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This whole coronavirus crisis is not all negative. Let’s take a look at the brighter side: since humans are staying inside, this leaves plenty of room for all kinds of animals to take over the world!

After crabs taking over an airport in the Bahamas, other animals are also taking advantage of the worldwide lockdown! Although in one viral case, the situation is not as it seems. Hopefully, that is the only fake news among these examples.

Here are the best animals taking advantage of the coronavirus lockdown spotted all over the world.


1. Penguins In Chicago

The (closed) Shedd Aquarium decided to let their penguins visit their neighbors!

You can go to @SheddAquarium Instagram page to follow Wellington’s adventures all around the aquarium!


2. Monkeys In Thailand

Many news outlets have covered this video showing A LOT of monkeys fighting over a banana in Lopburi.

This “monkey gang war” is supposedly a direct result of the coronavirus crisis: the dwindling number of tourists that usually feed the monkeys apparently forced the hungry animals into town, although this city was already known for having many monkeys.


3. Groundhog In Philadelphia

Some might remember the famous NYC pizza rat from 2015 who had to hurry, but down the interstate in Philly, a groundhog was found casually eating on a pizza on the streets!

It now has plenty of time to enjoy it in peace!


4. Lambs In The United Kingdom

Since the start of the lockdown in the UK, several animals are taking advantage of all the amenities at their disposition! 

Those lambs now have the space to exercise every day!


5. Goats In The United Kingdom

These goats can do parkour all over Llandudno, in Wales.


6. Alligators In Florida

Next, a picture instead of a video… it’s an alligator minding its own business, and making his way to the lake in Florida.

Fun fact: did you know that South Florida is the only place in the world where alligators and crocodiles coexist?

Photo Credit: Martha Pinciotti from Girls Love Travel


7. Nubian Ibexes In Israel

In Eilat, Israel, a couple of wild Nubian ibexes came for a visit! And kudos to those of you who knew what a Nubian ibex is!


8. Deer In Michigan

Here’s a herd of deer roaming a West Michigan (Grand Rapids) neighborhood! That’s a lot of deer!


9. Whales In Marseille

In Marseille, on France’s Mediterranean coast, a rare event happened…. fin whales, the world’s second-largest animal, have been spotted in the Calanques Park!


10. Cougars In Chile

In Santiago, at least 3 cougars have been spotted within the city since the beginning of the lockdown!


11. New Orleans

New Orleans is a city Andrew keeps telling me good things about… so I’m sure this video of rats taking over the city is not too representative of what this great Louisiana town is usually like!


12. Civet In India

In Mumbai, a small Indian civet makes an appearance while crossing the road! 


13. Sloth In Texas

In case you prefer sloths over penguins, here’s another aquarium video. Texas State Aquarium is closed, so Chico the sloth had the opportunity to meet with some of the other animals during a private tour of the aquarium!


14. Dolphins In Venice (FAKE NEWS)

The most viral of the coronavirus animal storylines. You might have heard of dolphins returning to the Venice canals… that one is fake news.

The video was proven to have been shot in Sardinia, a long way from Venice. Although it’s true that the canal waters are clearer, there are no dolphins in Venice (and there were swans already in some areas) despite the variety of posts like this one spreading the fake news.

15. Dogs & Cats In China (GOOD NEWS)

Finally, here’s something quite different for the last one. Those who don’t like eating any animals and those who only like eating some types of animals have long criticized some countries for allowing various types of meat to be sold.

Well, there’s good news, as at least one city in China has made changes: according to a Reuters report, “the southern Chinese technology hub of Shenzhen is moving to outlaw the consumption of dogs and cats as the country clamps down on the wildlife trade that scientists suspect led to the coronavirus outbreak.”

While we’re on the topic, you can take a look at 17 weird meals our readers ate around the world.


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It looks like animals all over the world are having some fun while humans are in captivity! 


Have you seen other animal videos worth sharing? Tell us in the comments below!

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Featured Image: Screenshot – Shedd Aquarium Instagram video (photo credit: Shedd Aquarium)

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