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Yesterday, we hit an important milestone, with 25 thousand fans from our first departure city, Montreal. Thanks to all of you for following us, we appreciate it.

Since our launch in January, we keep being amazed by how our flight deals and our tips are popular, so we want to keep it going and get your feedback on how to make it even better. Our mission really is to help you travel more, and we have plenty of projects underway to keep on doing that.

So, we want to take advantage of the 25 thousand milestone to ask you which of our 25 most popular destinations you prefer.

(With our recent launch in Toronto, Ottawa and other cities, we’re even close to 35 thousand fans in total!)

We also want to give you a scoop on an exciting contest we will be launching later this week.

And also ask for your feedback on what you wish to see more of on our site, and your suggestions to improve the Flytrippers experience.

First, our contest

We can’t say too much, but we want to let you know that Flytripeprs’ first big contest ever is almost here. We did run a contest to win travel books on our Facebook page earlier, but this one will be on a whole other scale!

So, get your best photo of Canada ready and follow our Facebook page or our website to learn more very very soon!

That’s it for the scoop. Well, actually, it was almost a scoop because those who subscribe to our newsletters always know everything first, so signup today!

Have any suggestions or comments?

We are also preparing a big survey to help us know what you want from our site, and you’ll be invited to express yourself soon.

It sounds cliché, but it’s true: the only thing we care about is that you enjoy our website, and that you want to come back often. So please do give us some feedback.

You can even tell us what you think today in the comments below so that we can already adjust our upcoming questionnaire to reflect all of our users’ thoughts.

Your favourite destinations

We all wish we could travel all over the world right? But certain spots seem more appealing than others.

And that’s what we want to know: which destinations are your absolute favourite, because we’re preparing another nice surprise for you.

This summer, we will be launching a Destinations Guide, more specifically a detailed file on many popular cities. It will be very detailed, contain practical information and will help you plan your trips.

The best part is that you will be able to participate! The places you’ve been to, that you know better than anyone else, you’ll be able to make easier to discover. Your experience, tips and even photos will help other members of the Flytrippers community explore your favourite places.

Don’t forget, you can also already start sharing by becoming a blogger on our website, and tell your story to our over 100K monthly visitors while developing your own personal brand of course!

But first of all, we need to decide which destinations are your favourite? Vote below, and tell us in the comments if we missed your favourite destination.

Destinations préférées
I vote for Hawaii. You?

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Thanks again for following us, we appreciate it!

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