You are currently viewing Canada’s new pre-entry testing requirement starting January 5

It was so great: for such a long time, entry requirements were simply eliminated, not added. But sadly, Canada will soon be implementing a new pre-entry testing requirement. It’s limited, but it’s still unfortunate that the government is taking this step backward.

It has no impact on most people because it will apply to those coming from just 3 places in the world (and the main one, China, is closed to Canadians).

But we wanted to give you the details since we’re also expecting to hear about the USA rules very soon.

Here are the details of Canada’s new rule.


Context of Canada’s test rule for China

As a reminder, pandemic travel rules are now the simplest they have been since the beginning of the pandemic. Canada is one of 120+ countries that have lifted all travel restrictions.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended eliminating everything for almost 1 year, because no travel restriction has had any impact according to their thorough and scientific analysis. None whatsoever.

But like some other countries, Canada will still add a requirement because of the situation in China.

Unlike other countries, Canada includes Hong Kong and Macao too. You can read the difference between China, Hong Kong and Macao, because it’s special, as these territories are part of China but have their own customs and you can visit these 2 places even if China is closed to Canadians (I personally loved Hong Kong especially, but Macao is worth a visit too).

As for our list of countries that have eliminated all travel restrictions related to the pandemic, we’re still deciding whether to remove the countries that have added restrictions for flights from China only, since it’s an exception. But at the same time, the list is supposed to be just for countries that have eliminated ALL restrictions so… to be continued in the next few days.


Highlights of Canada’s test rule for China

The new mandatory pre-entry test rule will apply:

  • To all passengers arriving from 3 locations
    • China (closed to Canadians)
    • Hong Kong 
    • Macao
  • To all travelers 2 years and older
    • Regardless of vaccination status
    • Regardless of nationality
  • Starting January 5 at 12:01 AM (Eastern time)
    • It’s “temporary” for 30 days according to the government
    • The other rules that stayed 8 months longer than recommended by the WHO were also “temporary”

Here are the pre-entry tests that will be accepted:

  • Proof of negative test done within 2 days before
    • Negative molecular test (PCR and others)
    • Negative antigenic test (“rapid” test)
    • Including telehealth remote self-testing
    • Details of the “2 day” delay not clear at this time
  • Proof of positive test done 10 to 90 days before
    • Details of positive test type not clear at this time


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Canada is adding a test requirement for passengers on flights from China to Canada. It’s certainly not a step in the right direction, but it’s still very limited at least.

What would you like to know about Canada’s test rule for China? Tell us in the comments below.


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Featured image: Hong Kong (photo credit: Sergio Capuzzimati)

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