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It’s 2022, so you probably know what Amazon Prime Day is, with discounts on just about everything. We won’t talk about spending your money on random stuff, but like every year, there are some great travel items at a discount that we’ll highlight.

The trick to better travel is to simply bring less stuff, so don’t buy too many things during Amazon Prime Day — and save your money to travel more!

We’ve already shared this, explaining at length the #1 tip for traveling right now so you understand that everyone can (and should) follow it. We’ll have more tips on this soon, including the rare travel essentials you really do need.

But if you’re not already following the tip, item #1 below is vital these days. And item #2 is my favorite to be able to follow the tip. As are some others in the list, because yes, even by traveling light I can bring a few of these.

​​Don’t forget that if you have one of the cards that earn 5% to ≈ 7.5% in rewards at the grocery store, like the American Express Cobalt Card (don’t miss a comparison of amazing offers this weekend), you can get 5% to ≈ 7.5% in rewards on your Amazon purchases by simply buying an Amazon gift card at the grocery store (if you don’t want the credit card’s purchase protection for what you buy).


1. Tracker to find your luggage

Price: $24.49 (was $34.99 — 30% off)



They will lose your bag if you bring one, so this tracker is a must-have.


2. Travel packing cubes

Price: $20.79 (was $25.99 — 20% off)

Details ›


I never have any problems traveling light and these exact packing cubes are one of the reasons why.


3. Portable luggage scale

Price: $13.98 (was $15.99 — 13% off)

Details ›

I don’t have this and have never needed it, but some travelers want to check their bag’s weight during the trip with a portable scale.


4. Small backpack that fits under the seat

Price: $28.79 (was $35.99 — 20% off)

Details ›

Your 2nd carry-on bag has to fit under the seat in front of you, and pretty much any standard backpack will do if you want to spend less on that bag.


5. Small deluxe small backpack (anti-theft)

Price: $45.43 (was $69.99 — 35% off)

Details ›

This backpack is designed for electronics but will fit fewer things overall.


6. Toiletry kit

Price: $14.30 (was $17.88 — 20% off)

Details ›

A reminder that all your products can most likely be purchased where you’re going, but this toiletry bag can fit the others (have a 1-liter clear bag to fill with as many 100 mL bottles as you can).


7. Universal adapter

Price: $13.46 (was $14.83 — 9% discount)

Details ›

 An adapter is essential if you’re a serious traveler (or if you want to become one).


8. Bose QuietComfort 45 noise-canceling headphones

Price: $288.00 (was $449.00 – 36% off)

Details ›

One of the very few expensive items I have, Bose QuietComfort headphones are simply amazing to fly comfortably.


9. Beats headphones

Price: $199.99 (was $399.95 — 50% off)

Details ›

If you want to save a bit of money compared to the previous ones, Beats headphones are 50% off.


10. Apple Watch

Price: $299.99 (was $369.00 — 19% off)

Details ›

While I don’t have any Apple products, I know those who do love the Apple Watch.


11. Waterproof action camera

Price: $69.00 (was $89.99 – 23% off)

Details ›

It’s not a GoPro, but this camera has amazing reviews too.


12. Selfie stick with tripod

Price: $26.39 (was $32.99 — 20% off)

Details ›

This selfie stick kit takes up little space.


13. Small USB charger

Price: $24.99 (was $34.99 — 29% off)

Details ›

Not worth getting a new one, but if you were looking, this charger is designed to take up less space.


14. Kindle Oasis reader

Price: $259.99 (was $359.99 — 28% off)

Details ›

Bringing physical books is a no-no in terms of weight, but this Kindle reader can easily fit into one of your 2 bags.


15. Luxury neck pillow

Price: $23.48 (was $25.99 — 10% discount)

Details ›

I don’t want to have to carry that around, but many travelers cannot live without a neck pillow and this one is popular.


16. Waterproof passport holder

Price: $18.39 (was $22.99 — 20% off)

Details ›

You don’t want to wait in line and feel like you’re in a Soviet failed state to replace it, so don’t lose your passport thanks to a nice holder.


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Until the end of the day, you can take advantage of great discounts on travel essentials thanks to Amazon Prime Day! And soon, don’t miss our bag recommendation to travel light — it’s unfortunately not discounted today.

What would you like to know about travel essentials? Tell us in the comments below.


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