American Express® Aeroplan®* Card

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An excellent card for almost all types of travelers


in free travel after $1,500 in 3 months

The American Express Aeroplan Card is a great card to earn the new and improved Aeroplan points and get very valuable reward flights on over 30 airlines.

The Welcome Bonus is very interesting, with bonus points and a very valuable 2-for-1 Buddy Pass (that can also be converted to 30,000 Aeroplan points). As a cardholder, you get access to preferred pricing for Aeroplan reward flights (on Air Canada only) and the first checked bag is free for you and up to 8 other passengers traveling with you (itineraries originating on an Air Canada flight only).

You can share those benefits with family members with a $50 additional card or even add free additional cards to earn faster (without the travel benefits).

Finally, the card also has a good earn rate on dining and food delivery and you’ll get some insurance coverage (flight delay, car rental, etc.) and the standard retail protections.

Offer subject to change without notice.

Air Canada Buddy Pass welcome bonus
≈ $450 (estimated value when converted to 30,000 Aeroplan points)

Welcome bonus of 9,000 Aeroplan points
≈ $135 (estimated value 1.5¢/pt)

Additional spend bonus of 3,000 points if the $1,500 minimum spend is split $500/month*
≈ $45 (at basic earn rate)

Earning of 1,500 points on the $1,500 minimum spend
≈ $23 (at basic earn rate)

Card fee
= $120 (annual fee)

Flytrippers Valuation Welcome Bonus
$533 in free travel

+ all points earned with your regular purchases

*also available for 3 extra months: 1,000 bonus points per month if you spend $500 per month the first 6 months (only the first 3 months are included in our Flytrippers Valuation of the Welcome Bonus)

After the ≈$533 Welcome Bonus…

Earn rate at Flytrippers valuation (≈ 1.5¢ per Aeroplan point):

  • 1 pt (≈ 1.5%) per $ everywhere
  • 1.5 pts (≈ 2.25%) per $ on dining and food delivery
  • 2 pts (≈ 3.0%) per $ on Air Canada purchases

First, the Buddy Pass is simple: it’s essentially a 2-for-1 deal. You buy one economy-class ticket on Air Canada with cash, and you get a 2nd ticket with a $0 fare. This is available anywhere in North America (Hawaii and Mexico included). You’ll only have the taxes to pay (no surcharges), which are only ≈ $100 on many roundtrips (or more for domestic Canadian flights).

That pass is easily worth $350, as many North American flights are worth $450 or more.

Now, the Buddy Pass can be converted into 30,000 Aeroplan points, which are worth ≈ $450.

Aeroplan points are variable-value points, which means you have to use them wisely to get the most value.

Points can be redeemed for flights on over 30 airline partners (best use to maximize value most of the time) or flights on Air Canada (much simpler, more flexible, more options).

Based on our Flytrippers valuation, your 13,500 Aeroplan points are worth $203 in savings on certain flights. It can be alot more, but it can also be less.

For example, your 13,500 points are the equivalent of 2 short-haul roundtrips or 1 one-way to almost anywhere in North America, including from Eastern Canada to Costa Rica.

Flights on partner airlines and flights on Air Canada work differently.

On partner airlines, flight prices are fixed: this is where you can get outsized value by using points for flights that are expensive in cash.

On Air Canada, pricing is dynamic meaning the amount of points required will mirror the cash price. You’re likely to save over $135 on Air Canada flights with your 13,500 points.

In short, Aeroplan points can save you a lot on most flights or save you massively on certain flights.

More details about the Aeroplan program coming soon.

Flight delay insurance (4hrs; $500)
Baggage delay/loss insurance
Car rental insurance
Hotel burglary insurance
Purchase protection (90 days, $1,000)
Extended warranty (1 year)

No medical travel insurance
No trip cancelation insurance
No trip interruption/delay insurance

American Express® Aeroplan®* Card

Offer Summary
  • ≈ $533 in free travel
  • Variable-value rewards
  • Free checked bag on Air Canada
  • Preferred pricing for Aeroplan flights on Air Canada
  • Free additional cards
  • Some insurance coverage
  • No minimum income requirement
  • Minimum spend of $1,500 to reach
  • Terms and conditions apply*

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