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Just as we have been telling you for months, international travel might be a lot simpler as soon as this summer! Many people apparently automatically believe what the government says all the time, so now you can all believe it: yesterday, Prime Minister Trudeau himself explicitly said that international travel could restart “perhaps this summer.”

That’s exactly why we told you to at least keep an open mind and most importantly to keep your options open by not painting yourself into a corner with a non-refundable local trip (in our March post about when international travel will be simpler).

This is very encouraging: it’s literally the first time the government even mentions a possible end to the current extreme travel measures!


International travel

As we’ve said before, it’s not that Canada is not beautiful (yes it is), but our mission is to help you travel more for less… so you can discover new ways of life, experience a culture shock, grow, and explore our beautiful and vast world.

International travel is simply infinitely more gratifying for us as human beings. It is actually scientifically proven. As we’ve heard countless times this year: trust the science.

Many countries are also extremely more affordable, like the beautiful destination I’m headed to safely and responsibly next week, one of the 40 countries where C$30 per day is more than enough.

That’s how you can travel more often or travel longer, it’s really as simple as not traveling to North America, Western Europe, the Caribbean, and other expensive countries (and also making the other choices that allow you to travel for less).

And just to be clear, since the message from Trudeau gives the impression that traveling is not possible now and since the question we are asked the most frequently is: “when can I travel internationally?”…

You already can. International travel is already allowed and always has been. Many countries are open to Canadians with little to no conditions.

So when you “can” travel… depends on what factor is keeping you from traveling now (which is different for everyone).

For most of you, it is probably the mandatory 1-3-day hotel quarantine for plane arrivals, or even the 14-day quarantine itself even if you enter via the land border.

That is likely what the Prime Minister was alluding to in terms of when they would make international travel simpler.

Those 2 measures could be gone this summer!

(I’ll repeat my important tip: if you can, schedule your time off from work as far away as possible. August at the very least, or even September if possible. That will increase your chances of being able to go abroad. And as an added bonus, you might avoid the unpleasant hordes of tourists!)


Vaccination status

Of course, removing restrictions for returning Canadians will almost certainly be linked to vaccination status.

While many countries have explicitly said they would open to all travelers this summer, regardless of vaccination (like beautiful Greece which we enjoyed last summer for example), most countries will likely require travelers to show proof of vaccination (or at least will make it less restrictive for those who are vaccinated).

And Canada has indicated that vaccine passports would likely be used here for travel.

The European Union has already announced they will open to vaccinated travelers, possibly as soon as June.

The US national public health agency (the CDC) has already recommended that those who are vaccinated should not even quarantine after traveling.

The CDC has also already said that starting to travel again is fine for those who are vaccinated.

In other words, it’s only a matter of time for the same thing to happen in Canada.

And now we can really have hope that it will be this summer with a non-negligible level of confidence.

Here is the complete quote from the Prime Minister:

“As people start to travel again, perhaps this summer if everything goes well, it would make sense for us to align with partners around the world on some sort of proof of vaccination.”


Traveling for less

As I just said, our mission at Flytrippers is to help you travel more for less. We will be here to help you be ready and help you travel longer, travel more often, or travel for less money this summer (whichever one of those priorities is most important to you).

Whether it is:

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Prime Minister Trudeau said yesterday that international travel could resume “perhaps this summer.” Flytrippers will be there to help you finally take off!

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