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Since Flytrippers currently (and often) has flight deals for Berlin, we thought you would enjoy some inspiration for your next trip. Here’s my personal suggestion: visit Berlin!

The German capital city is often featured on Flytrippers’ flight deals page, around $450 roundtrip from Toronto and Montreal and a bit more from other Canadian cities.

As I said in a previous blog post, Berlin is a diverse and vibrant city. Mixing nature and city, history and modernity, culture and nightlife, every type of traveler can find interesting activities.

Here are 12 pics to convince you to choose Berlin as your next travel destination.


Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall

Once separating the city in two parts, you can now find parts of the Berlin Wall in many places. Photo source: LoboStudioHamburg


Brandenburg Gate

brandenburger tor

One of the most iconic landmarks in Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate stands on the Paris Square. Photo source: Alice Boisvert


Berlin Cathedral

Berliner Dom

The Berlin Cathedral is the main protestant church in the city and is well-known for its gigantic size. Photo source: Laurent Charbonneau


The Berlin Fernsehturm

berlin pics

Meaning “television tower”, the Fernsehturm was originally designed to broadcast radio and television signals. It is now the highest building in Germany and the second most visited tower in the world. Photo source: Loudlips


Museum Island

Island Museum

The name says it all. Berlin has an island dedicated to museums. Here you can see the Alte Nationalgalerie. Photo source: Laurent Charbonneau




Not exactly in Berlin, but still near it. Potsdam is the capital of the Brandenburg province that surrounds Berlin. The city is known for its many gardens and palaces. Photo source: Alice Boisvert


Liebermann Villa

berlin pics

This villa once belonged to the famous German painter Max Liebermann. It has now been converted to a museum inside and a café on the outside. Photo source: Laurent Charbonneau




The Lustgarten, on Museum Island, is a wonderful place to relax in the middle of the city. It is directly between museums and the Berlin Cathedral. Photo source: Laurent Charbonneau


The Spree

berlin pics

The Spree is the river crossing Berlin from West to East. You can take advantage of guided tours on boats. Photo source: Laurent Charbonneau


Potsdamer Platz

Potsdamer platz

The Potsdam square is in the heart of the city and surrounded by parks, tall buildings with accessible rooftops and the Sony Center, an open-air mall. Photo source: Laurent Charbonneau


The Reichstag


Home of the German democracy, the Reichstag is a beautiful building to visit. You can go on its rooftop to see its surroundings, including the Brandenburg Gate, walk to the top of its dome or look down through the glass floor directly to the German Parliament. Photo source: Laurent Charbonneau


Urban Spree

berlin pics

The Urban Spree is the center of Berlin’s alternative culture and is world-famous for its vibrant nightlife. Photo source: Laurent Charbonneau

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