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There are hundreds of destinations in the world, and like you, we’d love to visit them all. So why are there only certain cities featured on our deals page?

It’s actually quite simple: if your dream destination isn’t on our flight deals page today, it’s because there is no deal to that city today.

That was the short answer.

Deals offered by airlines change constantly and frequently (detailed blogposts to explain those two realities are coming soon, so follow our new blog here to read more great content every day).


These perpetual deal rotations mean that at a precise moment in time, only some destinations have some date combinations on sale from your departure city. Think about it: if every destination was on sale all the time, it wouldn’t be a sale anymore right? Those prices would become the norm because they wouldn’t be rare at all.

Only great deals

So that’s precisely the point we want to make: at Flytrippers, we only show you great deals on our main page.

You must understand that the prices we find for you are often 50% lower than the ‘regular’ price (or even more). That’s why we offer only a select number of destinations every day, to make sure you see only the best deals.

That being said, it is also important to realize that if your desired destination isn’t on the deals page today, it doesn’t mean it won’t be there tomorrow.

Deals change literally every day (you can see for yourself the date on which the deal was posted in the bottom left corner of the image) so do not lose hope and come back to our website frequently.

Unfortunately, not all destinations get discounted

So yes, even if we feature a lot of destinations (we found deals to 306 different cities since our launch) and they change often, unfortunately some destinations just never, or almost never, come on sale from your city, even if it is a large hub like Toronto.

There are many reasons, but essentially each market is different. And depending on the level of competition and the reality of the situation for a particular destination, there might never be a sale to get there. But that doesn’t mean we can’t help you save money.

If you are looking for the best price for a specific destination even if it’s not deeply discounted, we now offer a very useful flight search tool to help you find the lowest price available today. It is the same tool we use ourselves to find our great deals and it compares the price of your tickets on dozens of online booking site to find the best price… that is available at the moment.

You see, that doesn’t mean it’s the best price there will ever be… just the best price today. That is a whole other subject that warrants its own article, so again, plesae come back to this blog as we grow 🙂

For Europe in particular, there is a great trick you should know about. If you want to save money towards any destination on the Old Continent, you should always consider splitting your reservation. Why? You can always find deeply discounted transatlantic flights (sometimes under $500 roundtrip depending on your departure city) and short-haul flights within Europe are super cheap.

So the price of any transatlantic deal + another European flight from where you land to where you want to go (bought seperately and that can be found on our aforementioned search tool) is almost always lower than buying the whole itinerary from your departure city completely bundled. You can read more about this technique here.

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Finally, for more obscur destinations, that are wither far away or simply more off the beaten path, the best way to get there is often with what is called travel hacking. Accumulating airline miles gives you free flights, but flights to expensive destinations might take a year to save up (miles) for. So you shouldn’t wait, and start hacking today. We have much more to come on the subject, but you can start by reading our introduction to travel hacking here.

For many other destinations around the world, there are some tips to help you save money. Again, stay tuned and follow us to read them all!

How to make sure not to miss a deal to your city

Obviously, the surest way to see if your desired destination is on sale for your dates is to visit the site daily, but we understand that you’re busy! That’s why we have two other ways to help you stay connected and see our deals.

First, you should follow us on Facebook, where we post our best deals and you can see them directly in your news feed. You can go to our pages for flights departing from Toronto, from Montreal, from Ottawa, from Vancouver, from Winnipeg, from Calgary, from Edmonton, from Halifax and from Quebec City.

But we can’t post all our deals on Facebook (you’d be swamped by updates from us) so we have something even better to make sure you don’t miss a thing: our email newsletter that sends dels directly to your inbox.

This completely free newsletter also includes many of our travel tips and great content to make your next trip even better. There are already over 10,000 Canadians subscribed so join all of us travel enthusiasts by signing up now!

Bottom Line

Even though we’d love to put all destinations on sale, we don’t have any control whatsoever on prices: we only curate the best deals and share them with you. However, this blog section is here to make sure we can help you save money no matter your next destination so keep following us and please do share with your friends!

You can check out our great deals today and fave up to 50% off the regular price!

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