s a perfect stocking-stuffer… and literally everyone that travels internationally needs one!

Order this gift here.

19. Passport Holder $16.99

A passport holder that isn’t ugly! A classy option, this one is ergonomic and has room for everything important a traveler needs to stay organized on a trip! Available in many colors!

Order this gift here.

20. Passport Holder (Pt. II) – $18.99

Another option, for those who want an even prettier design !!!

Order this gift here.

21. Carry-on Cocktail Kit – $26.99

For some reason, gifts related to alcohol always seem to be a huge hit during the holidays. Must be because most holiday festivities are a big party. If you know someone who is a big fan of cocktails, this little kit that takes up very little space and get be taken on a trip in carry-on bags is perfect.

Order this gift here.


22. Lost In Travel Guides – $15.99

These little travel guides are very highly rated… and obviously there is a huge assortment of travel guides or destination-specific books that would make a great gift!

Order this gift here.

23. Packing Cube Set – $27.99

Again… not the sexiest gift, but these packing cubes are a life-saver when you can’t travel light. These are great to organize any luggage!

Order this gift here.

24. Travel-Size Mini Iron – $34.99

Some people really want to be able to look like a fashion icon, even when exploring a new country. This is the perfect gift for them… a very small portable travel iron!

Order this gift here.

25. Digital Luggage Scale – $9.99

Another item that is perfect as a stocking-stuffer. Forget the candy and chocolate, help them keep their weight in check… and their luggage’s weight too!

Order this gift here.

BONUS: BOSE QuietComfort Headphones – $229.97

Hear us out, no, we’re not crazy. Yes we’re cheap, yes we love to save money and help you save money. I very rarely buy stuff this expensive, it’s really not my style. But seriously, when you take the plane pretty often (like my 60+ flights this year), these headphones truly are incredible. I swear you won’t believe how efficiently they cancel every single noise and make any plane ride more enjoyable. I couldn’t believe it myself, it’s indescribable. Once I tried them, I had to have a pair and I could never take a flight without these anymore. They make you forget you’re even on a plane. Don’t believe me? Just read the reviews!

Order this gift here.

BONUS 2: Priority Pass Airport Lounge Membership – US$89

Airport lounges make all trips better. There is a great sale on Priority Pass memberships. It allows the member to access over 1,000 lounges for a reduced fee. Great for frequent travelers.

Order this gift here.

Bottom Line

These are the best gift ideas for travelers, and with most of them being around $25, they won’t break the bank!

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