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With its idyllic white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, lush jungle, temples, unique culture, and low prices, Bali is undoubtedly one of Indonesia’s most popular destinations. However, due to the damaging effects of mass tourism, the Indonesian government has recently decided to take action.

Here are the details of the new Bali tourist tax.


Impact of the new Bali tourist tax

Since February 14, 2024, Bali has introduced a tax for foreign travelers with the aim of “preserving its culture and environment”. 

Visitors must now fork out 150,000 rupiah (~ $13) to enjoy the splendors and the landscapes of the “Island of the Gods”.

It doesn’t sound like much, but don’t forget that Bali is a very affordable place! In fact, this tax is the full price of one night in a well-rated accommodation, either in a nice hostel if you’re traveling solo or in a beautiful hotel if you’re splitting the cost between 2 people.

$12 hostel and $27 hotel (image credit: Hostelworld and Trivago)


So since everything is cheap in Bali, the new tax hurts less.

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Hotel where you can get 22 free nights (photo credit: Kevin Gagnon/Flytrippers)


How to pay the new Bali tourist tax

You have 2 options to pay the new tax:

As with almost everything in the world of travel, if you invest a little time while you’re preparing for your trip, you’ll save time while you’re traveling (and your time is much more limited when you’re traveling). 

This tax applies to all non-Indonesian tourists arriving in Bali from abroad or even from other parts of Indonesia. Indonesian tourists are not affected. You also don’t have to pay it if you have a student or family reunification visa, for example.

If “the Island of the Gods” has been a dream of yours for years, you can still live your best life there and make others envious on social media, but it will just cost you a little bit more.


Motivation behind the new Bali tourist tax

According to the former governor, the funds collected will be invested in initiatives to support the preservation of culture and the environment, as well as to improve the infrastructure in place to guarantee the comfort and safety of both locals and travelers.

It’s indeed true that since the end of the pandemic, Bali has been overcrowded with tourists, much more than before. Everyone said so, but I noticed it myself.

The government’s strict decision to impose a new tax stems from a series of incivilities perpetrated by travelers over the last few years.

In 2023, the former governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, was even considering banning the rental of motorcycles and scooters to foreign visitors.

This idea was motivated by the large number of accidents involving foreigners who don’t respect the Balinese highway code, sometimes driving without a T-shirt, helmet, or even a license.

For now, motorcycle rental is still authorized for foreign tourists in Bali.

Another worrying problem is the presence of nearly-naked travelers in temples and sacred sites, a behavior that is highly offensive to locals.

In 2023, the government of Bali responded by publishing a guide for travelers describing behaviors to avoid in public places.


Another example of a similar tax for tourists

Bali is not the only tourist destination to take such measures. 

The Italian city of Venice, another destination that ranks among the worst in terms of overtourism, has also decided to introduce an access tax of €5 (~ $7) in 2025. 

But this one will be only for visitors who go there without staying at least one night in any kind of accommodation. This notably includes cruise ship passengers who invade the city only for a few hours.

The Venetian tax payment system will be tested for 20 specific days in 2024, from May to mid-July.


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Featured image: Bali, Indonesia (photo credit: Alfiano Sutianto)

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