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The annual American Express Shop Small promotion is back for 2024. This popular discount offered through the Amex Offers benefit certainly isn’t very huge in the grand scheme of things in the wonderful world of travel rewards, but it’s still an easy $15 you get for free this year.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer having $15 in my pockets than not having it. Especially when it’s so easy to get.

Here’s what you need to know about the Amex Shop Small promotion for 2024.


What is the Amex Offers benefit?

Here are the basics of the Amex Offers benefit:

  • A benefit offered on all American Express cards
    • Including those issued by Scotiabank
  • Not all individual offers are available on each card
    • And many are first-come-first-served
  • Each offer requires registration
    • As is almost always the case with all rewards promos
  • Registration is easy to do in a few clicks

While it’s not as great as the free access to VIP airport lounges benefit, the Amex Offers benefit gives you discounts and credits all year long. It’s worth checking it regularly, and we’ll share the best offers now that our new Flytrippers travel rewards team is onboarded and we’ll have a lot more content.

You can read our ultimate guide to the Amex Offers benefit.


Amex Shop Small offer for 2024

Shop Small is one of the Amex Offers that usually comes back every year and is easy to use for just about everyone.

Here are the basics of Amex Shop Small offer for 2024:

  • Spend $10 in 1 transaction, get $5 back
    • Up to 3 times ($15 total)
    • At 3 different retailers
  • Ends July 14th
    • At 11:59 PM (Eastern)
  • Only offered on 1 of your Amex cards
    • Even if you have many 
  • May not even be offered
    • My girlfriend didn’t have it, weirdly
Screenshot of the American Express website for details of the Amex offer
Amex Shop Small offer for 2024 (image credit: Amex)


It’s a lot more limited than years where each of your Amex cards would give you that easy $15 for free (or even more than $15 in some years), but it’s still extremely easy to make sure you buy for $10 at 3 places since the list of eligible small businesses is huge.

This year, the offer was on my Marriott Bonvoy American Express Card, but this can vary based on the cards you currently have. For the first time ever, none of my girlfriend’s Amex cards had it — and she obviously also has the Marriott Bonvoy Amex Card, since it’s the only card that’s for all travelers, without exceptions (thanks to its amazing annual free night certificate).

Here are the basics of all Amex Shop Small offers:

  • Amex initiative to support small businesses
    • In practice, many larger businesses are eligible
    • Some are even available for online orders
  • You can see the list of businesses on the Amex Maps
    • Use the “Shop Small” filter (automatic with that link)
    • The map is quite buggy for me, though
  • You can see the list of online businesses
    • Free shipping will usually require more than $10, though
  • It’s $10 taxes/tips INCLUDED (unlike retailer promos)
    • Amex just cares about how much you charge to your card
    • Not how much goes to the retailer or government

Unless you live in a tiny city, it’s very easy to get $15 free. If you spend as close to $10 as possible, you’ll get close to 50% off at 3 retailers.

The credit posts pretty quickly, as is usually the case with Amex Offers.

Screenshot of an Amex Shop Small credit from the Amex website.
One of my Amex Shop Small credits (image credit: Amex)


How to register for the Shop Small Amex Offer

You can read the section about how to register for Amex Offers in our guide.


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The Amex Shop Small promotion is back for 2024. This easy discount is part of the Amex Offers benefit available on all American Express cards, although this year, this specific offer doesn’t seem to be offered for everyone (unlike in previous years). If you do see it in your Amex Offers, it’s a very easy $15 for free.


What would you like to know about the Amex shop small offer? Tell us in the comments below.


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