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Black Friday deals from airlines (and almost all airline “sales” in general, really) are rarely worth your time, and I’ll soon share another post about that once again. But Black Friday deals for hotels can be a lot more interesting, so I put together a list of all the links to all the deals.

Just make sure you don’t make one of the common mistakes, which is to book a hotel first (a non-refundable one, at least)… 

Then your flights, as their prices vary so much more than hotels, will be super pricey because you have no flexibility… It’s because of bad mistakes like this that you might believe the very false myth that travel is expensive.

We talked about that in our webinar last Sunday, along with so many tips on how to save on lodging specifically. But if you missed it, you can still get our free guide with the 100+ travel tips we talked about when it’s ready soon, if you sign up for our free newsletter today.

Anyway, here’s a list of hotel deals for Black Friday. We’ll keep this post updated for both Cyber Monday and Travel Tuesday, which are usually even better for travel deals.


Hotel deals for Black Friday

These discounts can be interesting if you already needed hotels for an upcoming trip (or if the bookings are fully refundable, as they often are for hotels).

And unlike with flights, the 30% discount is really close to actually being 30% (30% off a flight will only apply to base fares, not the taxes. And taxes are so high in Canada that 30% off base fares often means less than 20% off the real total price!)


Booking with third-party sites

Third-party sites usually have the same low prices as the hotel websites themselves, along with offering the convenience of comparing all hotel chains in one place. You can book with them without a problem, unlike with flights.

Except for our Marriott Bonvoy stays, we personally book all our hotels through to get 10% back in simple rewards that don’t require you to be loyal to a specific chain (or with Hotwire for last-minute deals; I recently explained their great opaque deals).

Here are the Black Friday hotel deals from third-party sites:


Booking with hotels directly

You’ll usually earn more rewards (and therefore get even more free travel than what you can more easily get with welcome bonuses) by booking directly on a hotel’s website.

But apart from the Marriott Bonvoy program (by far the best hotel rewards program for Canadian travelers), it’s not that practical to have small useless balances of points in various random programs (unless you stay with another chain very often), compared to the free nights with Rewards that can be earned and used in any hotel.

However, with specific Black Friday deals, the hotel website could have lower prices than the third-party sites for once. 

It’s always worth comparing. Traveling for less is not rocket science. Do a lot of planning and research: compare, compare, and compare some more.

Here are the Black Friday hotel deals from hotel chains directly:


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If you have an upcoming trip and need to book hotels, these current Black Friday deals can save you up to 30% on many hotels worldwide, either by booking on a third-party site or through hotel websites directly.

What would you like to know about hotel deals? Tell us in the comments below.


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