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Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour is extremely popular, and tickets cost a ridiculous amount in Toronto and Vancouver: $2692! For less than that price, you can see the concert for $61 AND take an amazing trip to gorgeous France too — with a slight caveat.

I paid US$23 for my own Taylor Swift ticket this fall not because I’m a fan of the music (I’m squarely team pop-punk) but because I love getting good deals… and this one is almost as good.

Here are the details.


Overview of the deal

The only caveat is that you have to be able to leave very quickly: this Taylor Swift deal is a last-minute deal. However, there are a few decent deals for later too, including in July if you need more time, but those are really only worth it if you were going to Europe anyway.

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Here’s the deal:

  • Tickets are as low as $61
    • In Lyon, France (June 2 & 3)
    • You can book on Ticombo
  • Flights are expensive 
  • Lodging is expensive (it’s France after all)
  • Later concerts are also way more affordable than in Canada
    • $453 in Edinburgh, Scotland (June 7 & 9)
    • $517 in Dublin, Ireland (June 29)
    • $671 in Liverpool, England (June 13)
    • $815 in Hamburg, Germany (July 24)
    • $815 in Warsaw, Poland (August 3)
    • $859 in Vienna, Austria (August 10)
Cheapest ticket in Lyon (image credit: Ticombo)


So instead of $2692 just for the show in Toronto or Vancouver on StubHub

Cheapest ticket in Toronto (image credit: StubHub)


… you get the show AND the flights AND the accommodation in France for a week and still have a lot of money left over to cover food and activities too.

That is much smarter than paying over $2,000 for a single event. At least you get to explore France too.

It’s not as good a deal as the Taylor Swift show I attended in Rio de Janeiro since Brazil is a much more affordable country. Unfortunately, you missed that. Now, all that’s left on her schedule is a bunch of expensive countries. And the only way for the tour to be more affordable in places like that is to seize last-minute deals in specific cities where the supply might outstrip demand (which is obviously not the case anywhere in North America).


Traveling for events: the basics

Traveling to attend events is so much more fun than attending events at home too, because it adds something special to them. Traveling makes everything better.

Of course, it’s more fun… but there are also a few basic tips to know if you’re new to this.

Most importantly, give yourself a buffer before and after the actual event. 

Never flying on the day of any event is actually something very basic that everyone should know about travel in general, but many still need to be reminded of this. Certain uncontrollable factors (such as the weather) can affect flights, and delays can always happen. Passenger safety is the priority and that’s why flying is by far the safest transport mode.

One of the best tips! Always paying for all your flights with a good credit card offering free flight delay insurance is literally one of the best travel tips! You'll get free hotels and meals… but that won't help you in this case if you miss your concert.

A concert postponement is less likely, but I’d still leave a buffer of a few days after the scheduled event date.

I’ll give you 2 very concrete examples I’ve experienced. 

  1. At the first Taylor Swift concert in Rio, a fan sadly died of the heat. This incident consequently pushed back the date of the 2nd concert by 2 days. Some Americans I met were in town just for this 2nd show but didn’t have any buffer for extra time there. They were very disappointed.
  2. In 2022, the inaugural When We Were Young festival (the Woodstock of the emo scene) was held in Vegas. It was epic, but I almost missed it because the Saturday date was canceled due to strong winds. I had to buy tickets for the Sunday date… while many were unable to do so, as they had already booked their departure flights on Sunday.

Finally, make sure you’re buying official tickets or resale tickets on trustworthy platforms. 

I’ve used StubHub many times — it’s one of the biggest — and it always worked fine. But it doesn’t seem to have all the European dates for Taylor Swift’s tour. The cheap tickets for this deal are on the European website Ticombo, which seems to be very legitimate too.

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What it’s like to attend Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour

Even if I am not a Swiftie at all, I do love live music in general, and I can say that Taylor Swift truly puts on a great show. And any concert in Brazil with passionate Brazilians is an experience in itself!

I’ll share a separate post about my experience at The Eras Tour soon for those interested. 


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I took advantage of the Taylor Swift deal to show you how everything, including concerts, is much cheaper in more affordable countries. This deal shows that it can also be more affordable in some countries where the demand for Taylor Swift tickets is a bit weaker. 


What would you like to know about the cheapest Taylor Swift tickets? Tell us in the comments below.


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Featured image: Taylor Swift concert (photo credit: Andrew D’amours/Flytrippers)

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