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This feature presents in detail all the tips I used to save on my 25 flights (totaling 14 plane tickets) this fall. I’m doing it precisely because many readers ask us to share our personal experiences in terms of savings on travel. If you’re wondering how to put all these tips into practice, you’ll find concrete examples here to inspire you. 

Here are all the parts of the feature, including general tips and most importantly, examples that are even more concrete (1 plane ticket at a time, with all the relevant pro tips that were used).


Background to this feature and my fall travels

Here’s the introduction to read first if you want more info:


3 main tips used for multiple flights

Here are the 3 most important tips to know, which were recurring in several of the 14 plane tickets that deserve more detailed general explanations:


14 other basic tips used for multiple flights

Here’s 14 more general basic tips and how I personally apply them in a more global way before the ticket-by-ticket examples:


Tickets to Las Vegas for $491 instead of $900+

Here’s the first of my concrete examples:


Tickets between Rio and São Paulo for $43 instead of $1400

The next of my fall trips I’ll be covering soon.


Learning how to travel for less

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Featured image: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (photo credit: Andrew D’Amours/Flytrippers)

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